Avatar & Imperialism Essay - Mr. Martin

Avatar & Imperialism Essay - Mr. Martin

Avatar & Imperialism Essay Your Task: You are to write an essay (3 Paragraphs) explaining the similarities between the movie Avatar and the Age of Imperialism. Be sure to explain the Age of Imperialism and cite specific examples from the movie that emulate similar actions. Consider motives, actions and outcomes. Avatar Essay Checklist: Completed graphic organizer with name

Rubric Attached A 3-Paragraph essay Size 12 pt. Font Times New Roman Double Spaced paragraphs at least 5 sentences long An intro with a thesis statement body paragraphs with supporting examples Each body paragraph with a topic sentence and clincher vatar Suggested Outline Intro: General

Statement, transition statement(s), and thesis (although statement) Body Paragraph 1: Motives & Actions of the United States and humans in Avatar 2nd Body Paragraph: Outcomes of American actions post

Spanish- Example of a Topic Sentence T.S.: Motives One of the first noticeable parallels between the motion picture and imperialism is the invaders motive for attempting to colonize foreign lands. The 1 Body Paragraph: Motives &Resources: Actions

Desire for Natural Humans want to obtain Unobtanium from moon of Pandora to save Earth from energy crisis The Resources Development Administration dominated Pandora and the Navi Cultural Superiority Parker and the military are completely dismissive of Navi culture Examples: there are millions of trees they can move its a tree These people have to learn we

dont stop The 1 Body Paragraph: Motives &inActions Actions/ process Avatar st Fear of the Unknown While exploring Navi territory, Jake/ outsiders 1st instinct is to shoot

Use of Technology/ Weaponry The RDA and military used gunships, tanks, guns to kill and destroy Natives Hometree & Tree of Souls when negotiations failed Bows and Arrows vs. Advanced Weapons 2 nd Body Paragraph:

Outcomes Outcomes Avatar Conflict: Navi rebel and fight for homeland and sacred sites Jake unties warring tribes Navi are successfully able to overthrow colonizers Humans leave/ Navi are independent Tips to Consider Turn in essay on time- for every day late 2 points

off A point will be taken off for every time I, you, me, or my is used in addition to This is what I will cover in my essay Must follow structure: Although statement, topic sentences, and clincher Back up all examples/ explain Connect ideas

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