City college Enrollment basics - City College of New York

City college Enrollment basics - City College of New York


Social Stuff Our goal in this session is to give you a quick introduction to the administrative side of being a student. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ADMINISTRATIVE STUFF THAT GOES WITH BEING A COLLEGE STUDENT YOU! Not your parents, grandparents, spouses or guardians. Not your advisor. Not your BFF. YOU!

IT IS UP TO YOU, BUT, YOU ARE NOT ALONE City College understands that you are not an expert at being a college student, yet. To address that we have a number of people and offices whose job is to get you to the point of being an expert. They are: Your academic advisor(s) Enrollment Offices Admissions Bursar Enrollment and Testing Financial Aid Registrar Student Affairs

ACADEMIC ADVISING You will encounter two kinds of advisors who have two different roles: Professional Advisors: Your first contact, point person and guide Works with you on the whole of being a student Will teach you to use the tools you need to succeed These folks include NSEC, SEEK, SSSP, Honors and Divisional advisors Major advisor Your point person and guide within your chosen academic discipline

Please Note: In some divisions these roles are merged into one position. ENROLLMENT OFFICES Admissions CUNYFirst (issues with claiming your account) New York State residency (tuition rate) Transfer Credit (including AP, College Now, IB, and credit from other colleges) ENROLLMENT OFFICES Bursar

Evaluation & Testing (2nd FL, Rm. 213) Paying your bill CUNY Assessment Testing Tuition Payment Plan English as a Second Language (ESL) Math Placement Testing Ability to Benefit Testing (if attended high

school outside the U.S.) ENROLLMENT OFFICES Financial Aid Registrar Grants including PELL, TAP Official custodian of your student records Student and Parent Loans Applying for graduation from City College

Financial Aid Verification Ordering a transcript of your City College course work STUDENT AFFAIRS TOOLS OF THE TRADE In addition to a dedicated staff, City College Provides you with a number of tools that are essential to your success as a student. Many of these tools are managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). IT SERVICES Valuable IT information for all new students: IT SERVICE DESK TOOLS OF THE TRADE: CITY CENTRAL PORTAL CITYCENTRAL STUDENT PORTAL The CITYCENTRAL Student Porta l provides CCNY students with easy access to some of their most used resources:

CUNYFirst MyInfo MyCCNY+ Latest Tweets Events

Status for Campus Systems Mobile App! TOOLS OF THE TRADE: CCNY GUIDE Features: Campus Map Checklists Resources on Campus Academic Student Affairs Technology

Meet your student leaders Free food alerts Beaver Lingo Academic Calendars All in the palm of your hand! TOOLS OF THE TRADE: CUNYFIRST CUNYFirst is the Student Information System we use at City College to keep track of all of your information. Contact information, grades, registration, finances, bills, etc. In a word, everything. The primary thing you will use CUNYFirst for, is registering for your classes. However, there is a lot more you can do in CUNYFirst. Some of these are:

Enrollment Search for classes (Class Search Guide ) Enroll in classes (Enrollment Guide) Add/Drop/Swap classes Withdraw from classes View your enrollment dates Finances View holds, including financial aid holds View your financial aid Check your tuition balance Personal information

Update your address Update your email address Update your phone number Update your emergency contact information Access unofficial transcripts Other View your grades View your schedule View your course history Apply for an ePermit (ePermit Information) Apply for graduation KNOW WHAT YOU OWE When you register for classes, your tuition balance will change, but did you know that if you add or drop a class, your balance may change again?

Follow the below steps to KNOW WHAT YOU OWE! 1. Check your CUNYFirst Account for any current charges.* 2. Select Charges Due for a detailed report. 3. Dont miss your bill due date on the left! KNOW WHEN YOU OWE TOOLS OF THE TRADE: CUNY PORTAL BLACKBOARD

Online home for your classes Single dedicated location for professors to post assignments and readings The syllabus is often posted in advance of the class starting

Professors may utilize discussion board forums Professors can send announcements/contact the entire class at once DEGREE WORKS A digital checklist of your degree requirements

It maps courses you have completed at City College into categories For transfer students, it includes courses from previous colleges (if the transfer credits were evaluated) An easy way to see what you have completed / what is still left to obtain your degree

Closely tied with financial aid eligibility (if applicable toDegreeWorks you). Online Support Online BlackBoard Support For further assistance, you may contact the CUNY Portal/Blackboard Support at 212-650-6990 or via email [email protected]/

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: CITYMAIL CityMail is your official City College email account and so much more. This is your business address as a City College Student. This is the only email account that the college (including professors) will use to communicate with you, so check it daily. Your login credentials for this account also serve as your login to the campus Wi-Fi and computers in all computer labs. CityMail is part of the FREE Microsoft 365 package that you are entitled to as a CCNY Student TO CLAIM YOUR CITYMAIL ACCOUNT 1. Go to 2. Check Change Password

3. Submit required information to obtain access to your email IT HELP CONTACT Location: North Academic Center (NAC) Room 1/301 Phone: 212.650.7878 E-Mail: [email protected] DOING YOUR PART IS ESSENTIAL! Tips for stress free enrollment: 1. Know your degree requirements (check the Undergraduate Course Bulletin)

2. Check your CUNY First Account frequently 3. Check your CityMail at least once daily! 3. See your academic advisor often, at least twice a semester. Advising is about more than your class schedule. YOUR PART IS ESSENTIAL! Tips for stress free enrollment: 4. Consult the academic calendar frequently 5. Whether paying your bill or

changing your major, allow at least two business days for processing before a deadline FROM YOUR ACADEMIC PLANNING DAY TO YOUR FIRST DAY OF CLASSES ACADEMIC PLANNING DAY WEBSITE nning-day-0

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