Auto Injector Market

Auto Injector Market

AUTO INJECTOR MARKET 2012 Research Report Auto Injector Market CURRENT AND HISTORICAL TRENDS CURRENT AND HISTORICAL TRENDS Auto injector defined: a medical device designed to deliver a single dose of a particular drug, usually life saving. Most auto injectors are spring-loaded syringes. By design, auto injectors are easy to use and are intended for

self-administration by patients, or administration by untrained personnel. The site of injection depends on the drug loaded, but it typically is administered into the thigh or the buttocks. Injectors were initially designed to overcome the hesitation associated with self-administration of the needle-based drug delivery device. SOURCE:HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/AUTOINJECTOR CURRENT AND HISTORICAL TRENDS SOURCE :HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/AUTOINJECTOR

Auto injector- keeps the needle tip shielded prior to injection and also has a passive safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing or injection Injection depth can be adjustable or fixed and a function for needle shield removal may be incorporated. Pressing a button, allows for automatic injection of the syringe needle and the drug is administered.

Once the injection is completed some auto injectors have visual indication to confirm that the full dose has been delivered CURRENT AND HISTORICAL TRENDS Auto injectors typically contain glass syringes, making them fragile, causing contamination. Currently, companies are striving to create auto injectors syringes out of plastic to prevent unnecessary contamination. SOURCE: HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/AUTOINJECTOR Auto Injector Market

KEY PLAYERS IN THE MARKET KEY PLAYERS EpiPens, or the recently introduced Twinject, is often prescribed to people who are at risk for anaphylaxis. Rebiject and Rebiject II auto injectors for Rebif, the drug for interferon beta-1a used to treat Multiple Sclerosis. An auto injector for the Avonex version of this same medication is also on the market. SureClick auto injector is a combination product for drugs Enbrel or Aranesp to treat Rheumatoid arthritis or anemia, respectively SOURCE:HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/AUTOINJECTOR

KEY PLAYERS Notably Mylan, the makers of the EpiPen, holds the bulk of the auto injector market. Based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey Reports for the quarter ended June 30 show Mylans increase in its marketing costs for the Epi-Pen by $5.3 million for the quarter, compared to the same period last year. 2011- Mylans annual report indicates that the EpiPen device owns 95% of the autoinjector US market.

The EpiPen holds more than 90% of the auto injector market worldwide. The goal of Mylans EpiPen is to promote allergy awareness that can be potentially life threatening SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.MMM-ONLINE.COM/MYLANS-EPI-PEN-PLAN/ARTICLE/265117/ KEY PLAYERS Amedra Pharmaceuticals LLC- makers of the TwinJect auto injector Based in Middlesex, New Jersey

Allows for two doses of epinephrine in the event one dose is not sufficient Twinject helps patients stay equipped without having to carry a second auto-injector. Although epinephrine is a very effective treatment, a second dose may be required in up to 20% of reactions. This back-up dose may be needed in 10-15 minutes after the first dose. Twinject is the only auto-injector that provides 2 doses of epinephrine in 1 easy-to-use, convenient device SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.TWINJECT.COM/

KEY PLAYERS Owen Mumford- makers of Autoject 2 auto injector Branch in Marietta, Georgia Autoject 2 has been specially designed for those who have difficulty injecting themselves manually with a syringe. At the touch of a button, Autoject 2

automatically inserts the needle and contents of the syringe into the skin without the user having to see the needle. Autoject 2 has a one-handed operation which makes it easy to use on a wider range of injection sites. SOURCE:HTTP://WWW.OWENMUMFORD.COM/US/RANGE/35/AUTOJECT-2.HTML KEY PLAYERS Owen Mumford makes two types of auto injectors: 1. For patients using fixed needle syringes. 2. For patients using removable needle syringes.

SOURCE:HTTP://WWW.OWENMUMFORD.COM/US/RANGE/35/AUTOJECT-2.HTML KEY PLAYERS Owen Mumfords Autoject 2 comes in a handy zipped soft pouch that includes: 1 Autoject 2 2 depth adjusters (FIXED NEEDLE) 1 depth adjuster (REMOVABLE

NEEDLE) a yellow primer/ depth guide instructions for use SOURCE:HTTP://WWW.OWENMUMFORD.COM/US/RANGE/35/AUTOJECT-2.HTML KEY PLAYERS PA Consulting Group (PA) for Janssen Research and Development LLC (formerly Centocor R&D)- makers of the SmartJect auto injector

Offices in: Boston, Massachusetts Denver, Colorado Los Angeles, California New York, New York Princeton, New Jersey

Washington, D.C. Noted as the distributor of the worlds first pre-filled, single use, disposable auto injector which fully automates the injection cycle. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PACONSULTING.COM/OUR-EXPERIENCE/SMARTJECT-AUTOINJECTOR-DEVELOPED-BY-PA-FOR-JANSSENRESEARCH-AND-DEVELOPMENT-LLC-FORMERLY-CENTOCOR-RD/ KEY PLAYERS PA Consulting Groups (PA) SmartJect auto injector is ergonomically designed for use by both patients and their care givers. The SmartJect auto injector is shaped so that it can be easily gripped, and the button is located for optimum self and care giver administration.

The product is easy and intuitive to use and has a safety feature which prevents actuation unless held against the injection site. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PACONSULTING.COM/OUR-EXPERIENCE/SMARTJECT-AUTOINJECTOR-DEVELOPED-BY-PA-FOR-JANSSENRESEARCH-AND-DEVELOPMENT-LLC-FORMERLY-CENTOCOR-RD/ Auto Injector Market INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Schreiner MediPharm Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for over 60

years Introduction of new customizable specialty label for auto injectors at Pharmapack North America The innovative label can be designed to fit the specific requirements of individual manufacturers, performing important, often unique functions that provide added value to both drug manufacturers and end-users. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.WEBPACKAGING.COM/EDITIONS/NORTH-AMERICAN-HEALTHCARE-AND-PHARMACEUTICAL-PACKAGING/PACKAGINGINNOVATIONS/PARAM/INNOVATION/2525106/SCHREINER-MEDIPHARM-DEBUTS-SPECIALTY-LABEL-FOR-AUTOINJECTORS-AT-PHARMAPACK-NORTHAMERICA/ INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Schreiner MediPharm (cont..)

Benefits of the new packaging: Feature of a two-layered design, where the upper layer provides UV protection for the window underneath Label can be opened by means of a tab and then be closed with ease to check the contents of the auto injector Detachable labels with specific data can be integrated to remind patients to check the drug in the auto injector regularly. Label parts also make it possible to document injections in patients medical records or medication diaries. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.WEBPACKAGING.COM/EDITIONS/NORTH-AMERICAN-HEALTHCARE-AND-PHARMACEUTICAL-PACKAGING/PACKAGINGINNOVATIONS/PARAM/INNOVATION/2525106/SCHREINER-MEDIPHARM-DEBUTS-SPECIALTY-LABEL-FOR-AUTOINJECTORS-AT-PHARMAPACK-NORTHAMERICA/ INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Schreiner MediPharm (cont..)

Benefits of the new packaging (cont): Reversible color-change effect, an embedded temperature indicator, can show whether or not auto injector is sufficiently cooled. Security ink changes color perception according to viewing angle a reliable anticounterfeiting solution Special varnish makes it possible to incorporate abrasion-resistant variable laser marking SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.WEBPACKAGING.COM/EDITIONS/NORTH-AMERICAN-HEALTHCARE-AND-PHARMACEUTICAL-PACKAGING/PACKAGINGINNOVATIONS/PARAM/INNOVATION/2525106/SCHREINER-MEDIPHARM-DEBUTS-SPECIALTY-LABEL-FOR-AUTOINJECTORS-AT-PHARMAPACK-NORTHAMERICA/ INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Rexam, German based Selected by Pharma Consult to industrialize the PCII-MAuto-Injector, from the "Design for Manufacturing" phase onwards

Benefits of the new packaging: Suitable for all kinds of injectable liquid medications The pre-filled drug delivery system combines the safety of a ready-to-use sterile container with easy handling in case of emergency. Developed to Military standards with USP/EUP-compliant materials, the autoinjector is composed of two sub-assemblies: the activator unit and the injection unit which protects the pre-filled glass carpule. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.WEBPACKAGING.COM/EDITIONS/NORTH-AMERICAN-HEALTHCARE-AND-PHARMACEUTICAL-PACKAGING/PACKAGINGINNOVATIONS/PARAM/INNOVATION/2077939/AUTO-INJECTOR/ INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Intelliject Inc, based in Richmond Virginia

Goal of becoming the safest, most portable and user-friendly auto-injector on the market by utilizing Bayer MaterialScience LLC plastics. Benefits of the new design: Combines a well-known medicine with a customized delivery system, resulting in a unique solution for patients. Size of a credit card and thinner than a typical cell phone Ease and portability of being carried by at-risk individuals at all times In the event of a severe allergic reaction, a patient would remove it from its outer case, activating the devices voice-guided PromptSystem that walks the person through how to use the product. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PR.COM/PRESS-RELEASE/391049

INNOVATIONS AND PACKAGING Intelliject Inc (cont) Several parts of the device are molded from Bayer plastics. Makrolon 2458 medical grade polycarbonate is the ideal material for molding the thin walls of this part because it is a high-flow resin. The electrical cover, white housing and top and the red safety guard of the device are injection molded using two medical grades of Bayblend polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC/ABS) blend plastic, Bayblend M850 and Bayblend M850XF.

Additionally, the piece of the device that touches the patient during injection is molded from Bayblend M850XF. The medical grades of Bayblend PC/ABS blend plastic meet the requirements of the FDA-modified ISO 10993-1 tests for biocompatibility while offering impact resistance and rigidity, as well as dimensional and color stability. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PR.COM/PRESS-RELEASE/391049 Auto Injector Market AUTO INJECTOR MARKET PROSPECTS 20122022 AUTO INJECTOR MARKET PROSPECTS 20122022 Top National Markets: United States Japan Germany

Increasing development and use of biological drugs (biologicals) and vaccines will increase worldwide sales of those parenteral medical devices from 2012 to 2022, our study shows France United Kingdom Spain Italy China India.

SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PRNEWSWIRE.COM/NEWS-RELEASES/PRE-FILLED-SYRINGES-WORLD-MARKET-PROSPECTS-2012-2022168396906.HTML Auto Injector Market MARKET GROWTH AND POTENTIAL MARKET GROWTH AND POTENTIAL Overall revenues from pre-filled syringes will rise from 2012 to 2022 Improved drug delivery and new formulations will be vital to pharmaceutical companies, increasing demand for medical injection devices In 2011, 2.45 billion of syringe units were be sold with continued expected growth

as a shift toward medical auto injectors increase SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PRNEWSWIRE.COM/NEWS-RELEASES/PRE-FILLED-SYRINGES-WORLD-MARKET-PROSPECTS-2012-2022168396906.HTML MARKET GROWTH AND POTENTIAL Predictions of unit sales of 3.59 billion in 2015 Pre-filled syringes form one of the fastest growing markets in healthcare Safety, stability, convenience and costeffectiveness benefit unit sales and revenues

Predictions of strong revenue growth to 2022 for those medical devices and their applications in human therapy SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.PRNEWSWIRE.COM/NEWS-RELEASES/PRE-FILLED-SYRINGES-WORLD-MARKET-PROSPECTS-2012-2022168396906.HTML MARKET GROWTH AND POTENTIAL Due to injectable medications hold in the global marketplace as the second most preferred class of drugs administration, with oral route of administration leading the global pharma-market, a major shift will certainly be made towards needle-free injectors. The market has evidenced a shifting trend from administration of injections in clinician settings to home care settings, which has resulted in increasing the focus of industry players towards the development of user friendly and patient compliant devices. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.MARKETSANDMARKETS.COM/MARKET-REPORTS/INJECTABLE-DRUG-DELIVERY-MARKET-150.HTML

MARKET GROWTH AND POTENTIAL Rising need of targeted and sustained drug delivery in the treatment of chronic diseases and need of cost efficient delivery of high priced medications is expected to drive this market. Growth of biologics and entry of biosimilars in leading pharma markets such as the U.S. and Europe is expected to be the key driver for growth of the injectable drug delivery market for the forecast period through 2015. HTTP://WWW.MARKETSANDMARKETS.COM/MARKET-REPORTS/INJECTABLE-DRUG-DELIVERY-MARKET-150.HTML

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