Doing Digital History - Rice University

Doing Digital History - Rice University

Digital Tools for Research and Teaching in Anthropology Lisa Spiro Digital Media Center October 2009 Image source: How We Access & Share Information Is Changing 133

million blogs 210 billion emails sent per day in 2008 (70% spam) 9 billion web pages indexed by Google 3 million articles in English on Wikipedia 70 million videos on YouTube (March 2008) 200 million Facebook users

10 million books digitized by Google Amount of Digital Information: 2008 IDC study[email protected]/2333232442/ What are the implications of networked information for research?

What is the significance of digital culture? How can we harness digital technologies to be more innovative,

collaborative, productive, etc? philliecasablanca/2494647968/ Discover Other Useful Tools via the Digital Research Tools (DiRT) Wiki

Outline of Presentation Capturing Information Organizing Information Analyzing & Visualizing Information Sharing Knowledge Tools for Capturing & Presenting

Information The Digital Media Center (http:// provides free access to a number of tools, including camcorders scanners audio recorders

transcription pedal digital cameras plotter DMC Services for Instructors

ces/services-for-faculty-and-instructors Managing Research with Zotero http://www.zotero.o rg/

a free, easy-touse Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work in the web browser itself. The DMC is holding

a free Zotero workshop November 4 from 10-12. Register at http://library.rice.ed u/services/dmc/servi Collaborating Using Zotero

Seeing the Field at Glance Using NetVibes: Michael Weschs Mediated Cultures What Is Text Analysis? Text

analysis: using the computer to study patterns in texts Examples of text analysis operations: Concordances Keyword in context Word use frequency Sentiment analysis (what is the mood of this passage?) Detecting plagiarism or intertextuality

Example: Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud Tools for Text Analysis: Voyeur Obama vs. Bushs (2nd) inaugural addresses What Is Data Visualization? Data into pictures An external representation that makes it easy to see certain patterns in data. (Palo Alto Research Center) historical weather maps illustrating

dynamic changes (Ed Ayers at Educause 2006) Social cold and warm fronts Interplay of different forces Simultaneity: different things happening at different places at the same time Social networks Many Eyes Chart: Survival on the Titanic Spatial Visualization: The Emancipation Project Network Graphs: Stanford Spatial History Lab &project_id=997 What Is Digital Storytelling? Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling.

Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights.--Leslie Rule, Center for Digital Storytelling

Can also refer to interactive stories games, hypertext, personal blogging, etc. The significance of digital stories We learn & remember through stories (see research by Roger Schank, for example). Digital stories relate ideas and experiences

in a compelling, often deeply affecting way Digital stories appeal to multiple senses vision, hearing, kinesthetic Digital storytelling advances 21st century literacy, which includes visual, technological, & information literacy Knowledge communities are built around stories

Example Digital Story: Reasons Why We Tube (Seiji Ikeda) Digital Storytelling in the Anthropology Classroom Some anthropology programs (Berkeley, Vassar,

Alberta, etc) offer classes on digital storytelling students have talked about the importance of being creative and applied in their course work, in the learning that has taken place in working with others outside of the University and of the transformation of disparate and sometimes abstract elements of anthropological ideas into knowledge that they feel is theirs. (Christopher Fletcher, Alberta)

Share Your Research via Digital Repositories How Can Fondren & the DMC Support Anthropology? More

tools? (e.g. qualitative data analysis, statistical packages, mega social sciences workstation, etc.) More services? (e.g. digitization, consulting on digital tools, archiving papers & data) What else?

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