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1 to 1 Computing 1 to 1 Computing = Math Success Using the Tablet in the Mathematics Classroom 1 to 1 Computing Lorie Johnston Algebra, Geometry & Applied Math Newell High School

Pilot School 1-1 Initiative lorie.johnston @ 1to1 Computing = Math Success Top Tablet Tips. Find out what works in a math classroom in a pilot school with the tablet.

Windows Journal Text Book (CD + On-line Activities) Note Taking on One Note Geometers Sketchpad Microsoft Excel QUIA Web CT TI Interactive & Graphing Calculator Projects and presentations Teaching Math with the Tablet The way that students learn is changing and the tablet computer helps me to change my teaching methods

accordingly. Being a Pilot School in the 1-1 Computing program has given my students the opportunity to use the tablet computer every day in my algebra, geometry and applied math classes. I no longer need to coordinate with the other teachers for access to the computer lab. No mouse needed. Windows Journal This is my favorite place for working math problems. Print worksheets and documents to Windows Journal. Use blank notes or graph templates to work

problems from assignments and project to a screen or white board. Use to show information as a slide show to which you can add annotations during the show. Disadvantage: Can not copy and paste like you can in Microsoft Word Windows Journal Use Graph Template (Windows Journal) Graphs in the coordinate plane Linear Equations Systems of Linear Equations Inequalities in 2 variables Quadratic equations This creates a very good visual display of the graphs with color. (necessary for the

visual learners.) Windows Journal The textbook we use for algebra and geometry is McDougal-Littel. It has a lot of online resources for teachers. I use the on-line site to find supplemental material. All of the resources are in PDF format and are not editable. I print the material to Windows Journal and am them able to use it in my classes. I can utilize any of the information on Windows Journal. This includes all of the following: Lesson Opener Transparencies. Note Taking Guides Practice Examples Worksheets for extra practice.

Textbook pages to display for discussion. This saves an incredible amount of time because when I work a problem for the students the picture and all of the information is right there and I do not have to redraw and label the picture in order for the students to see the information. (This is especially useful in geometry which requires sketches for almost all work.) Windows Journal This is an example of a transparency from my text that I print to Windows Journal. I can then draw

or write on it as I discuss it for the lesson. Information from Windows Journal Microsoft Excel Use Microsoft Excel to graph

Bar graphs Histograms Line graphs Line of best fit graph Slope intercept graphs Circle Graphs Histogram # of Players F o o tb a ll te a m 20 15

10 5 0 # o f p la y e rs Under 161 - 181 - 201 - 221 or 1 6 0 1 8 0 2 0 0 2 2 0 m o re W e ig h t Use Microsoft Excel to create a histogram. Enter the data into the spreadsheet. Graph the data using a bar graph.

Right click on bar. Select Format Data Series. Go to Options. Set gap width at 0 to change the bar graph to a histogram Line of Best Fit Students collect data from an activity. Example Students collect data by measuring

their height and the length of their arm to determine if there is a correlation and find the equation of the line of best fit. Student Height Arm Al 178 cm 76 cm Bill

188 cm 81 cm Cathy 164 cm 67 cm Deb 170 cm 71 cm Ed 175 cm 75 cm Excel Graph of the Data A rm L

e n g th H e ig h t & A rm L e n g th 100 80 60 40 20 0 H e ig h t & A rm L e n g th

160 170 180 H e ig h t 190 Graph the data using a scatter plot graph Students determine if there is a positive correlation,

negative correlation or no correlation Students find the slope intercept equation. Circle Graphs Ice Cream Flavors Ice Cream Flavors Vanilla 37 Chocolate

28 7% 10% Mint Chocolate Chip 18 Cookies and Cream 10

37% Vanilla Chocolate Cherry Nut 7 Mint Chocolate Chip 18% The students in the class create their

own survey question, collect the data and graph using a circle graph. Cookies and Cream Cherry Nut 28% More Graphs with the Computer Notes Use OneNote

Type the notes Add written comments Draw and label geometric figures Easy to organize (folders and classes) Easy to insert, highlight and change order of information Automatically saves.

One Note Geometry Agenda for the week September 25 to September 29 5th week of the year Monday, September 25 HOMECOMING: Pajama Day Notes ---Lesson 2.4 & 2.5 Do Practice 2.4 in class. Assign Lesson 2.4 (10-15 and 16-40 even) Tuesday, September 26 HOMECOMING: Opposite Day

Notes ---Lesson 2.6 Chapter 2 constructions. Assign Lesson 2.5 (8-11 and 16-18) Wednesday, September 27 HOMECOMING: Super Hero Day Midterm Grades Finish Advertising Project Use the computer to find ads for several different products. Write conditional statements , converse, inverse and contrapositive for each ad. Follow the guidelines and rubric. Project is due on September 28. Finish constructions. Notes on Lesson 2.6 Thursday, September 28 HOMECOMING: Celebrity Day Geometers Sketchpad Friday, September 29 HOMECOMING: Maroon & White Day

Good Luck Gators One Note Each student will receive 2

triangles. Label each triangle by using a unique letter at each vertex. Label both sides of the triangle, but be careful to use the same letter on each side. Work with the other students to find a triangle that is congruent (exactly the same size and shape) as your triangle. Write a congruence statement for the 2 triangles. You will also need to write 6 more statements that show which parts the triangles are congruent. (Corresponding

parts of congruent triangles are congruent. Geometers Sketchpad Do geometric constructions and investigations using Geometers Sketchpad. Sketchpad is a program from Key Curriculum Press that allows students to construct and measure geometric figures. m A B C = 1 35 .00

m A B D = 6 7 .5 0 B A C D Geometers Sketchpad Use the basic program to construct figures, measure and compare and make conjectures. Use supplementary material

for ready made activities and constructions. Download free demos and student activities to use with Sketchpad. Geometers Sketchpad Sketchpad has many readymade demonstrations for all kinds of mathematical topics. I have the algebra and geometry books and CDs and use them frequently. The geometry book/ CD has demonstrations and student activities for almost all

geometry topics. The algebra book/CD has several good Geometers I have always Sketchpad had students do constructions with compass and straight edge and I still do a few. With the emphasis on NCLB and meeting all the standards I was not able to take the time for constructions that I should have. With the Geometers Sketchpad program students can construct,

observe and make conjectures in less time. This allows me to cover more of the standards. Anima te Ob jects Kaleidoscope Geometers One of my students has used Geometers Sketchpad Sketchpad in her geometry and physics classes. She will demonstrate a project that she did in which she used sketchpad to model forces and vectors. She also

animated the vectors. Move Points A skydiver is descending with a con stant velocity. co ndide r air resistan ce. Fy Fg Geometers This is a Tessellation Project Sketchpad involving transformations created by one of my students. She did the project using Geometers Sketchpad.

E D F A C G B More Graphs with the Computer Use Graphing calculator to graph

Line graphs Line of best fit graph Inequalities Quadratic equations Exponential equations Absolute Value graphs Graphing Calculator Use TI Interactive to show the step by step procedure in

working a problem. You can capture each screen and display the information so students can follow the procedure with a TI calculator. TI Graphs You can use a TI calculator and show all of the steps in working a problem by using the screen

capture tool on TI interactive. Graphing Calculator Use the graphing calculator found in Microsoft Student files to create a line graph. We also use the calculator for various math calculations and for finding sine, cosine and tangent values. Microsoft Student Calculator There is a graphing calculator in

the Microsoft Student Pack. Data Collection with Graphing Calculator You can use the CBR or Vernier probes to collect data on the computer by using the Lab Pro interface and the Logger Pro software to analyze the data. I did not have all of the necessary cables so I usually collected the data on the TI 84 calculator and then transferred it to the computer using TI Interactive. This makes a very visual way for students to see applications of slopes of lines, graphs of parabolas and many other concepts.

Graphing Calculator with Vernier Probes Use the CBR (motion detector) to collect data. Use the Logger Pro program to analyze the data. Many of the Vernier Probes can be connected directly to the computer. Logger Pro

Use the Internet to do Math Collect data Use on-line activities Utilize informational sites QUIA Data Collection Use the internet to collect data to use in solving real world problems. One of the activities that I use in algebra is a project that requires students to research the length of movies from different decades. In this project the students compare the length of

movies from the different decades. The students use the information to find the mean and median length for each decade. They write compound inequalities using the data and make a box and whisker plot from the data. The algebra students will show you samples of this activity. Movie Length Statistics and Inequalities Were Movies from the 1970s shorter than movies from other decades? Algebra investigation into

inequalities and statistical concepts. Objective Decide if popular movies made after 1970 are shorter than popular movies made before that date. One movie critic claims that popular movies in the 1970s were very short compared to the lengths of older movies. Popular movies can be defined as ones that are box office hits. Procedure Find the length of 2 non-animated box office hits from before 1970, 3 from the 1970s, 3 from the 1980s, 3 from the 1990s and 3 from after 1999. Go to this site. Select Categories. Choose a particular category. Select a movie. Record the date and the length of the movie. I have included the instructions for this project. Students can plot the movies from the 1970s on the same number line. The students can then decide if their data shows that movies from the 1970s were shorter. They can also write a summary

justifying their conclusion and explaining why the conclusion might not be accurate. On-Line Activities I use the on-line resources from our textbook. Multiple choice practice quizzes. Vocabulary flash cards. Vocabulary crossword puzzle. This is an example of a question from the on-line practice test. A .

B . C . Click the Feedback button to check your answer. D . dDwtMzgw dDw5NjUz On-line Activities One way to use this site is to select the button for

Standards. Under the standards are many electronic examples. They give a grade guideline, but I have made modifications and am able to use many of them for activities in high school math even if they were originally intended for middle school This is a good one for introducing slopes and intercepts. dDwtMzgw dDw5NjUz On-line Activities Understanding Distance, Speed, and Time Relationships Using Simulation Software

QUIA I use the QUIA site to find quizzes, games and activities. I have the students do these to review before the test. You can also create your own activities. QUIA Lorie Johnston High School Math instructor Newell High School PO Box 99 Newell, SD 57760

Phone: 605-456-2392 Web: http://www.newell.k12. Hello Class, Welcome to my QUIA pages. Mrs. J pages/nhsgeometry.html nhsalgebra.html

Quia activities Slope Jeopardy undefined or zero slope? slope

Find the slope Slope Hangman Slope-Intercept Form Send e-mail to Mrs. J

Given two points, write y=mx+b slope/y-intercept Linear Equations Word Games 1

Graphing by using slope intercept form Write the equation in slope intercept form QUIA Ronald will demonstrate some of the algebra activities. Web CT I mainly use web CT as a method of giving worksheets and documents to students. I

like putting documents on webCT as attachments. It is easier to use than email because students can log on, access the information and save it to their computer. When students submit the assignment, the date and time is recorded---easy to know if it was submitted on time or was late. Projects and Presentations Utilize the internet to do research. Complete a project using the acquired information. The project could be a written paper, a slide show, a spreadsheet or

another type of presentation. Utilize Informational Sites I use alternate methods of assessment such as projects and presentations in order to increase higher order thinking skills. The access to the world wide web has make it much easier to do the research necessary to complete projects and presentations. One of the projects that the geometry students did

was an investigation in which the students used tangrams to investigate the characteristics 3 2 7 4 5

Advertising Project Use internet to find ads Write the ad as a conditional statement Identify the hypothesis and conclusion Write the converse, inverse and contrapositive Evaluate the different forms of the sentence to determine if they make sense Advertising Project Slogan~ Taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow, Skittles %29

Conditional If you eat Skittles, then you taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow. Inverse If you do not eat Skittles, then you will not taste the rainbow or feel the rainbow. Converse If you taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow, then you are eating Skittles. Contrapositive If you do not taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow, then you did not eat Skittles. Create Slide Show Presentation One activity that the students really enjoy is a graphing project. The students create a slide

show and choreograph different dance steps to represent graphs of equations. My algebra students are currently working on this project. This year some of them are attempting to use Movie Maker to do the project. Last year our project was completed as a power point slide show. I have examples of some of the projects. Positive Slope y=x+4 y=x+3 y=x+5 Parabola y=-x^2

Do the Math Lorie Johnston [email protected] Newell High School Newell, SD 57760

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