COMPUTER GRAPHICS גרפיקה ממוחשבת CS-234325 October 1995

COMPUTER GRAPHICS גרפיקה ממוחשבת CS-234325 October 1995

University of British Columbia CPSC 314 Computer Graphics Jan 2013 Tamara Munzner Intro Week 1, Fri Jan 4 Outline defining computer graphics

course structure course content overview 2 What is Computer Graphics? create or manipulate images with computer this course: algorithms for image generation 3

What is CG used for? movies animation special effects 4 What is CG used for?

computer games 5 What is CG used for? images design advertising art

6 What is CG used for? virtual reality / immersive displays 7 What is CG used for? graphical user interfaces

modeling systems applications simulation & visualization 8 Real or CG? 1

9 Real or CG? 2 10 Real or CG? 3 11

Real or CG? 4 12 Expectations hard course! fun course!

graphics programming addictive, create great demos programming prereq heavy programming and heavy math CPSC 221 (Program Design and Data Structures)

course language is C++/C math prereq MATH 200 (Calculus III) MATH 221/223 (Matrix Algebra/Linear Algebra) 13 Course Structure 39% programming projects

25% final 20% midterm (week 9 Fri 3/8) 16% written assignments

8% project 1 (building beasties with cubes and math) 8% project 2 8% project 3 15% project 4 (create your own graphics game) 4% each HW 1/2/3/4 programming projects and homeworks synchronized 14 Programming Projects structure

C++, Linux OK to cross-platform develop on Windows, Mac OpenGL graphics library GLUT for platform-independent windows/UI face to face grading in lab

Hall of Fame first project: building beasties previous years: bison, spiders, armadillos, giraffes, frogs, elephants, birds, poodles, dinos, cats last project: create your own graphics game 15

Late Work 3 grace days for unforeseen circumstances strong recommendation: dont use early in term handing in late uses up automatically unless you tell us

otherwise: 50% if one day (24 hrs) late, 0% afterwards only exception: severe illness or crisis as per UBC rules must let me know ASAP (in person or email) at latest, 7 days after return to school must also turn in form

with documentation (doctor note) 16 Regrading to request assignment or exam regrade give me paper to be regraded, and also in writing

I will not accept until next class after solutions handed out what problem you're disputing detailed explanation why you think grader was wrong exception: simple arithmetic errors I may regrade entire assignment

thus even if I agree with your original request, your score may nevertheless end up higher or lower 17 Course Information course web page is main resource updated often, reload frequently discussion group: Piazza signup: standard: use Piazza, not direct email, for all questions

make posts private if you need to post your code 18 Teaching Staff instructor: Tamara Munzner call me Tamara or Prof. Munzner, your choice [email protected] office hrs in ICICS/CS 005 (our lab)

Fridays right after class, 2-3 or by appointment in X661 TAs: Peter Beshai, James Gregson, Yufeng Zhu [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 19

Labs labs start next week, no labs this week attend one (or more) labs per week Mon 2-3, Tue 1-2, Fri 12-1 mix of activities

TA coverage TBA example problems in spirit of written assignments and exams help with programming projects tutorials no deliverables (unlike intro classes) strongly recommend that you attend

if you cant attend your regular one, ok to drop by another if theres space 20 Textbooks Fundamentals of Computer Graphics OpenGL Programming Guide, v 3.1

Peter Shirley, AK Peters, 3nd edition OpenGL Architecture Review Board v 1.1 available for free online aka The Red Book readings posted on schedule page strongly encouraged but not mandatory

21 Learning OpenGL this is a graphics course using OpenGL not a course *on* OpenGL upper-level class: learning APIs mostly on your own

only minimal lecture coverage basics, some of the tricky bits OpenGL Red Book many tutorial sites on the web 22

Citation cite all sources of information what to cite where to cite it

study group members, books, web sites README for programming projects end of writeup for written assignments 23 Plagiarism and Cheating dont cheat, I will prosecute

programming and homework writeups must be individual work insult to your fellow students and to me

can discuss ideas, browse Web cannot just copy code or answers cannot do team coding exception: final project can be team of two you must be able to explain algorithms during face-toface demo or no credit for that part of assignment and possibly prosecution 24 Plagiarism and Cheating

submit statement that youve read and understood before well mark your work 25 Course Content Overview 26 This Course

we cover basic algorithms for rendering displaying models (modeling generating models)

(animation generating motion) programming in OpenGL, C++ we do not cover art/design issues commercial software packages 27 Other Graphics Courses

CPSC 424: Geometric Modeling CPSC 426: Computer Animation

offered now offered next year CPSC 514: Image-based Modeling and Rendering CPSC 526: Computer Animation CPSC 533A: Digital Geometry CPSC 533B: Animation Physics CPSC 547: Information Visualization CPSC 530P: Sensorimotor Computation 28 Rendering

creating images from models geometric objects camera pinhole camera, lens systems, orthogonal

shading lines, polygons, curves, curved surfaces light interacting with material illustration of rendering capabilities Shutterbug series by Williams and Siegel using

Pixar's Renderman materials/HyperGraph/shutbug.htm 29 Modelling Transformation: Object Placement 30 Viewing Transformation: Camera Placement 31 Perspective Projection 32

Depth Cueing 33 Depth Clipping 34 Colored Wireframes 35 Hidden Line Removal

36 Hidden Surface Removal 37 Per-Polygon Shading 38 Gouraud Shading 39 Specular Reflection

40 Phong Shading 41 Curved Surfaces 42 Complex Lighting and Shading 43

Texture Mapping 44 Displacement Mapping 45 Reflection Mapping 46 Modelling

generating models lines, curves, polygons, smooth surfaces digital geometry 47 Animation generating motion

interpolating between frames, states 48 Readings today FCG Chap 1

Wed (last time) FCG Chap 2 except 2.7 (covered later) FCG Chap 5 except 5.4


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