Status of the Compressed Baryonic Matter Experiment at FAIR Hans Rudolf Schmidt University of Tbingen & GSI Darmstadt EPS Conference on High Energy Physics Venice, Italy 5-12 July 2017 Outline Physics: Exploration of Dense Matter with new, rare probes Focus(*) on strange matter (sub)threshold production of multi-strange hyperons (double)-hyper-nuclei unique feature of CBM Status of CBM CBM-FAIR Phase 0 program (*) Not covered (because of time constraints) bulk observables fluctuations, correlations, . Hadrons in Dense Matter

low mass vector mesons charm & open charm Dileptons Hans Rudolf Schmidt 2 FAIR Accelerator Complex SIS100 beams: AuAu: 11 AGeV pA: 30 GeV CBM FAIR: 100 m fully operational 2015 GS

I Hans Rudolf Schmidt 3 Probing the QCD 3D-Phasedigramm equation of state (EOS) at neutrons star densities search for the limits of hadronic existence at moderate temperature and high density QCD critical end point Hans Rudolf Schmidt highest net-baryon densities note: at CBM energies CBM [email protected] 4

CBM Physics QCD matter at finite baryon densities is not understood, neither experimentally not theoretically! Example: M. Orsaria, H. Rodrigues, F. Weber, G.A. Contrera Phys. Rev. D 87, 023001 (2013) recent observation of a Neutron Star hyperon puzzle not stable against gravitational collaps with soft EOS, i.e., a NS should not exist! stable Neutron Star with quark-hadron mixed phase incl. hyperons possible (?) EoS of hybrid matter (soft, hard ?) Hans Rudolf Schmidt 5 CBM as a Hyperon Factory Simulations: Au+Au at 8 A GeV, 106 central collisions promise and challenge of CBM: data taking of a few seconds at 107 Hz sub-threshold production cross section of , probes dense, baryonic matter. little data in the CBM energy range In addition: kaons and baryon resonances (K*,*,*,*)

Hans Rudolf Schmidt 6 Multi-Strangeness search for hyperon correlations double hyper-nuclei MEMOS*) Metastable Exotic Multihypernuclear Objects *) H. Stcker et al., Nucl. Phys. A 827 (2009) 624c Hans Rudolf Schmidt

7 yield/event Di-Baryons and Hyperons Correlations at FAIR/CBM? copious production of hyperons (due to high rate) and favorable phase space make [email protected] a: di-baryon factory but will at least provide good stat. correlation data ( hyperon couplings) important to under neutron star EoS lines: UrQMD + thermal hydrodynamics symbols: DCM + coalescence J. Steinheimer, K. Gudima, A. Botvinab, I. Mishustin, Hans Rudolf Schmidt M. Bleicher, H. Stcker, Phys. Lett B714 (2012) 85 8 Search for Double Hypernuclei conventional production mechanism*):

A. Andronic, P. Braun-Munzinger, J. Stachel, H. Stcker , PL B697 (2011) 204 + heavy collisions: production via coalescence of with light fragments 40 AGeV: 50 /central Au+Au collision 10 AGeV: 15 /central Au+Au collision yield: coalecense probability has maximum at /central collision 120/week 3.6/week Hans Rudolf Schmidt *) Takahashi et al, PRL 87 (2001) 9

The CBM Detector System Micro Vertex Detector Silicon Tracking System Dipol Magnet HADES p+p, p+A A+A (low mult.) DAQ/FLES HPC cluster Ring Imaging Cherenkov Muon Detector

Time of Flight Detector Transition Radiation Detector EM calorimeter Projectile Spectator 10 Detector Technical Design Reports # Project TDR Status 1

Magnet approved 2 STS approved 3 RICH approved 4 TOF approved 5 MuCh

approved 6 HADES ECAL approved 7 PSD approved 8 MVD submission 2017 9 DAQ/FLES submission 2017

10 TRD submission 2017 11 ECAL submission 2017 CBM start version is ready to be build Hans Rudolf Schmidt 11 The Central Detection System: a Silicon Tracker At SIS-energies (and design spatial resolution < 25 m) the momentum resolution is dominated by multiple scattering, i.e., for good momentum resolution the active area has to be practically massless. readout electronics outside of active area

- ultra-thin (long!) readout cables ultra light support structure - carbon fiber (-> ALICE) 300 m strip sensor with double sided stereo readout STS 2.5 25 FEE cables sensors target Hans Rudolf Schmidt 12 CBM-FAIR Phase 0 (>2018) Hades physics [email protected] (p+p, p+A, Ag+Ag 1.65 AGeV)

Multi-strange baryons production study via K+K and e+e Dileptons around and beyond vector meson mass region 10% of the CBM TOF modules including readout chain at STAR/RHIC (BES II 2019/2020) Silicon Tracking Stations in the [email protected] experiment at the Nuclotron in JINR/Dubna (Au-beams up to 4.5 A GeV in 2018/19) CBM Project Spectator Detector at the [email protected] experiment Hans Rudolf Schmidt 13 [email protected] (>2018) Demonstrator for full CBM data taking and analysis chain Test facility for high interaction rate operation (10MHz) free streaming readout

online data compression All CBM subsystems participating! Hans Rudolf Schmidt 14 Summary CBM will measure rare probes at unprecedented interaction rates CBM (FAIR Phase-0) program starts 2018 CBM (day-1 @ SIS100) starts 2025 Hans Rudolf Schmidt 15

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