Corporate Culture - Internode

Corporate Culture - Internode

Corporate Culture What do you think of when you hear the word Culture? What are we looking at? Im sleepy Defn- Culture (from the Latin cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate,")generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activities significance and importance Corporate Culture Definition- The shared values and beliefs that dictate the behaviors of all employees within an organisation. Define these 3 words: Corporate Culture Official Corporate Culture Real Corporate Culture

Indications of corporate culture 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The organisations mission statement The most evident management style The morale of employees Type of dress expected Divisions or departments Physical environment provided by management for employees 2. The most evident management styleShould we sack NO! You are going to do what I tell you! this boring lazy chick in the grey suit?

Autocratic? Decision making strictly hierarchical, where subordinates are told what to do. Consultative? Management discuss or liaise with staff before making Whatever you decisions Laissez-faire? leave well alone or do your own thing say. Do your own thing! Management leaves lower level management and subordinates to define their own tasks, roles and responsibilities.

Yes All she does, everyday, is look at that blank, white piece of paper. No productivity whatsoever Activity 2.2- pg 48 Explain the influence Brett Godfreys dress code and attitude have on corporate culture. Godfrey is the chief executive officer at Virgin Blue. Wearing a casual, open-necked red polo shirt represents his laid back approach to management and leads other employees to also feel comfortable in adopting this style. His language is very informal and colloquial ie. Shitload pain in the arse and stoked are words generally used in a social setting amongst Aussie friends. It Encompasses the laidback stereotype aspect of Australian culture. Employees are likely to follow suit and use similar colloquialisms. 2. What impact would Virgin Blues decision to do away with stuffy pigeon holing monikers such as baggage handlers have had on the culture at Virgin Blue? Explain your answer.

Changing general job description titles such as baggage handlers to pit crew gives the employees a sense of belonging and dignity. It also displays the senior managements acknowledgement of their importance within the organisation. It helps break down the barriers between management and staff. Do you think calling the head of HR the head of touchy feely stuff is giving the position the respect it deserves? Why, or why not? Yes, it refers to the HR role with simple emotive terminology. It also makes a joke out of the role that deals with people problems and strips away the perceived hierarchical power the title may have. Can be good for breaking communication barriers No, strips away the perceived hierarchical power the title may have and thus the head of HR may not be taken seriously by staff when communicating or putting in place HR procedures. How does the corporate culture created at Virgin Blue encourage a team environment? Every job title is always part of a team or crew so that, everyone belongs to a group within the organisation. The relaxed culture makes its even easier for employees to create friendships and build greater bonds. How could the culture of Virgin Blue have enhanced the organisations success? When employees develop better personal relationships within the organisation, they are likely to be more accountable and therefore more productive. Also this culture should lead to a decrease in staff absenteeism and staff

turnover as employees are happier in the workplace. This assists in the collective effort of the organisation to provide its products and services at its best. Activity 2.3- Corporate culture of Mentone Girls Secondary 1. The official school culture The way things are supposed to be running according to written statements and or the organisations slogan. The difference between official school culture and real school culture. Different interpretation of each person. It depends on how each person perceives those values and beliefs of this school. Also, not everyone would take on those values and beliefs as their own because of personal reasons. Problems arising from different interpretation. A clash or disagreement in objectives. Slow down of productivity is employees are not working together cohesively

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