Business Process Analysis for Business Process Simplification ...

Business Process Analysis for Business Process Simplification ...

UNECE Capacity Building Programme and Tools UNNExT: Networking for Efficiency in Cross Border Trade United Nations Network of Experts for paperless Trade (UNNext) an ongoing community of knowledge and practice to facilitate the implementation of single window and paperless trade in Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region 2 SW Implementation Support National policy makers need a platform that can link them with the technical experts to be able to make better-informed decisions SW managers and experts need a platform that can provide access to: Technical knowledge and expertise Capacity building and support

Both: Need for regional and global exchange on SW technology, concepts and policies 3 UNNExt Structure 6 UNNExT Activities Tools and Guides Development Capacity Building Knowledge Sharing Regional Advisory Service Research & Analysis

7 UNNExT Activities (cont) Tools & Guides Development Business Process Analysis (BPA) Guide for Simplification of Trade Procedures (published Dec. 2009) Document Harmonization Guide for Single Window (2010) Capacity Building National Workshops on Single Window and BPA, Mongolia (Sep. - Dec.09) Workshop on BPA for Central Asian Countries (July 2010) Knowledge Sharing UNNExT Brief Series Regional Meeting of central Asian countries in Kuala Lumpur (Oct 2010) Asia Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum

Regional Advisory Service Mongolia Single Window Master Plan Peer Review (Oct. 2010) Nepal: Towards Single Window Environment (2011) Iran Single Window implementation (2011) Research & Analysis Regional Study on Improving Trade Procedures (Using BPA Guide) Single Window Implementation framework (EU ITAIDE) 8 UNNEXT stepwise approach to electronic documents for Single Window Digital Documents Objectives Define documents for electronic

interchange Data Model Define information the SW will process Documentation simplification Business Process Analysis and Simplification Analyse, simplify and standardize paper documents Understand Business Processes Business processes: Import by Sea Pilots Station Business Processes Enter seaport

Report cargo manifest Marine Department Port Operator Unload cargo Customs Vessel Agent Clear goods through customs Other Government Agencies Haulage/Truck Arrange for pick-up Handle cargo at terminal Complete customs

requirements Importer or Representative Terminal Operator Actor 13 Source: Inova, Thailand UNNExT Training for Business Process Analysis *Case Study: Exportation of Frozen Shrimp 14 and Simplification 15 UNNExT Document Simplification Training UNNExT Data Model Training Request form for

Permit for the export of rice Request Form for Rice Quality Certificate Permit for the export of rice Rice Quality Certificate 24 Data Elements 63 Data Elements 30 Data Elements Standardizati on and Data Harmonizatio n 38 Data

Elements Standardize d Data Set of 4 documents (70 Data Elements) Data Harmonization delivers the data elements used in cross border data exchange 17 Source: KU-INOVA, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand 17 UNNExT Data Model Training

A country uses 200 300 different documents for cross border trade Data Harmonization to develop.. .. a data model that contains all data structures Each document is a subset of this data model WCO Data Model 3.0: international standard data model WCO Data Model is based on UN/CEFACT Standards 18 Data Model to organise Cross Border Data Exchange National Documents and DR UN Trade Data

Directory Regional Reference Cross Border DM UN Trade Data Directory National Documents and DR TDE D WCO DM v3.0 TDED Countr yB Regional Agreement Country A UNNExT: Capacity Building for Single Window Project Manaegment Policy Vision [APEC, Thailand] 5% Trade transaction cost reduction by 2010 [APEC, Thailand] 25% Better, Faster and Cheaper in Trading Across Border Index* by 2015

There are a lot of obstacles to be solved. Many Document Requirements Complicated Trade Procedures Laws and Regulations Connectivity within Many Stakeholders the country Compliance Difficulty in trade Many different ICT systems Governance data exchange Conflict of Interest Regional Connectivity People and Business Inadequacy in Technology Infrastructure In-Readiness Change Management System Development Barriers in Interoperability Reality * Referring to World Banks Index (

Single Window Development in Thailand Establishment of Agreement to Establish National Root and Implement ASEAN Certification Single Window signed Authority Cabinets allocation of 31 million USD for SWeL implementation Cabinets designation of Customs as agency to lead SWeL implementation and MICT to manage the project and allocated budget Implementation Plan for Thailands SWeL approved by the Cabinet Logistics development as one of the national agenda in Thailands Competitiveness Strategy Electronic Transaction Act 1998 1999 2000 2001

Compute r Crime Act Royal Decree on Regulatory Practices in e-Government Implementatio n TH eGIF Business model study inclusive of analysis and simplification of business processes in export and import of strategic products Analysis and simplification of business processes for cross-border movement of goods in 4 modes (road, rail, sea, air) Data Harmonization Phase 1: transport documents Electronic Transaction Act (Amendment) Data Harmonization Phase 2: permits, licenses, certificates, and

their application forms from 21 OGAs Data Harmonization Phase 3: documents required by OGAs and trade community including bank and insurance 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Electronic application for Certificate of Origin and trade Cross-border permit from MOC information Electronic application for certificate, Developme permit, and license from DLD and DOF sharing and nt of NSWx exchange Development of Single Paperless customs declaration and

Window Entry Prototype clearance (ebXML/XML/PKI) Development of e-Port, e-Toll, e-Gate Development of trade facilitation systems Pilot information sharing and (ebXML/XML/PKI) in 12 exchange between Customs and 6 OGAs OGAs SWeL: Single Window e-Logistics MICT: Ministry of Information and Communication Technology MOC: Ministry of Commerce TH eGIF: Thailands e-Government Interoperability Framework OGAs: Other government agenciesNSWx: National Single Window hub for information sharing and exchange 22 DOF: Department of Fisheries DLD: Department of Livestock Development EDI: Electronic Data Interchange PKI: Public Key Infrastructure Submission of declaration manually or electronically via EDI UNNExT: Capacity Building for Single Window

Implementation Supporting Governments to Define SW vision and objectives Obtain support of key stakeholders H Develop High Level Project Plan Architecture Change Management Technical competence for decision makers: G Implementation Governance Business Process Analysis Document Alignment Data Harmonization and Data Model Regional Integration

Manage the SW project F Migration Planning Preliminary A Architecture Vision Requirements Management E Opportunities and Solutions B Business Architecture

C Information Systems Architecture D Technology Architecture Single Window: Networking across Borders 26 Thank you [email protected] 27

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