Information meeting about Emploi-Qubec services and your reintegration in the labour market OBJECTIVES OF THE MEETING Find out what jobs are related to your skills Find out what jobs will be available in Montral in the coming years Become better acquainted with Emploi-Qubec measures

and services and with the labour market Familiarize yourself with job search strategies Discover organizations offering employability services 2 CRCA 3 COMMUNITY ORGANISATION

Website: Litteracy

French teaching computer workshop in french Elementary school tutoring for kids UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (EI) CANADA

Employment Insurance (EI) provides regular benefits to individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own (for example, due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs) and are available for and able to work, but can't find a job. Always apply for EI benefits as soon as you stop working. You can apply for benefits even if you have not yet received your Record of Employment (ROE). If you delay filing your claim for benefits for more than four weeks after your last day of work, you may lose benefits.

4 EMPLOI QUBEC What can Emploi-Qubec do for you regarding employment? While taking into account the situation of the labour market, Emploi-Qubec can help you rejoin it rapidly through a range of services adapted to your needs. 5

UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICES Service Canada 540, avenue Beaumont Montral, Qubec 1 800 808-6352 CLE

d'Ahuntsic (256) 10520, boulevard de l'Acadie Montral (Qubec) H4N 1L9 Tl. : (514) 872-4949 Tlc. : (514) 872-7098 6 PUBLIC LIBRARIES AND OTHER RESOURCES Montrals

Qubecs public libraries national library at Berri-UQAMs mtro. Job 7

searching Clubs Job searching clubs Carrefour jeunesse-emploi St-Laurent 404, Dcarie Blvd, suite 300 Saint-Laurent (Quebec) H4L 5E6 514-855-1616, ext. 224 Fax: 514 747-0008 [email protected] Opening hours Monday: By appointment only

Tuesday: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday: 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday: By appointment only 8 Job searching clubs Cte-des-Neiges Job Search Centre 3600 Barclay Avenue Suite 421, Montreal

Quebec H3S 1K5 514.733.3026 [email protected] Services are designed to develop skills that set you apart, lead to successful interviews, and optimize your chances to find work as quickly as possible. All services are free. Take advantage of them! 9 EMPLOI-QUBEC Services offered

Public employment assistance services Social solidarity services Information on government programs and services 10 EMPLOI-QUBEC What can Emploi-Qubec do for you regarding employment? While taking into account the situation of the labour market, Emploi-Qubec can help you rejoin it rapidly

through a range of services adapted to your needs. 11 Jobs related to your skills JOBS RELATED TO YOUR SKILLS Before starting to look for work, it is important to take some time to identify what jobs are related to your skills. 13

JOBS RELATED TO YOUR SKILLS 14 The labour market THE LABOUR MARKET Why you should become better acquainted with the labour market: In order to find out what jobs are available in your region

In order to find out what the employment prospects are for each occupation 16 THE LABOUR MARKET Over 144,000 new positions will be available in Montral between 2015 and 2019. Distribution according to skill level Source : Emploi-Qubec, Perspectives demploi par profession 2015-2019.

17 THE LABOUR MARKET Five year forecast (from 2015 to 2019) Examples of occupations offering attractive employment prospects by skill level Cashier, grocery store clerk, counter server, kitchen help, housekeeping Basic attendant, food processing labour force (acceptable prospects)

Intermediary (favorable prospects) 18 Correctional services officer, home support worker, wholesales representative, aircraft assembler, and aircraft assembly inspector

THE LABOUR MARKET Five year forecast (from 2015 to 2019) [continued] Technical (favorable prospects) Professional (favorable prospects) 19 Firefighter, paralegal, early childhood

educator, heavy-duty equipment mechanic, computer software and computer systems testing technician Web designer, Web developer, dentist, teacher (primary and preschool), psychotherapist, auditor, accountant Public services as regards employment EMPLOYMENT PUBLIC SERVICES

What public services does Emploi-Qubec offer as regards employment? Information and online services A multiservice room in local employment centres Specialized services 21 Information and online services

INFORMATION AND ONLINE SERVICES What online services does Emploi-Qubec offer? Labour Market Information site (LMI online) Online Placement site Tools for job hunters Documents Information about events and activities (including job fairs) 23

INFORMATION AND ONLINE SERVICES Explore the following with the Labour Market Information site (LMI online) Over 500 trades and occupations (description, salaries, job prospects, etc.) Training programs Activity sectors Rpertoire dentreprises (a business directory) Qubec-wide data covering all 17 regions 24

INFORMATION AND ONLINE Services Through the Online Placement site you can Access job postings Publish your candidacy and apply online Create Job Alerts! and receive job offers 25 Multiservice room

Multiservice ROOM There is a multiservice room in local employment centres (LEC) to help you in your job search Tools and documents available to you in doing your own job search Computer (internet access) Photocopy machine Fax Telephone Documents

27 Multiservice ROOM At the multiservice room, an assistance officer can help you Find information Take the necessary steps or direct you to the appropriate service Register with Online Placement Use online tools (for example LMI)

28 Specialized services SPECIALIZED SERVICES Some persons may only need the tools and services offered at the multiservice room to help them in their job search. Others may need to undergo an employment assistance and assessment interview with an assistance officer.

30 SPECIALIZED SERVICES The employment assistance and assessment interview will help the assistance officer to Assess your employment needs Identify the service or active employment measure that will best respond to your needs and to the needs of the labour market Establish an action plan Offer you support and assistance in integrating the labour

market 31 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Active employment measures To find employment Employment assistance services To develop skills Manpower training measure Job readiness

32 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Active employment measures (continued) To move into employment Wage subsidy Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME) To start a business Support for self-employment

33 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Manpower training measure What it is General, vocational, or technical training Who it is for Persons who have stopped being full-time students for at least two years and risk remaining jobless for a significant length of time due to the lack of a skill

34 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Manpower training measure (continued) What are the advantages of doing full-time training with Emploi-Qubec? Develop new skills in demand on the labour market Do training in fields with favourable employment prospects 35

SPECIALIZED SERVICES Manpower training measure (continued) How to get information about a training course? Emploi-Qubec vocational and technical training program inventory for the Island of Montral 36 SPECIALIZED SERVICES

Employment assistance services What it is Activities designed to provide job search techniques and help define employment objectives Who it is for Persons needing to review their job search methods, a job searching strategy, or to find out about the tools at their disposal Persons who wish to find employment but need assistance in order to specify their employment needs 37

SPECIALIZED SERVICES Job readiness What it is Mainly group activities aimed at developing employability through participation in a project Proposed activities include the acquiring of personal and relational skills. Who it is for Persons needing to develop personal skills in order to be able to keep their employment

38 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Wage subsidy What it is Financial assistance paid in the form of a wage It allows a person to acquire valuable work experience and encourages the employer to offer him or her lasting employment. Assistance service to help a person fit into a new work

environment Who it is for Unemployed persons who have difficulty integrating into the work environment 39 WAGE SUBSIDY (2) 40 WAGE SUBSIDY (3)

The wage subsidy is valid for one year, and is granted to Canadian citizens or permanent residents for a job offering 30 hours minimum. 41 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME)

What it is Financial assistance for businesses Who it is for Immigrants and persons who are members of a visible minority needing an initial work experience in their field 42 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Support for self-employment What it is

Financial assistance for developing a business plan and starting a business or, if the project is eligible, for creating a job Who it is for Persons wishing to start their own business or to become self-employed 43 SPECIALIZED SERVICES Income support while participating in an active employment

measure Depending on the persons situation, financial support may be awarded if he or she participates in an active employment measure. This assistance may be paid in one of the following forms: Employment assistance allowance Reimbursement of temporary fees Reimbursement of supplemental fees Supplemental feels include child care expenses, transportation expenses, tuition fees, and other training-related expenses. 44

Job search strategies JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES You are ready to begin the process of finding employment? Main steps in finding a job Know yourself well Become informed about the labour market Explore job leads Write a resume and a cover letter

Prepare for the job interview 46 JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES Emploi-Qubec has made tools available on its website to help job hunters, including Your complete job search guide. 47 THE RESUME

A resume is first and foremost a tool for selling your talents. Everything written in your resume must be relevant and help sell your skill. All the rest is useless. You must use the language specific to your field of expertise, your workplace. Write dates from most recent to oldest 48 EXAMPLE

49 THE COVER LETTER The cover letter is often the only chance to communicate directly with the employer. You must therefore pay the greatest attention to this document. You must personalize it and choose the elements likely to convince the employer to call you.

50 THE INTERVIEW The moment has finally arrived! You are invited to an interview. You must take this opportunity to convince the employer that you have your place on his team and that you have something to offer him. You must be well prepared to be comfortable during the interview. Print the job posting published by the company

Read it carefully to find out what the interview will look like, as well as the expectations of the employer 51 Finally, to understand what the job will be and in what type of business you will evolve. THE INTERVIEW (2) You must find all the information available about the company you want to work for.

What is the culture of the company? Who are its suppliers, customers, services, staff? What is the company's reputation in the market? What will be my role in the company? What can I bring to this company? 52 THE INTERVIEW (3) No matter how many interviews you've had before, you have to believe it and be ready to fight for the

job. Be comfortable talking about yourself, where did you do your studies, what are the features, the benefits. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Have a calm attitude, say what you have to say. You must inspire confidence. Do not accept to be treated cavalierly or with disrespect. 53 THE INTERVIEW (4)

Plan the questions and get ready. If you prepare to answer well, you will give a better picture of yourself. Memorize your resume so you can clearly describe your education, work experience and skills. Specific questions will also be asked. Here is an example: "Why did you leave your previous job? If it is a resignation or dismissal, avoid details that could harm you. Do not criticize your former employers. Explain what you expect from a new job. 54

THE INTERVIEW (5) Prepare what you will need to bring to your interview: Your resume, your cover letter, your letters of recommendation. Schedule a copy for each person present at the interview. A copy of your diplomas and portfolio. Paper and pencil to record the names of those present, the date and time of any future interviews and any other information.

55 THE INTERVIEW (6) At the time of the interview: Be on time. You should even arrive five to ten minutes in advance. Stay calm and trust yourself. Say hello to those present at the interview. Introduce yourself, give a good handshake and make a sincere smile. Let the employer or committee members lead the interview. Look people in the eye and answer the questions in a firm voice. Take time to think about your answers.

Be enthusiastic. Speak in a positive way and emphasize your strengths and skills. Listen to the questions carefully. If necessary, have them repeat or ask for explanations. 56 Thank you for your attention! We wish you the best of success in your job search!

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