Ch. 1 Major Characters

Ch. 1 Major Characters

Ch. 1 Major Characters Scout Jem Atticus Calpurnia Boo Radley Setting

Read Chapter One Chapter One Discussion Questions Who is the narrator? What do we know about her? What is Calpurnias role? What relationship

does she have with the children? What is Atticus career? Where is the setting? How is it described? What dare does Jem fulfill at the end of the chapter? Exit Ticket

Begin working on your double- sided journal. Be sure to include characters as well as character relationships. Homework: Read Ch. 2 by tomorrow. Ch. 1-3 notes sheet is due Friday.

Chapter Two Discussion How does Scout describe Miss Caroline? How does Miss Caroline treat her? Why did Miss Caroline become upset with Scout?

What did we learn about the Cunningham family? What have we learned about those who are poor in Maycomb county? Read Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Discussion Questions Who is Walter Cunningham? What do we learn about his family? What does Walter do at dinner that surprises Scout? How does Calpurnia react to Scout?

What happened with Burris Ewell in school? What deal does Atticus make with Scout when she says she doesnt want to refer to school? How is expectation different than the other children? Exit Ticket What is a character trait you would give Scout? Why have you selected this

trait? Support with specific examples from the text. Homework: Keep working on your Ch. 1-3 notes (due tomorrow). Review important characters and events from Ch. 1-3 for the quiz tomorrow. Warm-Up:

Take out your TKM novel. Be ready to read! Turn to the person next to you. Who is in this picture? What is going on? Think of

Read Chapter Four Chapter 4 Discussion Questions How does Scout feel about school? What games to the children play? What do the children begin discovering in the tree?

Sketch Notes Homework: Read Ch. 5 for tomorrow Chapter 5 Questions

Who is Miss Maudie? How would you describe her? What do the children intend to give Mr. Radley? Up to this point, what character traits would you use to describe Scout? Explain.

Read Chapter Six Chapter 6 Questions What do the children sneak out into the night to do? How did Nathan Radley react to the children

in his yard? What happened to Jems pants? Figurative Language Review Metaphor Hyperbole

Simile Personification I spy Chapter 7 Questions At this point, what grade is Scout in? What alarmed Jem about his pants from the

other night? What type of items were found in the tree hole? What do you think these items signify? What game do the children continually play in the yard?

Blackout Poem You will take the text from TKM and create a poem Step 1: Go through and lightly underline any words or phrases that stand out to you or remind your of Boo Radley and his chara

Step 2: Edit your underlined list of words and phrases and begin to form a poem Step 3: Design your blackout space to symbolize the themes of the speech -make sure the words you want read stand out Exit Ticket Who is Boo Radley? What can we

infer about his character and his interactions with Jem, Scout, and Dill so far in the novel? Explain using examples from the text. Chapter 8 Discussion Questions What odd event occurs in Maycomb county? How do the children spend their day?

The children are woken up in the middle of the night because of Scout says, It looks like a pumpkin (p. 79). What type of figurative language is this? What did Boo Radley apparently do for Scout?

Boo RadleyShould he come outside? Imagine you are Scout, Jem, or Dill and make an argument for why you think Boo Radley should come outside. Using your graphic organizer, develop at least three strong reasons with evidence for why Boo should come outside. For the counterargument,

consider Boo Radleys position on why he wouldnt want to come outside. Be sure to close with a strong refutation to prove the opposite side wrong. Warm-Up: Grab a slip of the yellow paper (by the exit ticket bin). Write the MLA header on the top.


CH. 4- 8 QUIZ You may use your sketch notes on the quiz! When you are finished, turn in the sketch notes and the quiz. Ethos, Pathos, LogosBoo Radley From the point-of-view of either Jem, Scout, or Dill, write a

letter to Boo Radley trying to persuade him to come out of the Radley place. You can use your argument organizer from yesterday. In your one-page (minimum) letter, you should use either ethos, pathos, or logos to support your argument of why it would be in his best interest to reveal himself. Mark and label your uses of ethos, pathos, and logos in your letter!

Chapter 9 Discussion Questions Scout is yelling at Cecil Jacobs. Why are they fighting with each other? How are the townspeople reacting to Atticus case? What occurs between Scout and her cousin, Francis? Scout ends the chapter with the words I never

figured out how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said. Why do you think Atticus wanted Scout to hear what he said? Turn to Chapter Ten

Chapter 10 Discussion Questions Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird (p. 103)? What new attributes do we learn about Atticus in this chapter? What are some of his talents? Find the metaphor on p. 105 Chapter 10 Activity ---HW: Rd. Ch.

11 You will create a miniature body biography for Atticus Finch You should include 3 quotes that represent who he is 3 character traits with 1-2 sentences explaining why for each

A symbol or image that represents him A picture of what Atticus would look like Color (make it pretty!) Chapter 11 Discussion Questions Who is Mrs. Dubose? How is she described? What does Mrs. Dubose do to upset Jem? How does he react? What is his

punishment? Why does Atticus feel Mrs. Dubose is a winner? Do you agree or disagree? What does she send Jem? Read Chapter

Twelve Chapter 12 Discussion Questions How does Jem begin acting toward Scout? How does she react? What have we learned about Dill? Describe the situation at Calpurnias church.

Who are they raising money for? What has he been convicted of? How is his family being affected? Character Cubes Character name Image of character 5 adjectives to describe character

What does your character not like? What does your character like? If your character could change one thing about him/herself, what would he/she change? Read Chapter

Thirteen Chapter 13 Discussion Questions Who has arrived to stay with the family? How does she fit in in Maycomb?

How does Scout feel about this?

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