Cardiac Output - Weebly

Cardiac Output - Weebly

CARDIAC OUTPUT Measuring The Health of Your Heart Heart Health Your heart pumps blood through your body to provide it with oxygen and nutrients.

Oxygen and nurients react to release energy that our bodies use for things like moving and thinking While most of your cells have enough nutrients to last a while, they need a constant supply of oxygen The more blood your heart can pump, the more oxygen it can give your cells and the more energy you can use Heart Health You use the most energy when you exercise. That is why your heart has to pump more oxygen to your

muscles. Also, when you exercise, your blood vessels change their diameters to redirect blood flow to your muscles Cardiac Output Still, some people have stronger heart than others. Their heart can pump more blood and allow them to do more work The amount of blood that your heart pumps in a minute is called Cardiac Output (Q)

Calculation of Cardiac Output How is it measured? The total amount of blood your heart pumps in a given time is equal to the number of beats (heart rate) times the amount of blood the heart pumps in each beat (stroke volume). Cardiac Output = Heart Rate x Stroke

Volume Cardiac Output Cardiac output is usually measured in Litres per minute When someone is resting, their cardiac output is usually 5-6 L/min Question:

If someone has a resting heart rate of 70 beats/min and a resting cardiac output of 5.5 L, what is their stroke volume?? Cardiac Output Question Answer (Using Grass Method): Given - cardiac output (Q)= 5.5 L heart rate (HR) = 70 beats/min Required Stroke Volume (SV) Analysis - Q = HR x SV so SV = Q/HR substitute SV = 5.5/70

Solve: .079 L or 79 ml Statement: His stroke volume is 79 ml Effect of Training on Cardiac Output Aerobic, or cardiovascular exercise (e.g. distance running, swimming or bike riding) makes the heart stronger. This will cause the heart to increase its stroke volume which will allow it to beat slower

Comparing Normal Hearts with Strong Hearts NORMAL HEART STRONG HEART Cardiac output at

rest is 5-6 L/min Resting Heart Rate is ``60-85 beats/min SV at rest is usually 70-80 ml Maximum Q = ~20 L/min

Cardiac output at rest is 5-6 L/min Resting Heart Rate is ~40-60 beats/min SV at rest could be as over 120 ml Maximum Q = ~40 L/min Resting Heart Rate and Fitness So the lower your resting heart rate, the

stronger your heart. But it also depends on your age Practice Quesions 1. If the cardiac output is 6.3 L/min and the pulse rate is 80 beats/min, what is the stroke volume? 2. If the stroke volume is 65 mL/beat and the cardiac output is 5.7 L/min, what is the heart rate? TRY THEM!!

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