Clocking in and out - South Shore Pool Supply

Clocking in and out - South Shore Pool Supply

RETAIL STORE OPENING This Presentation Will Outline The Tasks an Associate Performs when Opening the Store. Click on slide or hit slide. arrow to advance to next Associates should arrive at least 15 minutes to store opening (or before their shift is set to begin). Upon arriving at the retail store, unlock the door by turning key

turn to the left. Enter the store immediately, lock the door again and proceed to shut off the alarm located behind the front counter on the wall of the curtained closet. Open door to alarm & enter 4-digit code. After the alarm is off, turn on the inside lights on the south wall. And turn off the outside spot light. Turn on the fan lights (located in the back room), raise heat or

turn on A/C. Turn on both computers and allow plenty of warm up time. Log into RB Controls program on front computer. Refer to store manual for log-in procedure. Punch in, look at emails and follow ups. Log into RB Controls program on back computer. Minimize. Single click the LaMotte WaterLink Spin water analysis program on the back computer.

This program needs to be open and ready for customers as soon as the store opens. Make sure all water analysis items are stocked and ready. Count both cash drawers. Make sure they each have $200. Count the bills then the coins. If discrepancy, have a co-worker recount. If still discrepancies, make note and put it into the drawer. Notify Christie, as well in of Day

email.if it hasnt the TakeEnd phone off night been done already. Press day button and enter code 0000 (zeros). To listen to voicemails, press message button and enter code 0000. Listen to voicemails and send manager follow ups of any messages that cant be handled personally, if

manager is not on duty. Save in Turn on Keurig coffee machine. Make sure water tank is full and coffee items are stocked. Unlock side sliding door. Unlock outside storage container. Put the wagon(s) with merchandise out in front of store (ex. chlorine tabs). Do not wheel through the store under any circumstance. Bring in any product needed to stock store. Vacuum rug if

necessary. Put out the OPEN flag. Flip the sign to OPEN and unlock the door. Greet customers with a smile and GOOD MORNING.

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