Design and Development-Major. New Product to design variation.

Design and Development-Major. New Product to design variation.

S&S VCB (HHV12) NGEF MOCB (GR Model Input : Purchase Order From EC Enterprises (for IGCAR Supply). Concept Design: Proven Design Already Supplied by S&S To IGCAR.

Review: Design area focus: Mr.RJR & Mr.J.Sundarrajan Visited IGCAR plant & Township for Technical & Commercial Discussion with Mr.Jothishkumar, Mr.N.Djearadjane& Mr.Rajendiran panel door arrangement with view

Matching of the Truck to the Panel, Panel Interlocks (mech. & Elec. ), Rear door Electrical interlock arrangement, In Existing panel separate was not available. We designed swing type panel door glass & Emergency trip. Verify: In house- Mechanical endurance, Contact resistance, Time Interval,H.V, Megger, Shunt Coil, Charging Motor Resistance Value & Mechanical overall check. Validate:

Type testing at IIT Chennai. ( Impulse Test ). Output : Execution of W.O.No. SS RET - 001 Dismantled the existing MOCB Carriage from truck frame. Truck frame alone taken for Retrofitting Job.

Fabrication work:Cutting of the frame to match with the panel Welding of the channels on the frame for mounting of the mech. fixing plate. Painting Work:Cleaning & Removing of the welding spatters & burrs on the truck frame. One coat of primer coating done.(spray painting) One coat of 631 shade spray painting done. Mechanism Assy.

Mechanism fitted on the truck & started all other assy. work related to the truck. After completion of all the mech. truck wiring was carried out. VCB travel settings checked and ensured. Rear Door Electrical inter lock done.

Service / Test Electrical Interlock done. Panel wiring for VCB. Swing door arrangement done. Verification and Validation carried out as per IS/IEC 62270- 100,62271 -1

Mechanical endurance test. Power Frequency Voltage with stand test. Lightning impulse Voltage withstand test Contact resistance test. Insulation resistance test. Time interval test. Shunt Coil, Charging Motor Resistance Value.

Mechanical overall check. Phase to Phase Clearance Follow BS 162 Phase to Earth Clearance Follow BS 162 Insulation

Insulation resistance compliance to be above 5 k mega ohms. Creep age distance compliance for 11kV BS reference next slide BS reference next slide

Free from Sharp edges To avoid sharp edges in profiling bends. Minimum Electrical Clearance As Per BS:162. Voltage in KV Phase to earth in mm Phase to phase in mm

0.415 15.8 19.05 0.600 19.05 19.05 3.3 50.8

50.8 6.6 63.5 88.9 11 76.2 127.0 15

101.6 165.1 22 139.7 241.3 33 222.25 355.6

Minimum Clearance maintained 130mm Lightning impulse voltage test. Successfully Validated at IIT, Chennai,TAMILNADU First W.O effected with eleven 3Nos.

Despached to IGCAR. (Kalpakkam)

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