Belief Systems

Belief Systems

Journal 8/11/17 What are the characteristics that are common among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Academic Vocabulary Monotheistic worship of one god BCE before common era (replaces BC) CE

common era (replaces AD) Diffusion Spread (particularly of ideas) Aim: What do the monotheistic religions have in common, besides being monotheistic? Do Now: In your notebooks, define; Monotheism & Polytheism Judaism Monotheistic belief in one God who is present everywhere, all-knowing, all-powerful

Holy book Torah Writings are a sacred recording of the laws and events in Jewish history Also writings of the prophets (spiritual leaders) Believe that God made a covenant (agreement) with Abraham and the Hebrews to protect them Ten Commandments from God given to Moses laws that describe how people should behave towards God and each other Believe that God chose the Hebrews as His people Prophets were people who God talked to, they taught about moral standards and justice

Judaism later had a strong influence on Christianity and Islam Diaspora A Diaspora is a dispersion of a people from their original homeland. In global history we studied the Diaspora of the Jews from their homeland in Canaan (Israel) in 77 C.E. According to tradition, the Jews were given Israel by God in about 2000 B.C.E. In about 77 C.E., the Romans attacked Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. With Jerusalem now being controlled by the Romans, Jews dispersed throughout Eurasia in search of a place where they could practice

freely. In 1948 a Jewish state of Israel was created although many Jews still live in other parts of the World. Christianity (1AD-Present) Jesus was the founder of Christianity. Jesus teachings included many Jewish beliefs, such as monotheism and the Ten Commandments. He stressed Gods personal relationship with each person. Jesus followers were called disciples and later apostles.

Christianity (1AD-Present) Jesus was crucified around A.D. 29 for challenging the authority of the Roman government. Jesus disciples believed that his crucifixion was a triumph over death and that he was the Messiah (deliverer). The Jewish priests of the time did not believe he was the Messiah and call his ministry blasphemy. Jesus disciples continued to spread Jesus teachings and Christianity later became a prominent religion throughout

the world. Roman Empire persecuted Christians until Constantine the Great made Christianity the official religion of the empire (380 c.e) Bible Christians used The Bible as a way to follow their God. The book consisted of the Old and New Testament. The bible contains stories and messages about how to live and behave and how to prepare for the afterlife and judgment day. The New Testament is about Jesus life as it was on

earth and how it came to be. Islam(600s Present) Islam is a religion that came about in the early 600s. The founder was a merchant named Muhammad Ali. He claimed that one night the voice of Allah (God) spoke to him, and thus he began the religion. To be a Muslim (a submitted one) or a follower of Islam, followers must obey the five pillars of faith or five duties to Allah. The holy book is called the Holy Quran


any of the prophet Mohammed. Muhammad * Muhammad was born into a clan of a powerful Mecca Family. He was a merchant, in his travels he came into contact with Jews and Christians. * Muhammad took great interest in religion. When he was alone he mostly prayed and meditated. * When he was 40 a voice called to him while he was meditating. The voice was believed to say that Muhammad was a messenger of god. * In 622 Muhammad left Mecca. He went 200 miles north

of Mecca to a town called Yathrib. This journey by Muhammad was known as the Hijrah. * Muhammad returned to Mecca in 630 with his 10,000 followers. * Mecca surrendered and Muhammad became leader. Most people in Mecca converted to Islam to pledge their loyalty to Muhammad. * Muhammad dies two years later at the age of 62. Five Pillars Faith To become muslin, you need to testify to the statement of faith: there is no god but allah, Muhammad is the

messenger of Allah. Prayer Muslims must face Mecca and pray five times a day. Alms Muslims have been taught to support the less fortunate. Fasting During the Muslim month of Ramadan, Muslims fast. Fasting is eating and drinking nothing from sun up to sun down.

Pilgrimage Muslims must go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. Classwork Write a summary paragraph for each (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). (3 paragraphs)

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