Carnegie Mellon University

An Introduction Carnegie Mellon University Basic Facts CMU

is located in Pittsburgh, PA, which is in the western half of the state. It is a medium sized, liberal arts university with 6,306 undergraduate students. It is in an urban setting, but has a grassy mall in the center of the

campus where students can hang out or play. Campus Pictures The Cut Academics/ Cost

Seven career paths or colleges within the university with 90 different majors to choose from Annual cost $67,050 Campus Life They

have intramural and Division III sports and over 130 different student organizations Housing is provided for all 4 years if you like. You can also rent apartments in the area with friends after your freshman year. There is

not a dining hall but students have the option to go to numerous food places to eat on campus. Friends, Dorms, Working Out A Few Different Dorms Hamerschlag all male dorm

Dorms Boss House- all female dorm Dorms Donner House coed dorm My Dorm

Residence on Fifth Dining mini restaurants around campus that use your meal plan $ Asiana Carnegie Mellon Cafe City Grill Downtown Deli El Gallo de Oro

Entropy The Exchange Ginger's Express The Maggie Murph Cafe Heinz Cafe La Prima Espresso

Mitchell's Mainstreet Marketplace Nakama Express Pasta Villaggio Quik Piks Schatz Dining Room Skibo Soup and Salad

Stackers The Pomegranate Seiber Caf Spice It Up Grill Spinning Salads

Stephanie's Take Comfort Tartans Pavilion Taste Of India Take Comfort Too Tazza D'Oro Underground

Worlds of Flavor The Zebra Lounge Avi Vending Campus Map

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