Chapter 4 Hotel Food & Beverage - Humble Independent School ...

Chapter 4 Hotel Food & Beverage - Humble Independent School ...

Hotel Food & Beverage The Banquet Department Risa McCann 1 Hotel Food and Beverage Services Most lodging properties offer some kind of food and beverage service They range from simple offerings of coffee and sweet rolls in the lobby to a full-service finedining restaurant

2 Organization Some hotels have a full-service restaurant that is independent of the hotel Many hotels manage their own foodservices: cocktail lounge, a full-food service dining room, a banquet department and room service 3

Organization cont. The manager in charge of all the food and beverage services in the hotel is call the Food and Beverage Director The Food and Beverage Director is usually responsible for five departments: beveragescocktail bar, dining room, kitchen, banquets and room service 4

Organization cont. The hotel restaurant dining room usually offers 3 meals a day and is open 7 days a week. In the hotel the Executive Chef will be responsible for all the food services in the hotel (dining room, coffee shops, snack shops, banquet, and room services.) 5

Banquet Department The banquet department handles all special food events at a hotel. A banquet is food served in honor of a special occasion. Banquets are also known as Receptions or Functions. There are two types of banquets: Business Banquet Social Banquet 6

Banquet Department Business banquets are often planned during conventions and business meetings. During a convention, banquets are held for business meetings, awards ceremonies, receptions, networking, and socializing. 7 Banquet Department Social banquets are held for a variety of

celebrations. Weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, special birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, school/family reunions, proms, and charity events are commonly celebrated by a banquet at a hotel. 8 Booking a Banquet A banquet is booked through the Sales Department of the hotel.

The Sales Department is sometimes called Sales and Marketing or Sales Catering. Banquet customers are known as Clients Catering Manager works with the clients to plan and arrange for the details of the event 9 Single Event Banquet In a Single Event Banquet, the purpose is the banquet.

Single events usually do not require sleeping rooms. These events are booked by the Catering Manager. Single events can be business or social 10 Meeting Banquet In a Meeting Banquet, the banquet is a part of a larger event, such as a convention or conference.

The larger event requires sleeping rooms and meeting rooms, as well as one or more banquets during the convention Banquet Manager will work with the group to plan and provide the banquets 11 Booking a Banquet The Catering Manager for single events and the meetings and Banquet Manager (for Conventions) meet with their clients

to work out all of the details. 12 Booking a Banquet One of the jobs of the Sales Dept. is to sell the hotels meeting and banquet services to professional associations and to the general public. Cold Calls are made to businesses and associations offering the hotels banquet

services In order for a banquet to take place, the hotel needs to know all of the details of what the client wants. 13 Booking a Banquet Once these decisions have been made the hotel representative will write up a banquet order form for each banquet. The Banquet Event Order (BEO) is a written

record of all the decisions that have been made about what the client wants during the banquet. 14 Booking The Banquet The details recorded on the BEO include: The number of people Time of banquet Type of service

Choice of foods Beverages Timing of courses Room setup Dcor Audiovisual needs 15 Banquet Event Order - BEO A copy of this order is then sent to the Food

and Beverage Director (head person), the Executive Chef (head of kitchen staff), the Beverage Manager (head of alcohol and beverage service) and the Banquet Manager/ Catering Manager. All the members of the food and beverage division must work together to make the banquet a success. 16 Banquet Event Order

Daily BEO meetings are held in each department to go over the Banquet Event Orders, make plans and handle changes 17 Banquet Department Staff Once the Banquet Event Order (BEO) is submitted to the Banquet Manager/Caterer, the Banquet Department is responsible for

making sure that all the details are handled and that the banquet runs smoothly. The staff includes the Banquet Manager, setup staff, servers, and audiovisual staff. 18 Banquet Department Staff The Banquet Chef is a critical part of the team; however, he or she is technically part of the kitchen staff.

19 Banquet Chef The Banquet Chef is responsible for feeding all large groups in the hotel. They also prepare any show pieces such as ice sculptures and Garde Manger. Banquet sizes can range from 30 3,000 people. The average is 250.

20 Banquet Chef cont. The Banquet Chef supervises the organization, preparation, and timing of the banquet service. The number of Banquet Chefs depends on the number and frequency of banquet functions at the hotel. 21

Banquet Manager The Banquet Manager is responsible for: Making sure that all aspects of each banquet run smoothly Making sure the instructions from the sales dept. and clients are carried out Hire and schedule workers; the # of workers needed varies with the number of banquets/conventions scheduled.

22 Banquet Manager cont. Responsibilities cont. Make sure the client does not have to worry about anything related to the event Preparing a timeline for the event. The timeline is helpful to make sure that all tasks are performed in a punctual manner. 23

Banquet Dept. Staff Banquet Setup Staff is responsible for: Moving and arranging the room dividers, tables, and chairs Setup staff will get a room diagram that shows them where all the items belong Often the same ballroom must be rearranged several times a day to meet the needs of several different meetings or banquets They are also responsible for takedown and

cleanup 24 Banquet Department Staff The banquet servers are responsible for: serving food and beverages during the banquet they set the tables before the banquet they are often asked to handle last minute requests

for foods it is Serve left, clear right beverages are refilled from the right 25 Banquet Dept. Staff Hotels often use an outside audiovisual company to handle all the audiovisual needs. Sometimes there is an in-house audiovisual manager. They are responsible for:

Projection screens Overhead Data projections Microphones Public address system Music equipment 26 Types of Service There are four styles of service Standing buffet

Seated buffet Butler passed-items Seated banquet 27 Types of Service Buffet is the general term used for meal service in which the food is set out on tables and guests help themselves. The location in the room where food or

beverage is found is called a station. There can be several stations depending upon the menu being served 28 Standing Buffet Standing buffets are designed so that people will socialize. The food served is finger food, that is, food that is easy to eat with your fingers.

Ex. cheese and crackers, vegetables and dips, cocktail hotdogs, canapes 29 Standing Buffet Usually food stations are scattered around the room to encourage mingling Usually there are no tables or chairs, or maybe a few scattered around the edges of the room

30 Seated Buffet At a seated buffet, tables are set and guests choose or are assigned to table. Guests serve themselves from a buffet table, then return to their seat to eat. They range from simple lunch to an elaborate dinner. 31

Butler Passed-Items The passed-items event is a type of standing buffet. Servers walk around the room with food and beverages on trays Food served is finger foods Ex. Miniature quiches, potato pancakes, fancy hors doeuvers 32

Seated Banquet At a seated banquet tables are set and guests choose or are assigned a place at a table. Servers serve all parts of the meal. Usually the food is plated in the kitchen and brought to guests by servers Everyone eats at the same time. Most inexpensive form of service, portions are controlled by staff,

set # served 33 Dcor and Table Setting The theme of the event and the color scheme are usually chosen by the client, with advice from the catering or meeting and banquet staff. Buffet table and food stations are decorated to make the food look appetizing. Great effort is devoted to table dcor.

34 Dcor and Table Setting Many banquets have elaborate centerpieces that match the theme of the event. Table linens such as tablecloth, napkins and table skirting also add to the ambiance of the room. Skirting is a table linen placed around the buffet tables to hide the table legs, power

cords, etc. 35 Dcor and Table Setting White skirting is used for weddings, silver skirting is used for anniversaries and New Years celebrations and colorful is used for holiday and birthday parties. Linens must be cleaned and properly ironed. Place settings are designed based on the menu that will be served.

36 Dcor and Table Setting Flatware (knife/fork/spoon), glassware, and plateware (plates/bowls/salad plates) should be chosen that match the food that will be served. 37

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