College of Central Florida International Students

College of Central Florida International Students

College of Central Florida New International Student Orientation Agenda Introductions Immigration Regulations Insurance Safety Guest Speakers

Transportation Academic Advising Holidays, breaks and vacations International Student Services Office STAFF Randolph Bellamy Assistant Director of Admissions & International Students Lory Coffey

International Admissions & Advising Specialist ISS Office Location & Hours Bryant Student Union Building 5, Room 102 Fall & Spring Hours Monday Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Summer Hours Monday Thursday 8:00 am 4:30 pm International Student Services Office Services F-1 Visa Application Process Academic Advising Immigration Advising Admissions Advising

New International Student Orientation International Student Club F-1 Student Employment Requests International Student Housing Airport Shuttle Pick-up Change of Visa/Status to F-1 Student Visa Immigration Regulations Your 1. 2. 3. 4. Documents

Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility Passport F-1 Student Visa I-94 Arrival Information Form I-20 Page 1 SEVIS ID N 0000123456789 Name, Country of Birth, Date of Birth School Information Program of Study Initial Attendance/Continued Attendance

Initial = New Continued = Current Program State Date & End Date Form I-20 Page 2 Travel Signatures Good for one year Recommend you get a signature every time you travel Without recent signature, you may be stopped at the airport Do not wait until the last minute! Passport Biographical Page

Name, Country, Birthdate Passport Number Valid at least 6 months Renew through Embassy, Consulate, private service, inperson or by mail Foreign Embassies F-1 Visa Attached to passport SEVIS # N0000123456789 Expiration Date School Name - OR In-country change of status Visitor B2 --> Student F1 Exchange J2 --> Student F1

Valid Dates I-94 Arrival Print online request.html Information about your travel into the US Number I-94 # Immigration Regulations Maintaining Your Status Valid I-20 Valid Passport

Valid F-1 Visa Enroll full time (12 credit hours) Satisfactory academic progress towards graduation Current address No unauthorized employment Insurance Follow all CF rules Dont follow rules = Out of Status FAMILIARIZE yourself with: Complete the form below: Vacations & Holidays Winter

Holiday Spring Break Mid-December Early January No class & offices are closed One week in March No class & offices are closed Summer Break

Mid-May Mid-August Offices are open, Summer classes are optional One Day Holidays Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day Travel Leaving Come to ISS with your I-20, F-1 visa and passport Get page 3 of I-20 signed Tell ISS your travel plans and dates

Returning Valid I-20, F-1 visa and passport If F-1 visa expires, you must renew before coming back Must be at school when classes are in session Excused Absence Taking a semester off Full Time Enrollment Fall

Must be in 12 credits 1 online class Spring Must be in 12 credits 1 online class Summer Optional (No classes, part-time, or full-time) Half semesters: Summer A & Summer B Full Time Full Time = 12+ credit hours

English 3 EAP - Reading 4 Math 3 EAP - Writing 4

Music 3 4 Biology 3 EAP Speech & Listening Total 12

English 3 Computers 1 Calculus 5 Chemistry 4

Total 13 Total 12 12 credits or more Reduced Course Load Less than 12 credits Serious Illness or Medical Condition

Doctors Letter 12 month maximum total during degree program First Semester Difficulties Graduating Semester Last semester Employment On-campus Up to 20 hours per week CPT Internship Established in curriculum, part of degree OPT After graduation Related to degree

Financial Hardship See ISS for details Unauthorized Employment = Termination of I-20 Out of Status, serious consequences Student Record You MUST notify ISS if you: Change your contact information Address in Ocala, Florida Email Phone Number

Change your academic information Change Major Transferring to another school Graduate or complete program Need extension to your I-20 End Date & Extensions I-20 End Date Page 1 Extension Need more time to complete degree Must request BEFORE End Date

No exceptions! After CF End Date/Graduation 60 day grace period Options: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Transfer to another college or university Enroll in another degree at CF (Bachelors) OPT employment for one year Return home Change status to other visa Termination/Out of Status Violations (examples) Not enrolling full time Taking too many online classes Working illegally Unauthorized absence from school Not returning after vacation

Move and don't physical update address Breaking government laws Violating CFs student conduct code Academic suspension or dismissal Reinstatement Leave United States Insurance Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students.

Michael Gold 1-800-971-3921 [email protected] Florida ID & Drivers License Florida Identification Card Photo I.D. Florida Drivers License Permission to operate a car Identification Card Wait 10 days after first day of class

Passport, F-1 visa, I-94, I-20 Two proofs of residential address: copy of residential lease agreement current CF class schedule mail from local bank $25

Keep passport safe at home Drivers License Do you have a foreign drivers license? No Pass a Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course Provide documents (F-1 visa, I-20, I-94) Take written traffic test Take driving test $48 Yes tests may be waived, still need to provide documents and pay $48 Safety - in Ocala, FL Police,

Fire, Ambulance Hospital West Marion Community Hospital Call 911 Give them your address CF Campus Security (Public Safety Call 873-5841 7 days a week/24 hours Emergency stations on campus Weather

School closure Office) Hurricane Procedures If a hurricane comes to our area: Watch local news for current information Check the college website to find out if CF is closing Inform the Housing Manager & ISS Follow hurricane procedures in your folder

Safety - in Ocala, FL Be careful walking alone at night Walk in groups if possible Dont leave valuables unattended (textbooks, cell phone) Dont lend money Keep extra money and a friends number in case you dont have your cell phone Be careful accepting rides from people Dont give people your passwords, pin numbers, or social security number Dont carry large amount of money, keep it in your bank Do not use your passport for identification, get a Florida ID card Keep your I-20, passport and other important documents in a safe and secure place Lock your bicycle and car

Safety at College Square Apartments Staff Ms. Lillian Prestridge Apartment Manager Call 237-3334 Security Staff member - Max

Tips Lock your bedroom door and front door Dont bring anyone into your apartment that you dont know well Keep the kitchen clean and safe Be careful when cooking, dont leave the room Know where your fire extinguisher is

Throw trash out every day Read your lease carefully for rules for residents of College Square Crime/Emergency = Call 911 Safety - Local Laws Driving Follow traffic laws when riding your bicycle Do not drive without a Florida Drivers License

Do not drive someone elses car without the owners permission Drinking Never drink and drive Must be at least 21 years old Do not buy alcohol for other people In general, dont drink outside of your apartment or a restaurant/bar (dont drink in parking lots, on sidewalks, on CF campus, etc) Drugs Use of illegal drugs is against state law, CF student code of conduct and your apartment lease It is illegal to use, buy, sell, transport, or have possession of illegal drugs You must be 18 to use tobacco You cannot smoke on CFs campus Theft, Assault, Harassment, etc. Dont steal, dont hit or injure other people, dont verbally threaten other people, etc.

10 Ways to Aid Cultural Adjustment o o o o o o o o o o o Stay in touch with family & friends Keep up with news from home

Make friends with people from your country Participate in sports and student clubs Eat at restaurants with familiar food Explore American culture Don't expect too much of yourself Think of one good thing each day Talk with others who have experienced cultural adjustment Concentrate on long-term goals Keep your sense of humor! Culture shock will pass American Culture and the Classroom Overcome

the stereotypes! International students sometimes do not participate in class because they lack confidence in their English skills Speak up, practice your English International students can be hesitant to speak to their instructors about their concerns Speak up, ask for help, ask questions International

students sometimes do not interact with their classmates Speak up, introduce yourself, ask a question to break the ice American Culture and the Classroom Participate in class You are encouraged ask questions and participate in classroom discussion Unless you ask, the professor will assume you understand Go to your professors Office Hours

Office hours are scheduled times were the professor will be in their office waiting for students to walk-in Students are expected to be responsible for their academic progress. You are encouraged to speak to the instructor if you are having difficulties with class work. American Culture and the Classroom Do your homework Complete and turn in all classroom assignments on time Get help from classmates

Your classmates can be very helpful so become friendly with them Prepare for Tests Study hard Americans appear casual but are hard working American Culture and the Classroom Be on time

Tardiness is a sign of disrespect Contact your instructor when you will not be in class Attendance is often part of your grade Pay attention in class Put your phone away. Professors do not like it when students use their phones during class. Dont have conversations with students around you, especially if the instructor is talking

Be Respectful and Tolerant Be respectful of all people regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, marital status, national origin, genetic information or disability status. Teasing, making jokes, using hurtful language, bullying or excluding classmates is not tolerated. American Culture and the Classroom Serious but Informal Students often do not ask for permission to speak in class. If you raise your hand and the teacher

acknowledges you, then you can speak The instructor and students may dress casually Students sometimes call the instructor by their first name Students may walk out of the classroom without asking the professor for permission. If a student needs to use the restroom, usually they will just leave quietly so they do not disrupt the lesson. American Culture and the Classroom The college does not tolerate sexual harassment.

The college has procedures in place to address concerns related to discrimination, harassment and/or sexual harassment. The college has an Office of Access Services to provide accommodations to students with disabilities. Academic Advising Terms to Know Advisor Employee who helps you select classes PERT placement test

Credit Hour one unit of a GPA Grade Point Average Pre-requisite a class that has to be taken before another class Co-requisite a class that can be taken at the same time or before another class Drop a class = remove yourself from a class/withdrawal. Academic Advising How to Register for classes Online Through your myCF student portal Unable to register = you may have registration holds (insurance, missing documents, address needs updating, etc.) In-Person

Appointment is recommended Degrees at CF Associate in Arts (A.A.) Associate in Science (A.S.) 2+2 University Transfer For students who want to transfer into 3rd year to a university For students who wish to enter the workforce

immediately Bachelor Degrees (B.A.S. and B.S.) 4 year degree Associate in Arts (A.A.) Associate in Science (A.S.) Bachelors Degrees Business and Organizational

Management Agribusiness Management Management Information Systems Health Care Management Public Safety Administration Logistics and Supply Chain Management Early Childhood Education Nursing (BSN) Associate in Arts (A.A.) Advising Form Lists Required and Recommended

Courses Different for each AA Program of Study Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree Audit Shows Satisfied and Not Satisfied Requirements IP = In Progress Associate in Arts (A.A.) Freshman 1st Year

30 credits Sophomore 2nd Year 30 credits 60 credits = AA degree Junior 3rd Year 30 credits Senior

4th Year 30 credits 120 credits = Bachelors degree Associate in Arts (A.A.) 36 credit hours General Education (Gen-Ed) + 24 credit hours Electives 60 credit hours Total Tuition and Fees Out

of state tuition is $421.88 per credit hour (total of $5,062.56 for 12 credits) Plus lab fees and textbooks You can pay Online in your student portal At the cashiers window in Bryant Student Union, Building 5 By wire transfer

Tuition and Fees Tuition must be paid in full by the due date on your registration form First semester due during ORIENTATION Other semesters due by due date on schedule Fee deferment/purge protection If you are unable to pay, or need to request extra time, you must speak with ISS and have a valid reason Tuition and Fees Failure

to pay tuition in full will result in being dropped from courses. This may negatively impact your visa since you are required to be registered for classes. Some courses require additional fees. You will see the fee when you register for classes. Textbooks can be bought at the campus bookstore, at private stores, or online. Equity Statement College of Central Florida does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, pregnancy, age, marital status, national origin, genetic

information or disability status in its programs, activities and employment. For inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies contact Equity Officer, Ocala Campus, Ewers Century Center, Room 201C, 3001 S.W. College Road, 352-854-2322, ext. 1437, or [email protected]

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