Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

CRITICAL THINKING You will likely want something to write on to help you work this out. Youll have three minutes to figure this one out. No talking or cheating. WHAT IS THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF MONEY (NOT THE LARGEST NUMBER OF COINS) IN CHANGE YOU CAN HAVE WITHOUT HAVING EVEN CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR?

THE SOLUTION: $1.19 THREE QUARTERS, FOUR DIMES, AND FOUR PENNIES I can construct an essay that analyzes how an author uses rhetoric for various purposes.

I can analyze how imagery can elicit both positive and negative responses from a reader. GOALS FOR THE DAY Youll have 43 minutes to complete the following essay.

You might consider using your time: 5-8 minutes to read and annotate the text.

8-10 minutes to pre-write and organize your essay. 25-30 minutes to write. 1-3 minutes to proofread and edit.

Be sure that you read the prompt closely identify what exactly the prompt asks you to do. This prompt is slightly different from what weve seen before, but the exact same principles will be applied. RHETORICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY Consider: It was a mine town, uranium most recently. Dust devils whirled sand off the mountains. Even after the heaviest of rains, the water seeped back into the ground, between stone, and the earth was parched again. - Linda Hogan, Making Do

Discuss: 1. What feelings do you associate with images of dusty mountains and dry earth? 2. There are two images associated with land in the third sentence. Identify the two images and compare and contrast the feelings these images evoke.

Apply: Write a sentence describing a rainstorm using imagery that produces a positive response; then write a sentence describing a rainstorm with imagery that produces a negative response. Briefly explain how the images create the positive and negative responses. VOICE LESSON IMAGERY Prepositional Phrases

Appositive Phrases Gerund Phrases



Journal: Choose a controversial topic that you are particularly passionate about. Take a stance no qualifying or middle ground. Support your stance on this issue with at least 3 specific pieces of evidence from personal experience, your readings, historical or current events, etc. (Add a note/comment to point out each of your three pieces of specific evidence). You may only use two weak verbs. Think about specific rhetorical strategies that may help you make your argument. Use at least two strategies highlight one in yellow and one in pink (add a note/ comment to label the strategy you are using).

Begin studying for your next Academic Vocabulary quiz (summer vocabulary, chapter 1 glossary and chapter 2 glossary terms). Begin thinking in terms of not only being able to define words but also identify examples of them in a text. Review prepositional phrases and appositive phrases as needed. HOMEWORK

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