Athletic Director For JCHS - Amazon S3

Athletic Director For JCHS - Amazon S3

Just be Jersey Parent/Player Meeting Welcome to Jersey Athletics (This power point is posted on so that you can review if needed) Panther Athletic Club (PAC) Back the PAC Please take time to sign up and join the PAC You can sign up on-line at your district portal just like you register your child for school. Volunteer to work one of the fundraising events ALL money has been used for the programs 2016 17 New scoreboards for track/football

stadium, softball stadium and baseball stadium (ready to be installed) State qualifying individuals/teams at IHSA state tournaments More PAC First big fund fundraiser is Friday, September 1 - Fish Fry at first home football game. Tickets for fish fry are available for people to purchase and/or sell Workers are needed to help with the fish fry, see the PAC table and sign up for something

working for the PAC can be a lot of FUN. Be a part SCRIPT program is also and easy way to make $ for the PAC information is at the PAC table as well. Lettermen/women Jackets NEFF Co. & Blacks Sporting Goods (Alton) Can be ordered directly on-line from Neff Co.s web site. Usually by end of Oct. for a Christmas delivery. Blacks Sporting Goods in Alton.

Local Medical Providers Dr. Blake Orthopedic Surgeon JCH support with Physicals and other related programs Monica Student Trainer Wellness Center Physical Therapy IHSA Concussion & PES forms and web site Fees All Curriculum Fees will need to be paid up

before any athletes can begin play Curriculum fees are those that you pay for registration, they can be paid On-Line through the district web site. Athletic Fees can NOW be paid on-line also through your Skyward portal. Skyward Registration and Forms ALL Players & their parent/guardian 7th 12th will also have to log in through their accounts and sign. It is simple click and your information is complete

Forms IHSA PES & IHSA Concussion JCUSD #100 Transportation Waiver (indicates what kind of insurance you use) Athletics2000 contest schedules Twitter daily changes Twitter - @JCHSAthletics used for daily changes, if any (especially useful in spring with rainouts) Example: sending follow JCHSAthletics to 40404 on a US-based AT&T

phone would mean I'd start getting SMS updates whenever @JCHSAthletics posts a Tweet. if you do this, you do NOT have to have a twitter account, it just sends you a text update (that is what I have). We use an On-Line scheduler Athletics2000 (also linked on the district web-site) :// will take you directly to it This site will have the daily events as well as special announcements, information links, schedules for programs. (when the AD makes a schedule addition or change, it is automatically updated on this calendar and schedule) PLEASE REMEMBER schedules change due to many reasons through the year, printing one now does NOT mean it will be that way come spring.

Semester Eligibility IHSA Semester Eligibility MUST have passed 25 class hours the previous semester to be eligible for the current semester. Example: Pass only 4 classes this semester, you are NOT eligible for the entire second semester can NOT finish winter season or participate in spring season Pass only 4 classes second semester, you are NOT eligible to participate in fall or start of winter in next school year Summer school classes CAN be added to the spring semester & allow you to participate in the fall. Stay on top of grades

Weekly Eligibility - JCHS Governed by IHSA Wednesday to Tuesday allows the weekend for students to get caught up (Tuesday morning turn in for teachers) 25 class hours per week that equals 5 classes per week Srs. Who take LCCC classes MUST still have 5 JCHS Credited classes IF LCCC class does NOT count towards a credit for JCHS, it does NOT count for eligibility

Coaches can make it tougher Regular PE does count towards eligibility. IMS (7th & 8th) Eligibility Governed by IESA No Pass, No Play if you are failing any class, you are not eligible to play that week. Grades are taken from the end of the day on Friday eligibility will then kick in Monday to Saturday of the following week. IESA and IHSA do have some very limited exceptions to these rules and they are Case by

Case. Sports Complex Bus To Sports Complex 3:05 depart be the first ones loaded so you can be the first ones out of the lot Take your books with you to 8th hour so you can load and go be prepared, if you miss this bus, you will have to find another way to practice (it is a nice mile run if you need the exercise) Activity Bus After Practice

Must sign up each day in the offices Common Drop off locations These are revised yearly once transportation has a better idea where those using the Activity bus live stay tuned for the location sites. ONLY for student who are participating in some type of school activity or function NOT for kids to hang out up town after school until 5:30 Co-Curricular Code Activities are held to a higher standard just look at the news each day. Details are in the handbook (posted on-line)

Students will have it Registration sign off as part of the handbook Reporting Methods Certified staff, self-report, parent, police Pictures/Social Media/Technology a continued issue and added to handbook parents will be contacted about the pictures IF any of us here at JCHS or IMS are hearing substantive information, we ARE going to follow up NONE of us could live with ourselves if we had an inclination that something was going on and we did not check it out and something BAD happens to one of young people.

Students transferring to JCUSD #100 are subject to their former schools rules at the time of transfer. Example: Student A is to be suspended for a smoking violation at their former school, they can be assigned that exact SAME suspension here. JCUSD #100 hold the right to enforce the rules they see fit for their district this is done Case by Case. How to meet with a Coach Done with a pre-arranged meeting that WILL include the athlete (unless the coach allows for other arrangements)

Never done after a contest to many things to do and to many emotions attached Is done in a manner that is/would be considered respectful. That means it is discussed, not yelled, accused, abused, etc. My Role in Parent Meeting Only after you have talked to the coach NEVER over playing time (Coaches are there every day, I am not) NEVER discussing another athlete (privacy regulation & COMMON respect) NEVER about coaching philosophy or strategies

coaches are hired to coach. I will not be a Monday Morning Quarterback! At a pre-arranged time and location (not during the contest or in a crowd or at the gas station, etc. IF it is important enough to discuss, then it is important enough to schedule a meeting) My Role - Continued Your son/daughter WILL be part of the meeting (this is ABOUT the athlete so including them is vital) In a manner that is/would be considered respectful. That means it is discussed, not yelled, accused, abused, etc. (I will take a very unemotional approach, please

dont mistake that for not caring my job is to step back and look at the situation I also tend to ask many questions and take notes to be sure I am clear on the issue) With the best interest of the District in mind Remember, my job is to watch out for ALL the programs and athletes and not just one program or one athlete. Emails Texts Social Media I will NOT respond to mass emails or texts or social media. You have an issue with me or anyone on this staff, you set up a meeting and sit down with me.

I use emails, texting, Twitter, etc. to get out information and NOT to get into some type of discussion about issues that need to be addressed. (Much like the note on the fridge when we were kids) Media & Social Media Media coverage this is at the discretion of the paper and media people NOT us or the coaches. We cant control what the reporters write or put in their articles. Please dont bring those issues to the district. We have NO fix. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hugh problem

Everyone is accountable for what he/she says and posts You post something, be willing to accept the consequences. I refuse to have Facebook or any other such things because I hate the negativity that it gets used for unfortunately it does come to me sometimes so be prepared for me to respond directly to the source of the issue. The Department Philosophy Varsity - These are programs that much time and effort are spent in doing. We will strive to achieve as much success as we can

success has MANY components including character, trust, winning/losing, academics, social/emotional, etc. Underclass/JV - attempt to develop those players who are showing the most ability and desire. It is NOT about any type of equal playing time, getting you exercise, etc. IHSA Competition Our program will strive to compete at the highest level. There is a chance for some of our athletes to earn a college scholarship IF they have the

ability (not everyone has it & it will be determined by college coaches, not any of us) This is NOT recreation league, we will strive to be the best we can that starts at home, continues at practice AND with some natural ability and lots of personal dedication! Conflicts Once you decide you are going to be part, it WILL take precedent over outside activities. Attempts will be made to avoid as many conflicts as can be done. HOWEVER, there will be problems (i.e. homecoming events, dance class, outside teams, etc.)

As a member of a JCHS team/group, our expectation is that you have joined the program and are going to do what is expected by the coach (each program decides its own policies for excused and unexcused participation). That policy will be followed and does NOT reflect the policy of another program. District & IHSA/IESA Policies ALL will be followed. The JCUSD Board of Education & the Illinois High School Association/Illinois Elementary School Association have established policies and guidelines. We will follow them in accordance

to the wishes of ALL. It is not the job of the AD, the principal, the coach, etc. to interpret the policies. Our responsibility is to carry them out. We are the administration of policy NOT the makers of these policies. Medical Issues Only a doctors note excuses/releases any person from PE. We follow the medical advice and information given to us from doctors and/or our own trainer (Ms. Student)

A note from any other person is not sufficient to excuse or release a player from the activity. Coaches work with parents on such issues. (understand that a parent wanting to excuse his/her son/daughter from practice will cause playing time issues) JCUSD #100 holds the right to hold ANY player out of competition is there is any issue. Team Rules Team rules set by the coach will also be followed. Every sport is different so there are different rules and policies. Along with this, every

coach is different so there are different ideas that go along with team procedures. Asking for Permission Four people in the office give permission Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean, AD If you tell any of us that you got permission and it was NOT from one of the four above, you do NOT have permission. This is a continual issue that comes up. There are certain procedures that are followed, such as writing a note to take a child home and these usual procedural things are handled in the outer office. However, there are other things that people

call to ask permission to do hang posters, have special announcements, hand out material, etc. These types of things are NOT handled in the outer office. NCAA Sports Playing in College: Check the site left side under NCAA Academic Requirements information on how to register and be eligible to play sports at NCAA colleges If any interest in playing in college you MUST register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

This is updated by the NCAA all the time, so please take a look before assuming anything. Time, effort and REMEMBER All of these things provide a great opportunity for our kids to be part of the team, learn to time manage, create a passion, etc. Such things take a lot of time and effort by all of us. REMEMBER Athletes, for most of you, this will be your last chance to do these things take advantage of them. Parents, WE had

your time, lets let our children have theirs. Dont try to live your life through them. Just enjoy what they are and what they are doing. Where to Go from Here If you ARE a fall sports participant Football Coach Adkins (Main Gym) Soccer Coach Burney (Caf) Volleyball Coach Siemer (Study Hall) Cross Country Coach Landon Room (c208) Tennis Coach Reeder Room (c201) Golf Coach Brown Room (A221) If you are NOT a fall sports participant have a

nice night and see you at school Good Luck and Have a Great Season

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