CCT - Microsoft Azure

CCT - Microsoft Azure

CCT You are nearly there CCT You are nearly there Requirements Outcome 6 -competencies Level 1 training minimum 2 years Level 2 training Cannot start before clinicals passed minimum 1 year Minimum 4 /12 FTE of each general paeds, neonates and community

Level 3 training Minimum 2 years Needs to fulfil grid requirements if applicable Table to illustrate minimum time requirements Post Level Special Dates ity Length in month s

FT/ LTFT% FTE in month s Total LTH ST1 General Paeds

Aug 13Feb 14 6 50% 3 3 ST1 neonates Feb 14Aug14 6

50% 3 6 Add in date of clinicals Add in dates of absence Outcome 6 Evidence that all competencies are complete Meet the required curriculum competencies

Have signed off all PDP items Appropriate number of SLEs and minimum number of mandatory assessments (pro rata for last year if early CCT) 5 DOCs assessments for level 3 training In date NLS, APLS and level 3 safeguarding certification Regular work on development log according to usual criteria on e-portfolio assessment tool START (unless entered ST6 before 1.8.2011) START has to be discussed with educational supervisor and this discussion has to be documented; reflection with action points and proof that these have been acted upon has to be entered in the development log Trainers report stating that trainee is ready to work at Consultant level CSAC sign off if applicable CCT application Earliest 6 months prior to CCT

Cannot start Consultant post without CCT Can work in locum Consultant post for 1 year maximum without CCT Acting up can count towards training (3-6months) but must be planned carefully Consultant interview date must be within 6 months of CCT Early CCT needs to be planned well in advance Acting up

Final year of training only. Usually 3 months, maximum 6 months with HOS permission Has to be vacant rather than new Consultant post Cannot be the post to which trainee has been appointed to Acting up needs to finish prior to CCT to be able to take up grace period Approval by ES and TPD/HOS - prospective Approval by the Speciality Training Advisor for grid trainees Remain a trainee with NTN Have an ES during this period and resulting in ES report; also needs to have supervision during on calls Needs to give 3 months notice to their employing trust, shorter at discretion of trust

Needs to have outcome 1 for ST7 year Locum Consultant This is a post CCT appointment Trainee needs to resign training number prior to taking up post Can take up post without CCT awarded by GMC for one year maximum Experience does not count towards training CCT application Start preparing end of ST7/beginning of ST8; earlier if considering early CCT Discuss early CCT with ES/TPD/HOS prior to applying for Consultant posts Inform paediatric support team of need for outcome 6 (if early)

Prepare CV for college CCT application Contact College to set up electronic CCT application Sends application electronically to trainee, regional advisor, HOS and back to college CCT application Plan carefully Sort CCT out prior to applying for Consultant posts Do not resign from your training post until you have your CCT You need to give 3 months notice and let your TPD know in good time whether you wish to take up your grace period; if you take this up, 3 months notice period applies

Post CCT training is not required for training anymore and you may be placed in a post for service rather than training needs Late CCT applications (>12/12 after completion of training) may require additional information to be submitted to the GMC CCT Sources of advice: ES/TPD/HOS School website HEE YH website RCPCH Website and CCT team Advice on early CCT Acting up

GMC website Well done and good luck

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