Destination: College - Peel District School Board

Destination: College - Peel District School Board

Life Beyond DSSS Workplace Apprenticeships College University Workplace: Joining the workforce upon graduating

Co-op Resume writing/Cover Letter Cold calling Searching the Now Hiring job market Employment fairs Job Agencies Interviewing Apprenticeship Co-op/work experience preferred - OYAP (16/16 rule)

College train while completing a college course and Applying Through an employer - apply directly to an employer, union or local committee who will support you in your apprenticeship training Employment Ontario can help you with your job search The employer must register the apprentice with: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Post Secondary Schools College and University

should have done should be doing be aware of OSSD Requirements/Transcript (should have done) Updated? Accurate? Gathering Information (should have done) Research should be done and recorded by now!

If not....get to it! Important Websites - Matchmaker and My Skills Assessment - Learning Styles Inventory, Discovery, Explorations or 5 choices (rank them) or 3 choices (rank them) Things to consider Strengths, area of interest

Proximity to home Cost of attending Campus life Work experience Information you have gathered (should have done) Colleges

5 program choices Universities Program 3 program choices codes, admission requirements, program start dates, school name, program name What you should be

working on Additional Requirements Portfolio submissions (i.e. art programs) - Continually update it - Know the requirements - Know submission deadlines - Be prepared to discuss Audition dates (performance programs) - Become aware of audition date - Practice

First Aid CPR Criminal Reference Check Campus Tours (should be doing) Visit

post secondary websites (Admissions, Undergraduate students), DSSS Student Services Tab Book an appointment Attend tour sessions Attend open houses Go on a residence tour Application Dates (be aware of) College:

Oct. Feb. 1 University: Dec. Jan. 14 (11:59pm) College Applications (be aware of) You will need: 5 program choices you are applying to in ranked order (program names and program codes); maximum of 3 at one school OEN (status sheet)

SIN Complete mailing address (including postal code) The DSSS mident number (909673) Payment format (credit card strongly recommended, cheque, money order) - $95 to apply Appropriate email; one you check Applying to College Select APPLY NOW

Select Create an Account This video will guide you through the application process https:// yTffuiaX8&list=UUzgmQVDYD6 4s4m3M8559Pvg&index=3 University Applications (be aware of) You will need:

Program choices you are applying to in ranked order (program names and program codes) Your OUAC PIN (from your G.C.) The DSSS mident number (909673) Your student number Your complete mailing address (including postal code) Payment format (credit card strongly recommended, cheque, money order) $140; $47 for each additional choice Appropriate email; one you check Dont tell us you have applied

Applying to University Select Undergraduate Applications: (OUAC) Current Ontario Secondary School Students Scroll down and select 101Online Application Click on the Login box This video will guide you through the application process Mark Transmissions (be aware of) Make sure your transcript is upto-date and accurate Electronically by the PDSB Offers (of Admission)

(be aware of) College: Earliest offers Feb. 1 (must confirm through May 1 deadline to confirm acceptance University Feb/March for strong candidates May 28 majority of applicants will receive a response from Ontario universities: conditional offer of admission, refusal, deferral (must confirm through June 1 earliest date by which Ontario universities require a response to an offer of admission and a financial commitment (registration or residence deposit)

Check email (even SPAM folder) How will I know if I am accepted to College or University? OCAS/OUAC online will show your acceptance status. Check your file regularly for updates Colleges/Universities

will mail you a letter stating that a conditional acceptance is offered What does Conditional mean? You still need to complete all OSSD requirements and graduate You still need to successfully complete Your average grade must stay the same or increase! (even a drop of 1% could result in your offer being withdrawn)

You must graduate with a minimum of six 12U/M credits You must pass all prerequisite subjects that are required for your program You must successfully pass any required auditions or submit a Profile Questionnaire etc. as required English Language Requirements (should be doing) In

Canada less than 5 years, may be required to write an English Language Proficiency Test (i.e. TOEFL) Application will not be considered until test results have been received Research now (test dates, locations, times) Online practice test Scholarships and Bursaries (should have done, should be doing)

You should have started by now Admission averages Application based Websites Your parents workplace Complete the applications well in advance Additional documentation (recommendation/reference letter, transcript, essays)

Courier Confirmation of receipt Scholarships and Bursaries Websites School specific OSAP

(be aware of) Apply in late April/early May d-training/how-get-osap Apply for 30% off tuition grant d-training/30-off-ontario-tuition Important Dates (should be doing)

Visit the student services section of Upcoming Events (20152016) Nov. 12 Post Secondary Fair (David Suzuki Secondary School), 6:00-8:00pm Post

secondary school open houses/campus tour days Keep Organized Create a filing system so each university/college has a separate file Keep ALL correspondence from that university/college choice as

you may need it later (supplementary applications, residence applications, etc) Be The Change Concerns? See your Guidance Counsellor Questions?

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