Applied Dentistry for the Veterinary Technician

Applied Dentistry for the Veterinary Technician

Periodontal Debridement Routine Prevention or Necessary Treatment? Dental prophylaxis OR periodontal therapy Removal of deposits from supragingival and subgingival surfaces of the teeth Uses nonsurgical OR surgical instrumentation To prevent OR arrest infection General anesthesia for both

What does that entail? Risks?

Cost? Explore the Teeth Dental explorer has a slender, wire-like working end that tapers to a sharp point and is used to explore the topography of the tooth surface Explore for _________ Acid producing bacteria

demineralization of enamel and dentin What is the most common surface affected? Test for attrition vs. pulp exposure Check for Attachment Loss

Periodontal probe Round, blunt instrument Miniature intraoral ruler that measures attachment levels: 1. Gingival recession

2. Sulcus depth 3. Loss of bone in furcation areas Used to assess mobility of teeth and the presence of gingival bleeding What is normal sulcus depth for a canine? Feline? Furcation

Periodontal Probe ________________have millimeter increments at 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 and 10mm. Gingival Sulcus and Recession

Calculus Removers Removes gross calculus, supragingivally Which teeth do you think need this tool the most? Scaling Above the Gingiva Hand scaler used to remove tartar /

calculus supragingivally Modified pen grasp technique Gives precise control of the instrument; limits wrist motion Where should all of your fingers be? Working

end Shank Handle Scaling Below the Gingiva Curette-used to remove tartar subgingivally Modified Pen Grasp

*Tip is more round/dull than the hand scaler. Periodontal Debridement Using Machines Ultrasonic scaler- uses vibrations and irrigation to remove tartar from surface of tooth.

Steady stream of water (strong mist) flushes out the sulcus AND can disrupt bacterial cell walls Ultrasonic Scaler Water through the tip also acts as a coolant; this machine can get very hot! Move tip from the sulcus, coronally, away from the roots apex. Time line/tooth?

Ultrasonic Scalers: Two Options 1. Magnetostrictive- magnetic field in the hand piece is created by a zinc and nickel stack, sends vibrations to the tip in an elliptical pattern All surfaces of the tip vibrate! Most vibrations are on the ____

Use least amount of vibrations Found on the lateral surfaces Modified Pen grasp

Magnetostrictive Scaler Hand piece Contains the stack, which is replaceable Stack is delicate and should not be bent or twisted! Tip

Stainless steel instrument Attaches to hand piece and secured in place with the __________. Many sizes available, specific to each patient Removed with the ______ (VERY IMPORTANT) Magnetostrictive Scaler Use

INCORREC T Distal third of tip should be held at 0-15 from long axis of the tooth. Ultrasonic Scalers: Two Options 2. Piezoelectric- ceramic discs or crystal that produces liner movements

Only lateral surfaces vibrate More fragile, more skill required More expensive, growing in popularity Periodontal Debridement Polishing VERY IMPORTANT

The scaler microscopically scratches the tooth surface and creates more surface area quicker bacterial build up 1-3 seconds/tooth is all that is needed Prophy angle- attachment that is connected to the hand piece Removable rubber cup holds polish, or ______________

Polishing Patient Position/Safety Comfortable for you and the patient Plenty of light Elevate neck; nose down Why?

Opening of mouth Oral speculum Suction/gauze Preemptive rinse? PPE Periodontal Debridement Safety-PPE Oral Speculum

Cornell Feline Health Center study Maxillary artery blocked Blindness post anesthesia

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