Destination: College - Pages

Destination: College - Pages

POSTSECONDARY APPLICATIONS OSSD Requirements/Transcript 30 credits OSSLT Community Service Hours - Deadline April 30th **you will not be allowed to buy prom tickets!! University/College Requirements Prerequisite courses for your University and College programs 6 grade 12 U/M courses (University) Additional Requirements (Portfolio..etc) English Language Proficiency requirement TOEFL if 5 most recent years of study have not been in an English School System

Doing a Credit in a Private Schools? Your responsibility Not recommended for courses which are foundational and available in our school Risk involved in academic transmission to OUAC You can login to myBlueprint right from BYOD-Resources Two TASKS!!! TASK #1 Logon Complete the EXIT SURVEY!! !! Exit Survey will become available Late October or Early November. Keep checking. TASK #2

Completing Course Selection Click on Not Returning and indicate your plans for next year. This button will be active November 13-30th Picking up your PIN PINS to Apply to University will be available in November. You need 3 things to pick up your PIN Complete EXIT SURVEY

Complete COURSE selection to indicate that you are NOT RETURNING. Present your Student Thinking About Returning for another Year? Book an appointment with your COUNSELLOR to discuss this option. RESEARCH Ontario College Fair October 24th and 25th

Student Life Expo at the Enercare Centre Oct 28th and 29th (We have Tickets) US-COLLEGE EXPO Oct. 24th-YorkMills Collegiate Institute Oct. 25th-Oakville Trafalgar High School Postsecondary Fair at FMSS November 9th Book an appointment with your counsellor Check for open house dates Ontario University Application Centre Apprenticeship Talk to your COOP teachers or counsellor

DUAL Credit and Accelerated OYAP Available (different deadlines) Apply through College Application Register for OYAP ntices/oyap.html Accelerated OYAP If interested in ANY of these Programs See your Counsellor ASAPApplication Deadline is November 3rd- Research College DIPLOMA VS DEGREE

Usually Needs 6 C/M/U grade 11 or 12 courses ENG4C Same requirements as University 6 grade 12 U/M courses ENG4U Research-College College Program School/

Campus OCAS Admission Progra Requirements m Code Program Start Date Business Admin. (co-op) Humber/ Lakeshore 20091

OSSD, ENG 4C/4U, Gr. 12 C/M/U math, 2 additional 11/12 C/M/U courses Sept.2015 Humber/ North Toronto 02511 OSSD,

ENG 4C/4U, Gr. 12 C/M/U math, 2 additional 11/12 C/M/U courses Sept.2015 1st choice Business Admin. 2nd choice Research-University University Program

School/ Campus Progra m Code Admission Requirements Degre e Business Administratio n and Financial

Mathematics Laurier/ Waterloo UBF OSSD, 6 U/M courses with average of 80% ENG4U, ETS4U or EWC4U at 70%; MHF4U at 70%; MCV4U at 60%. A combined minimum average of 80%. BBA/

BA Laurier/ Waterloo UB OSSD 6 U/M courses with mid to high 80s, One of ENG4U, ETS4U or EWC4U at 70%; MHF4U at 70%; one of MCV4U or MDM4U at 60% BBA

1st choice Business Administratio n (Honours) 2nd choice MARK Upload Automatic Process November January 9th 25th February 15th April 26th July 5th

Applying to College A valid and appropriate email account DSSS Social school MIDENT number 909673 Insurance Number OEN number (found on your status sheet) Complete

home mailing address Payment format (credit card strongly recommended) - $95 to apply (5 program choices; maximum of 3 at one school) Program choices (names and codes) Process to Apply Go to

Select Apply Now Select Create Account Fill in your personal information. Add your program choices. Pay

the application processing fee and any transcript fees. Log back in to verify your transcript information, or to make changes or updates to your application. Log back in after February 1 to view and confirm offers of admission. Applying to University A valid

and appropriate email account The DSSS school MIDENT number 909673 OUAC PIN student number Your complete home mailing address Credit Card number to pay $156 for 3 university/program choices $50 per additional choice of program or any changes program

names and program codes Process to Apply Go to Select Undergraduate Applications: OUAC101 Current Ontario Secondary School Students Scroll down and select 101Online Application Click on the Login box You will need your mident number and Personal PIN Record your Reference Number-You may need it later to access/refer to your application. VIDEO on how to APPLY Application Dates

Equal Consideration Date University/Colleges give equal consideration to every application College: Feb. 1st University: Jan. 17th Apply early!!!!!! Applying Out of Province? Out of Country? Researching requirements and Process is best done by connecting the Institute you are interested in

attending. Call their recruitment office. Guidance Counsellors may be needed to complete a portion of your application-Book an Appointment to discuss how they can help. Student Responsibility to research and book TOEFL/IELTS-Important for Students new to Canada SAT-Important for Applying to the US Offers of Admission

College: Earliest offers Feb. 1st (must confirm through May 1 deadline to confirm acceptance University Feb/March for strong candidates May 29 majority of applicants will receive a response conditional offer of admission June 1 date by which Ontario universities require a response to an offer Students must confirm through

Check email (even SPAM folder) Acceptance to College or University? OCAS/OUAC online will show your acceptance status. Check your file regularly for updates. Colleges/Universities will mail you a letter stating that a Conditional Acceptance is offered. These offers can come anytime between February May!! What does Conditional

mean? You still need to complete all OSSD requirements average grade must stay the same or increase You must graduate with a minimum of six Grade 12 U/M credits You must pass all prerequisite subjects required for your program

You must successfully pass any required auditions, interview or submit Scholarships Your responsibility Complete Appraisal Form-Submit to Guidance Check School/Board website, announcements, parents workplace, scholarship Canada

Reference Letter from Teachers Please GIVE 2 Week Notice OSAP Register and Apply online tml Applying will automatically make you eligible for 30% grant Guidance will host a session to learn more about this process WORKPLACE Work

on your Resume Get support for your teachers and Guidance Volunteer COOP Counsellors Up To Date Information @DSSSguidanc e School Website:

Questions? PROM MS. Prasad Commencement MS. Elliot

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