CS 101 Lecture Test 1

CS 101 Lecture Test 1

CS 101 Midterm Review REVIEW 1 1. What is one way to get bonus points in this class?

A. Going to an Open Lab B. Taking tests C. Writing a paper D. Coming to every lecture 2 2. A file with a path like c:\ fall19\classes\cs101\sheet1.gif

A. Is a picture file the gif tells you that B. Is a text file the folder classes tells you that C. Is a spreadsheet sheet1 tells you that D. is a calendar file spring15 tells you that 3 3. If an optical drive is labeled -R,

A. It can only be read from, not written to at all B. It can be read from and written to many times C. It can be written to once, read many times D. It can only be written to, not read from 4 4. A file with a path like c:\ fall19\classes\cs101\sheet1.gif

A. Is stored at the root of the hard drive B. Is stored on the floppy drive C. Is stored in the My Documents folder D. None of the above 5 5. One difference between ASCII and Unicode is

A. ASCII is a newer code, Unicode is older B. ASCII has a smaller number of codes, Unicode has many more C. ASCII takes up more room per character than Unicode does D. 4. All of these are correct. 6

6. Gordon Moore A. Came up with an observation about how the power of computers (complexity of circuits) was doubling every 18 months/2 years. B. Is one of the founders of Intel. C. Is an engineer D. All of these are true 7

7. Charles Babbage imagined the ________ with the help of Ada Lovelace. A. abacus B. Difference Engine C. Enigma D. first electronic computer

8 8. Who wrote Visicalc? A. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates B. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer C. Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston D. Al Gore 9

9. The value of the formula =5*3 + 8/2 A. 27.5 B. 19 C. 31 D. 18 10

10. How many megabytes are in 2 gigabytes? A. 200 B. 2048 C. 0.5 D. 2 E. 1024

11 11. If the formula =C5+1 were in cell C5 A. It would add 1 to the value already there B. It would cause a precedence error C. It would cause a #NAME error D. It would cause a circular reference

12 12. The formula =sum(a3:a7) is the same as A. =a3+a5 + a7 B. =a3*a7 C. =a3 + a4 + a5 + a6 + a7 D. =a3/a7

13 13. The system clock A. tells you what the date and time are B. sends out a regular signal to all computer components C. is used to make sure the hard drive is spinning fast enough D. is not a factor in how fast the computer runs

14 14. Being volatile is a property of A. data on a hard drive B. data in RAM C. a printout of a document D. a file burned on a CD

15 15. What does it mean to freeze a spreadsheet? A. the sheet is hung up and needs to be reloaded B. some columns and rows will not scroll when the rest of the sheet does C. all formulas are locked and cannot be altered

D. an error has been found in a formula and it must be fixed before anything can be added 16 16. Secondary storage devices are A. Not necessary these days, we have plenty of RAM B. Useful because RAM is volatile and they are

not C. Faster than RAM to access data D. Very sturdy, they can be handled roughly without problems 17 17. Which storage device would have problems with a magnet? A. A hard drive

B. A memory stick (flash drive) C. A DVD D. An SD card 18 18. Cache memory A. Is between RAM and the keyboard B. Is used to hold data which is going to be used

frequently or in the near future C. Holds data for a long time, it is not volatile D. None of these is true 19 19. An IF function in Excel A. has 3 parts: less than, greater than and equal to

B. has 3 parts: condition, true and false C. has 4 parts: conditions, A, B and C D. has 2 parts: condition and test 20. A macro is A. a small program attached to a document B. a recording of actions that can be played back later C. vulnerable to virus attacks D. all of the above

21. A clustered column chart A. has a bar for each value charted, with height of bar proportional to the value represented B. represents the percentage of a whole that each value is C. shows the relationship of one set of values to another set of values

22. An operating system made by Bell Labs, open source, free, stable, is A.Windows B.Unix C. Linux D.iOS E. Android 23. A CLI is

A.An interface where the user must remember the commands and filenames, not friendly B.An interface using a pointing device, icons, drop-down menus, a visual metaphor C.A part of an OS which handles the memory in the computer D.A kind of file format which allows for animation and simple colors

24. Multitasking A.Requires more than one CPU B.Can only handle 3 tasks at a time C.Is a simulation (an illusion) if done on one CPU D.Is not available yet, is still under research 25. A macro in Excel will always be in a sheet with

A.macro in the file name B.an extension of xlsm C.a chart D.numbers 26. Inserting a row or column into a spreadsheet A.has to be done one cell at a time B.will change any formulas which exist in the sheet only if they

use absolute references C.will change a range in a formula if the insertion is inside the range or to the left of or above the formula with the range D.is not allowed once data has been entered into the sheet

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