Catch Phrase!

Catch Phrase!

FAMILY REVISION Paper 1 BINGO Reconstituted family symmetrical family cereal packet family Nuclear family

dual burden commune New Right breadwinner family diversity Durkheim bean pole family extended family

Parsons expressive role lone parent Dark side of the family instrumental role polygamy Radical feminists gender roles

cohabitation Conjugal roles patriarchy domestic division of labour Secularisation Divorce primary socialisation Life expectancy

Domestic violence George Murdock HOMEWORK tasks 1. Create a key term glossary 2. Create a mind map on domestic roles 3. Create key theory cards for each theory and their view of the family

4. Plan 12 mark answers for the following: To what extent is marriage still a key part of British society. To what extend has the female role in the home changed. To what extent is the nuclear family still the main family type.

TASK 1 Can you work out which keywords/studies from family are being shown in the catch phrase style images? (1marks for each correct one)

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12.

TASK 2 True or False 1)A family is 2 or more people related by cohabitation, marriage or adoption. 2)A household is everyone who lives under the same roof. 3)A nuclear family is mum, dad, children and grandparents. 4)Dependent children are those who look after themselves.

5)Breadwinner is the person who earns the majority of the wages. 6)It is now legal for same sex couples to marry. 7)Empty nest families are where couples did not have children. 8)Lone parent family is the fastest growing type. TASK 3

Who am I? Read each statement and decide who the theory is 1)I believe the nuclear family is best as it socialises children properly, teaching the norms and values and helps prepare them for wider society. 2)I believe that single parent families and benefit dependency are causing problems in our society. A lack of male role model mean more anti social boys are being created.

3)I believe that the family is a tool for exploitation. It means workers work hard for little money as they have to earn money to provide for their family and families teach values of hard work. 4)I believe family exploit women- a triple shift or dual burden, where they are exploited by the man at home and at work. They provide free child care and domestic services.

TASK 4 Match up the speech bubbles to show the argument of whether domestic roles have changed over time. (1mark for each correct match)

1. Symmetrical familiesevidence has found relationships are more equal 3. Dual burden, women who work are still expected to complete the boring, dirty and repetitive tasks. Men do not take the equal share of things in the home

5. Women do what is called the invisible work in the home- deciding what to make for dinner, shopping lists, remembering birthdays etc.. 2. Segregated conjugal roles. The husband and wife still perform separate tasks and have separate

interests. 4. Triple shift- as well as working full time and doing the majority of the housework, women also do the emotional work in the home. 6. Men are more

likely to make important financial decisions: cars, holidays and homes. 7. The argument of the new dad has been put forward- the one who spends time helping with child care and cooking, whilst

still working. 9. Women make most of the decisions on the day to day spending. Shopping, clothing and paying bills. 12. Child have now

become the main focus of many families. Women have less children to balance work and family life and therefore families are more child focused. 8. Evidence has found,

less dads are actually the new dad than claim. 10. Men say they do more than they actually do. 52% say they cook the evening meal. 70% of women say they do! 11. Some women want to

be mothers and housewives. Not all want to work. 13. The grandparents are playing an increasing role. Around a third of grandparents now care for children whilst mothers and fathers work. This means women and men have changed their roles in retirement.

LEARNING CHECK STATION 5 Increased or decreased? Why? Cohabitation Marriage Divorce Arranged marriage

Empty shell marriage LEARNING CHECK STATION 6 If you were an examiner what mark would you give the candidates for each

question LEARNING CHECK STATION 7 How do the images link to what you have learnt about alternatives to the family?

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

Image 5 LEARNING CHECK STATION Spot the Mistakes There are 4. In our society the one form of marriage is monogamy. This involves having only spouse. Anyone who goes against this and marries

two people at the same time is committing pigamy. Many people do marry more than once during their lifetime, but they must separated or be widowed first. This form of marriage is called super monogamy. Other societies practise some form of polygamy, having more than one spouse illegally.

Plan 12 mark answers for the following: To what extent is marriage still a key part of British society. To what extend has the female role in the home changed. To what extent is the nuclear

family still the main family type

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