Conjunctive Adverbs -

Conjunctive Adverbs -

Conjunctive Adverbs Make your sentences better! Conjunctive adverbs are used to join two independent clauses (mamas). To punctuate, use a semicolon and a comma. IC Conj. Adv IC Ex. Jordan was hungry; however, he had to wait until after baseball practice to eat. Conjunctive Adverbs

accordingly besides Consequently further likewise moreover nonetheless similarly anyway certainly finally however meanwhile namely nevertheless

therefore Common Conjunctive Adverbs 1. I was tired at the end of the day; (nonetheless/therefore), I took a nap. 2. I waited in line forever; (otherwise/finally), it was my turn to pay. 3.

I was at home with a fever; (meanwhile/similarly), my brother got to go to a birthday party. Practice What should you do if you dont know what a conjunctive adverb means? LOOK IT UP IN THE DICTIONARY! Make sure you are using conjunctive adverbs that work well in your sentences! Divide your paper into six sections.

Number each box (1-6). Circle each number. Write Conjunctive Adverbs in a cloud in the center of your paper. Write sentences that have a conjunctive adverb, correct punctuation and go with your theme!

You must use a different conjunctive adverb in each sentence. Punctuate each sentence correctly. Illustrate and color each box. Activity Requirements

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