C++ Arrays - Bowdoin College

C++ Arrays - Bowdoin College

C++ Arrays Arrays Used to store a collection of elements (variables) type array-name[size]; Meaning: This declares a variable called which contains elements of type The elements of an array can be accessed as: array-name[0],arrayname[size-1] Example: int a[100]; //a is a list of 100 integers, a[0], a[1], a[99] double b[50];

char c[10]; Array example //Read 100 numbers from the user #include void main() { int i, a[100], n; i=0; n=100; while (i> a[i]; i = i+1;

} //do somehing with it .. } Problems Write a C++ program to read a sequence of (non-negative) integers from the user ending with a negative integer and write out

the average of the numbers the smallest number the largest number the range of the numbers (largest - smallest) Example: The user enters: 3, 1, 55, 89, 23, 45, -1 Your program should compute the average of {3, 1, 55, 89, 23, 45} etc

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