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Celts in Britain Autor: Mgr. Kateina eichov kola: Gymnzium J. V. Jirska, Fr. rmka 23, esk Budjovice Pedmt: anglick jazyk Datum vytvoen: 18.1.2013 Clov skupina: 3. ronk tyletho typu studia a odpovdajc ronky vceletch typ studia Typ hodiny: vklad s procvienm Popis:

prezentace o ivot Kelt v Britnii ( domy, obleen, vlenci, nboenstv ), procvien uiva Who were the Celts ? Lived in many parts of Europe in the Iron Age Came across the Channel about 2,600 years ago One of the tribes, the Britons, gave the island its name

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Irish_high_cross_Clonmacnois.jpg Autor: Jimmy Harris, BY, 18.1.2013 Celtic homes The chieftain and his family, soldiers and craftsmen hillfort easy to defend Roundhouses made of daub ( straw, mud and tail ), the roof of straw Fire in the middle of the roundhouse http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Celtic-roundhouse-1994.jpg

Author: Antony Mc Callum, BY-SA, 18.1.2013 Clothes and appearance The Iron Age Celtsclothes tartan ( Scotland and Ireland today ) dyed wool (berries and plants ) - loved bright colours Painted patterns with blue woad all over their bodies Men tunic with a belt Women dresses fastened with brooches Important tribe members a neck torc of gold, silver or iron / decorated

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Brit_Mus_17sept_065-crop.jpg Autor: Johnbod, BY-SA, 18.1.2013 Celtic warriors Celtic soldiers white spiky hair ( used lime like hair mousse ) sometimes pony tails Wore gold torcs like necklaces Important ones bronze decorated helmets, huge shields Often fought naked Women would fight as well

as large and frightening as men http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Celtes.jpg PD, 18.1.2013 Religion and belief Many gods and goddesses Sacrifices animals or even human, weapons Respect to human head, worshipped the skull Tied to natural world supernatural forces in every aspect of natural world

Druids Celtic priests educated, powerful, respected ( Anglesey ) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ File:Celtic_sword_and_scabbard_circa_60_BCE.jpg Autor: PHGCOM, BY-SA, 18.1.2013 What else do you know about the Celts? 1. The Celts lived in a lot of small tribes, called clans, 2. Many other people were hungry in those days. But not the Celts, 3. They made not only iron

weapons 4. They had gold coins in the time 5. The Celts liked music a lot a) because they used iron ploughs and grew food b) but also many things of gold and silver c) and so there was not a strong Celtic king and one Celtic army d) but we don`t know anything about their songs. They didn`t write them down. e) when most of the other nations in Europe didn`t know what

money was Thank you for your attention. Seznam pramen a literatury Learning English Green Line 3, Stuart Amor, Werner Beile, Alice Beile-Bowes, Rosemary Hellyer-Jones, Peter Lampater, Helmut Reisener, Rolf W. Roth and Stephen Speight, Ernst Klett Verlage GmbH u. Co. KG, Stuttgart 1986, ISBN 3-12-583300-0 http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/celts/factfile/; 27.12.2012 Djiny Anglie, Andr Maurois, doplnn o novj obdob Michelem Mohrtem, Nakladatelstv Lidov noviny, 1993, ISBN 80-7106-084-4 Vechny odkazy jsou dostupn pod licenc Creative Commons

( autoi a licence jsou uvedeni pod obrzky ) Seznam pramen a literatury Materil je uren pro bezplatn pouvn pro poteby vuky a vzdlvn na vech typech kol a kolskch zazen. Jakkoliv dal vyuit podlh autorskmu zkonu. Toto dlo sm bt dle eno pod licenc CC BY-SA ( www.creativecommons.cz )

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