Applying for tertiary study in Victoria

Applying for tertiary study in Victoria

Applying for tertiary study in Victoria A complete guide to applying for courses, SEAS, and scholarships through VTAC Presented by Ms Vivian Seremetis, Careers Coordinator, Mazenod College Parent Information Session 2019 Facebook: | Twitter: | Youtube: VICTORIAN TERTIARY ADMISSIONS CENTRE 40 Park Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205 Telephone: +61 3 9926 1020 What is VTAC? The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is the central point for applications to Victorian universities, TAFEs, and Independent Tertiary

Colleges VTAC also calculates the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for Victorian Year 12 students Applications open on Monday 5 August, and timely applications are due by Monday 30 September CourseSearch & Individual Appointments Appointments with Ms Seremetis, one-on-one to discuss plans for next year. Uni, TAFE, Apprenticeships, To Apply or Not to Apply! VTAC CourseSearch lets you search across universities, TAFEs, and independent tertiary colleges in one place Lists all essential requirements and admission criteria including prerequisites

Advanced search options include filtering by institution, area of interest, and qualification level Available at and in the free VTAC app Year 11 & Year 12 Guide Detailed information about how to apply A guide to researching and making decisions Interviews with students and professionals in various areas Copy distributed to students already or download for free at the VTAC website YELLOW GRID!!! Draft application and further information about the VTAC process, SEAS, Scholarships and the new December round of offers. Check your sons grid!!! What is he including in his application?

Create a VTAC account from Monday 5 August All VTAC applications are completed online using the same VTAC ID and PIN Creating an account is a simple question-based process If youre a current Year 12 student, make sure you enter your student number so that we can access your results later in the year WE DO THIS AT SCHOOL! NO NEED TO PRE-REGISTER OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOUR SON! Applying for courses List up to eight courses/institutions Preference order always list courses in the order you want to get into them To add course preferences: Select institution and/or course or type in the course code. To move a course on the preference list use the up/down

buttons. To delete a course use the x button. How to order your preferences video Animated video available on the VTAC YouTube channel (VTACMedia media/videos ) Covers how the preference system works, including why its important to list preferences in order of most wanted courses Application dates for Mazenod College VTAC applicants:

Book an appointment with Ms Seremetis to get assistance in selecting your 8 preferences via the google doc! Attend Open Days in August All applications are done at school in homeroom groups Last 2 weeks of term allocated time to chase up students who missed application sessions and to assist eligible SEAS applicants Homeroom

Application Date Location Cagney, Coghlan & Foynes Tuesday 3 September 2019 Lecture Theatre Gavin, James & Lombard Thursday 5 September 2019 Lecture Theatre

Mannix, Ryan & Simmonds Tuesday 10 September 2019 Lecture Theatre May run only if required Thursday 12 September 2019 Lecture Theatre rd th

th th Course application: payment 2019 timely application fee for current year 12 students: $39 Late fee $113 / very late $148 Application fees are paid using a credit or debit card via PayPal (PayPal account is not required) VTAC encourage applicants to make payment at the time of submitting an application, to avoid issues with the application down the track: Payment deadlines domestic year 12 applicants To receive a printed ATAR statement 5pm, Monday 9 December

To be eligible for December offers 4pm, Saturday 14 December To be eligible for January offers 4pm, Thursday 19 December SPECIAL ENTRY & ACCESS SCHEME (SEAS) categories Category 1: Personal information and location As simple as ticking a box All applicants should apply for this category Category 2: Disadvantaged financial background

Category 3: Disability or medical condition Category 4: Difficult circumstances E.g. disruption to living situation, affected by illness or death of relative/friend, natural disaster, refugee status Financial documentation Impact statement 123456789A (applicants own CRN) OR OR Documentary

evidence of benefit or family tax benefit in immediate family Statement of support SEAS documentation categories 3 & 4 Where needed: Impact statement written by applicant Statement of support written by health practitioner or relevant responsible person Impact statements without an accompanying statement of support will not be considered. For more information about SEAS documentation, visit Scholarships

VTAC collects scholarship applications for many institutions One application, many institutions Scholarships are not just for academic performance Many equity scholarships have similar documentation requirements to SEAS Statements must be submitted separately for each using the correct coversheet. List of scholarships available on the VTAC website Including scholarships which require direct applications to institutions Six offer rounds Have you booked an

overseas trip?? Do I need to be in Australia during December & January??? Offer advice From: VTAC 2pm Next day Enrolment instructions From: Institution

Accept Defer Reject Need help? At school? Talk to Ms Seremetis or send an email More information Call VTAC on (03) 9926 1020 Step-by-step info on the VTAC website Email VTAC through your VTAC account

Articles in the VTAC Year 11 & Year 12 Guide (printed copies at school or free PDF online) Send VTAC a Facebook message Fact sheets on the VTAC website Short videos on our YouTube channel

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