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Bohr Model Of Atom Spectrum Continuous spectrum is the rainbow

of colors containing all wavelengths Line spectrum contains only certain colors or wavelengths When gases are given energy, they emit line spectra which are characteristic of that gas Continuous Spectrum

Line Spectrum of Hydrogen Niels Bohr

Said electrons occupy the atoms in quantized energy levels Each level (orbit) is assigned an integer (n) called the principal quantum number As n increases, the radius of orbit is greater

Energy Energy of the electron depends on the level it occupies En = - RH ( 1/n2) RH is called the Rydberg constant RH = 2.18x10-18 J

When electrons occupy the lowest possible energy level, they are in ground state When in higher levels, they are in excited state Hydrogen Line Spectrum

H atom absorb a quantum of energy Energized electron jumps to a higher level

When it falls back down, it gives off energy as a photon of light The frequency of the light depends on the levels it falls from and to Equation E = EE = Ef Ei h = RH ( 1/nf2 - 1/ni2) frequency of light given off depends on the

level transition Example 1 Calculate the frequency and wavelength of light given off when an electron in a H atom falls from n=4 to n=2. What color is it?

Ionization of Energy Energy that would be needed to completely remove the electron; make it go from n = 1 to n = Example 2

Calculate the energy required to ionize an electron from the ground state.

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