Chapter 3: Community Ecology

Chapter 3: Community Ecology

Ecology Introduction Ecology- the study of the interactions of organisms with one another and their physical surroundings Ecologist- scientist who studies ecology

Ecosystem Definition- consist of a given areas physical features (abiotic factors) and living organisms (biotic factors) Example of an ecosystem: pond abiotic factors?

biotic factors? Community Definition- all organisms living together in an ecosystem

Biodiversity Definition- measure of the number of species living within an ecosystem Ecological Succession Definition- process through which an

existing community is gradually replaced by another community (takes decades to thousands of years) 2 Kinds of Succession Primary succession

- Areas of no previous growth of plants - Pioneer species: first organisms to live in a new habitat (ex. lichens)

Secondary succession - Areas of previous growth of plants (abandoned field, forest clearing)

Community changes, species changes Succession leads to a climax community Climax community- a relatively stable collection of plants and animals that result from ecological succession

What order? Story of Tree Tops Valley -Read the story of Tree Tops Valley. -Your job is to illustrate the story as it is being told

-There are 6 drawings you should make -Key phrases or terms are summarized simply to help your imagination Story of Tree Tops Valley

Click HERE to access the story on our class website. A Beautiful green valley Evergreen forest (pine trees)

Paddles up cool streams Made trails through large giant pine trees Picnics Home at top of the hill Looked down at valley

B Lighting storm started fire in forest Tree Top Valley burned Burned remains of trees Crying

C Family moved to town Saddled horses and rode into valley Wind blown seeds Bird dropped seeds

Sprouting plants Mosses, weeds, grasses, ferns D Old cabin is still there Full of berry bushes

John ate so many he got sick E John got married and had boy No more berries Lots of leafy green trees

F Huge oak trees Picnics Full forest

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