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The Essential Skill of Writing Using the Writing Scoring Guide A Refresher Training for English Language Arts Teachers Updated for 2011-12 Goals for this workshop 1. Review Oregons Writing Scoring Guide Classroom uses of the Writing Scoring Guide

Supporting colleagues in writing across the curriculum 2. Understand Options for Demonstrating Proficiency in the Essential Skill of Writing for the Oregon Diploma 3. Score student papers and recalibrate to scoring standards 4. Set the stage for follow-up training OAR: 581-22-0615

For students first enrolled in grade 9 during the 2009-2010 school year, school districts and public charter schools shall require students to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills listed (A) Read and comprehend a variety of text; and (B) Write clearly and accurately

Essential Skill Proficiency Three options for diploma requirement 1. OAKS Statewide Writing Assessment Score of 40 or higher 2. Other approved standardized assessments

SAT Writing Assessment score of 460 or higher Option 3 -- Writing Work Samples 2 work samples 1 expository or persuasive 1 any mode (expository, persuasive or narrative personal or fictional)

Score of 4 or higher in 4 traits on Official Scoring Guide Essential Skill Proficiency, cont. How do you use the Writing Scoring Guide with your students? Essential Skill Proficiency, cont. 2 How do you use the writing scoring

guide to assess student writing? Lets Review the Scoring Guide! The Writing Scoring Guide: Background Developed in Oregon by Oregon Teachers Introduced in late 1980s Reviewed and Updated Frequently State Assessment since early 1990s Authentic Assessment

Strongly tied to instruction High inter-rater reliability National recognition Six Writing Traits 1. 1.Ideas Ideasand and Content Content ** 2. 2. Organization

Organization ** 3. 3.Voice Voice 4. 4.Word WordChoice Choice 5. 5.Sentence SentenceFluency Fluency **

6. 6.Conventions Conventions ** * Must meet score of 4 for proficiency Writing Scoring Scale Ideas and Content Ideas and Content Clear

Focused Enough Details Relevant Details Organization Introduction Introduction

Good Beginning Well Developed Body Body Reader can follow ideas Good transitions Paragraph Breaks

Conclusion Conclusion Well developed Satisfying ending Sentence Fluency Easy to Read Aloud? Supply Punctuation

where natural Enough Variety? Sentence Structure Sentence Beginnings Sentence Lengths Stylistic Control?

Effective fragments Natural dialogue Conventions Kinds of Errors Significance of Errors Proportion of Errors Conventions, cont. Correct end-of-sentence punctuation?

Run-on sentences Comma splices Fragments (none or just a few effective ones) Internal punctuation Correct spelling of common words? (grade level appropriate) Correct capitalization?

Grade Level Expectations Voice (Score is not required) Writers Voice Present? Appropriate Voice? Commitment

to Topic Topic, Mode Sincere, engaging Audience, level of formality Blank for accessibility

(Score is not required) Appropriate? Functional? Enough Variety? Word Choice Specific

Enough? The Writing Process Drafting Revising Pre-writing Final Copy Editing/

Proofreading The Writing Scoring Guide: Purposes 1. 2. 3. 4. Instructional Tool Formative Assessment Summative Assessment

Demonstrate Proficiency in the Essential Skill of Writing to earn an Oregon Diploma Using the Scoring Guide as an instructional tool during prewriting and drafting Set expectations for writing activity Teacher or peers give feedback during

rough draft stage on ideas/content & organization Using the Scoring guide as an instructional tool during editing, revising, & proofreading Peer feedback on Sentence Fluency and Word Choice Students self-assess on Ideas/Content, Organization & Conventions

Students complete Student Guide to Revision before turning in final draft Formative Assessment In order to target instruction effectively, to re-teach when necessary, to offer needed support, and to provide appropriately challenging assignments, teachers must have an ongoing and accurate understanding of their

students literacy capabilities. Torgeson & Miller, 2009 Summative Assessment End of unit assessment Final (semester) exams Student self-assessment using writing from different times during course OAKS Statewide Writing Assessment Meet requirement for local performance assessment

Demonstrate Proficiency in Essential Skill of Writing to receive Oregon Diploma Essential Skill Proficiency, cont.2 Requirements for Writing Essential Skill Proficiency Using Work Samples 2 work samples 1 expository or persuasive 1 any mode Score of 4 or higher in 4 traits on Official

Scoring Guide Writing Work Samples What is the difference between a writing work sample and any other kind of writing? Work Sample Design Local work samples must be designed to elicit student

writing that is long enough and complex enough to be scored using the Writing Scoring Guide. Work Sample Design, cont. What is long enough and complex enough? sustained writing single author specific focus & sufficient details intro, body, & conclusion to score for Organization No length requirement However,

1 - 2 pages handwritten is about the minimum Work Sample Design, cont.2 Expository Mode: Explain problem, process, concept, etc. Analysis of issues, events, speakers, etc. Comparison/contrast Brief research or response papers (2-3 pages) Persuasive Mode:

Essay taking a stand on an issue Pro/Con and call to action Narrative Mode: Relating an experience Work Sample Design, cont. 3 Unsuitable (NOT long or complex enough)

Short answers (even a couple of ) Journals Logs; responses to activities or summaries Tests or quizzes Workbook or work sheet activities Book reports

Group projects Work Sample Design, cont. 4 Key to Success: Good Prompts 1. Clear, concise wording 2. Identify task and mode 3. Be open-ended 4. Be free from bias 5. Encourage fresh, original thinking Work Sample Implementation

Administration Work samples must be the product of an individual Work samples must be supervised by an authorized adult; Students may not work on work samples outside a supervised setting. Work Sample Implementation, cont.

Administration Word processed papers are permitted. Grammar and spell-check features may be used. Students should have time to do their best work. Generally, three one-hour sessions are recommended. Work Sample Implementation, cont. 2

Scoring All work samples must be scored using Oregons Official Writing Scoring Guide. All raters must have been trained to use the Scoring Guide. Only one set of scores is required for a work sample. (Districts may want more than one rater for borderline papers.)

Work Sample Implementation, cont. 3 Feedback and Revision FEEDBACK: Only 2 options 1. Oregons Official Scoring Form 2. Highlighting Oregons Scoring Guide STUDENT REVISION: 3. Students are allowed to revise and resubmit their work samples following scoring/feedback. 4. Most papers should be revised only once. Resources & Coming Attractions

ODE Website: /worksamples Follow-up workshops (List any scheduled) Contact information (List your information here) A Parting Thought Be yourself. Above all, let who

you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish. John Jakes

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