Chapter - 1 Safety, Health & Technical Equipments

Industrial Safety Management Work Premises & Housekeeping House Keeping A

For and Place Everything Everything In its proper

Place. House Keeping A Place For Everything and Everything In its proper Place. Purpose of Good House Keeping Poor housekeeping can be a cause of accidents, such

as: 1. Tripping over loose objects on floors, stairs and platforms. 2. Being hit by falling objects. 3. Slipping on greasy, wet or dirty surfaces striking against projecting, poorly stacked items or misplaced materials. 4. Cutting, puncturing, or tearing the skin of hands or other parts of the body on projecting nails, wire or

steel strapping . 5. To avoid these hazards, a workplace must Maintain" order throughout a workday. Result of Good House Keeping 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. Boost up the workmanship Elimination of Accident Increase Productivity Reduce Waste Increase life span

Increase attractiveness Increase morale of Employee Industrial House Keeping Sections & processes should be located in good relation to each other. Industrial House Keeping Layout of machines & equipments should be suited

to the work being done. There should be a suitable spacing between machines. Industrial House Keeping Emergency exits must be well marked, unlocked and kept cleared without obstacles.

Access to machineries should be secured and clearly marked. Industrial House Keeping All transport routes, passage ways & visit routes should be clearly marked and they

should have proper barriers. Industrial House Keeping Clear warning boards & displays must be displayed for vehicle lanes & dangerous places. Enough space should be

provided for storage of materials and products. Industrial House Keeping Racks for tools, intermediate products, etc. should be provided near the worksite. Adequate waste bins should be placed in a convenient place as per the color coding. Green

Organic Waste Yellow Glass Waste White Paper Waste Grey

Metallic Waste Blue Plastic Waste Red Hazardous Waste

Industrial House Keeping Floors should be even and the steps should be visible from both the sides of door. Spillage of oil & water from machines on to the floor must be prevented by screens (or) some other devices. Suitable drainage channels should be provided.

Proper house keeping team should be deployed for day to day cleaning purpose. House Keeping Check List 1 Is the floor swept properly and kept clean? 2 Are the stairs/staircases ladders swept properly? Is the approach

clear? 3 Are the drains kept clean and unobstructed? 4 Are the machines and equipment kept reasonably clean while working? House Keeping Check List 5 Is machine/ equipment/ tool free from accumulation of oil, grease, oily rags,

etc? 6 Are the window, partition glasses clean? 7 Are lighting fixtures, wiped and clean? 8 Are tables, chairs, racks, cupboard etc clean? House Keeping Check List 9 Is the place clean from all the scrap and

other unwanted materials? Is there proper location for discarding these? 10 Are the raw materials stacked and stored properly and in orderly manner? 11 Are fire protection appliance kept unobstructed? 12 Is there any wastage/ leakage of water, electricity, fuel, steam, compressed air, etc?

House Keeping Check List 13 Is there any loose and hanging temporary wiring? 14 Are all instruction charts, sign boards, notice boards, etc in position and kept up to date? 15 Are the lockers and cupboards clean and kept in an orderly manner?

5 S Terminology of House Keeping Seiri Sorting Keep only essential items Seiton Straightening Set everything in order Seiso Systematic cleaning Sweeping & cleanliness

Seiketsu Standardizing Shitsuke Sustaining Discipline Safety 01/27/20 21

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