Dance Actions - GCSE Dance

Dance Actions - GCSE Dance

Dance Actions Actions are what the body is doing, there are five main types of actions Rotation Gesture Travel Stillness Flight Dance Space Space is where the body is moving, it can

relate to The direction the dancer is facing Pathways the dancer uses when travelling The level the dancer is on (floor, air etc) The size and shape of the movement The size and pattern of group shapes Dance Dynamics Dynamics are how the body is moving, this relates to the Speed Energy

flow of movement These elements can be varied, combined and contrasted to create different rhythms, phrasings and accents to the movements. Dynamics add colour, texture, interest and variety to a dance and can help to show the mood, dance idea and atmosphere of the dance. Some examples are softly, sharp, graceful, fast, energeticly Relationships Relationships are about the way you dance with others.

Varying the relationships throughout the dance can add interest and help make the dance idea clear. Partners Groups Contact work Examples of relationships within pairs/groups are things like juxtaposition, question and answer, unison, cannon

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