Athropods - Grey Parrot

Athropods - Grey Parrot

Athropods arthros pod jointed foot Reigners and rulers of the world make up over three quarters of the animal kingdom Exoskeleton chitinous exoskeleton (a cuticle

secreted by underlying epidermis that contains chitin) chitin is a polysacchride also found in the cell walls of fungi the exoskeleton serves as an armor to protect the soft body of the insect, as well as to aid in mobility this outside skeleton must be

shed periodically as the athropod grow the shedding is called ecdysis Paired Jointed Appendages Jointed appendanges well developed sense organs Metamorphosis growth accompanied by

Incomplete Metamorphosis ecdysis (molting) of the exoskeleton, can become 33% larger than before the shed Can grow by complete or incomplete metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis

Open Circulatory System open circulatory system that contains the blood (hemolymph) Reproduction sexes are separate (dioecious) parthenogenesis occurs in

some species (such as bees, wasps and termites) Crustaceans two pairs of antennae pair of mandibles, pair of compound eyes (usually on stalks) two pair of maxillae on their heads,

followed by a pair of appendages on each body segment The appendages are primitively branched (biramous), and although this condition is modified in many species, adults always have at least some biramous appendages. Crustaceans respire via gills. Arachnids

4 pairs of walking legs pedipalps or foot feelers feeding appendages called chelicerae mostly predators and parasites Diplopods

2 pairs of legs per segment Round superficially segmented body herbivore/scavenger secretes acid at posterior end

Chilopods 1 pair of legs per segment Flat segmented body Has posterior poison gland and anterior jaws

carnivores Merostomata large shield that covers the cephalothorax. compound eyes are reduced. second pair of appendages, the pedipalps, resemble walking legs. They have a long, spike-like

appendage called a telson that projects from the rear of their bodies. Respiration is via book gills. Entomology--> the study of Insects Insects are the most numerous form of animal life on the planet. Close to

80% of all animal species humans have described are insects. There are over 300,000 known species of beetles -- just one type of insect Body Plan head (antennae, compound eyes, feeding appendages) thorax (wings, 6 legs)

abdomen (ovipositor) Insect Classification Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets, katydids) Isoptera (termites) Hemiptera (true bugs,cicadas, aphids, scale insects) Dictyoptera (roaches, mantids) Coleoptera (beetles) Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) Diptera (flies)

Siphonaptera (fleas) Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps) Harmful Insects Pests, vectors of pathogens, crop eaters, sting, bite Beneficial Insects Pollination, honey, silk, food (entomophagy), biological control, designer genes

References The Wonderful World of Insects : University of Kentucky Bug Food od/bugfood.htm MiniBeast Museum: Arthropoda Lesson: chap14/arthropod.html

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