Confederation Achieved - Ms. Dow, OKM Secondary

Confederation Achieved - Ms. Dow, OKM Secondary

CONFEDERATION Ms. Dow Socials 9 WHAT IS CONFEDERATION? In its simplest terms = an act of union CPH Video clip: Strangers in Charlottetown Episode 8: start at 54:54 What were the pros and cons confederation? to PROS AND CONS OF

CONFEDERATION COMPLETE THE CHART USING PAGES 100-111 IN YOUR TEXTBOOK. Pros to Confederation Make own economic Can still maintain ties policies National railways = better trade with Britain Organize own defense

especially vs. USA Access to ice free Halifax port Power with CAN instead of BRIT Cons to Confederation Loss of ties with It would cost too much

Britain (and its Confederation came colonies) from the top, but the French even more of a people need to agree minority Maritimes wouldnt be equal in govt. POLITICAL PARTIES USE YOUR TEXTBOOK (P. 107-108) AND THE SUPPLEMENTAL NOTES TO COMPLETE THE G.O. ON POLITICAL PARTIES.

Parti Rouge Louis-Joseph Papineau Platform Radical Lower Canada/ French farmers and businesses Canada East Rebel leader

French Wanted an American style of government Against Confederation (wants a separate French speaking republic) Want to see separate church and government Tories John A. MacDonald

Becomes first Prime Minister Father of Confederation Canada West Platform For Confederation Against Rep by Pop Supported economic development (railway)

Parti Bleu George-Etienne Cartier Lower Canada/Canada East Rebel French Platform Supported by the Catholic Church and wealthy French speakers

Support Confederation Support rights for the French Supports economic development (Railway) Clear Grits George Brown Platform Anti-French and Radical party anti-Catholic Supported by farmers in Canada Upper Canada/ West Canada West Supported English Canadian

interests Representation by Population Wanted to open up trade with the USA Supports Confederation Liberal Conservatives Alliance between Parti Bleu (Cartier Can East) and the Tories (MacDonald Can West) Platform

Came to power in 1854 Dealt with land issues in Can East and West Reciprocity Treaty 1854 = free trade with US Supported railways GOAL = Confederation George Brown and Rep by Pop Act of Union assimilated French by giving Can East and Can West an equal number of seats made an Eng majority, but not significant because Can East had a

larger population 1852 census = Canada West now has a larger population, but they still get the same number of seats George Brown and the Clear Grits demand Rep by Pop Number of seats in parliament determined by population (the larger the population, the more the seats) If this was passed, the English would get a significant majority and would be able to pass more laws in their own interests The Great Coalition Political Deadlock = no party with a majority means

nothing gets accomplished. 1864 George Brown (Grits), MacDonald and Galt (Tories) and Cartier (Parti Bleu) form a coalition Unlikely because they were all very different Goal it to work together to unite all of British North America (Confederation) Majority of power to the federal government Education and legal and cultural matters deemed provincial (this appeased the French) Lower house elected using rep by pop Upper house appointed based on regional representation (equal)

Need to convince the Maritime provinces Political Party Advertisements

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