An Original Family Disease Model: Is It Still Effective?

An Original Family Disease Model: Is It Still Effective? John Walsh CADC , BRII Family Support Groups Family support groups in existence for over 180 years Part of temperance movement of 19th century Martha Washington Society for adults Junior auxiliaries Al-Anon 1951 Alateen 1957 Professional Family Illness Models

Joan Jackson-1954,The Adjustment of the Family to the Crisis of Alcoholism Dorothy Petraitis-Family Systems Therapist. Behaviors intersect with emotions when addiction present. Barbara Campbell-The Concerned Persons Project 1975 Claudia Black-1982 It Will Never Happen To Me Janet Woititz- Adult Children of Alcoholics Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse Another Chance 1985

The Chemically Dependent The Chief Enabler The Hero The Scapegoat The Lost Child The Mascot

Subsequent Significant Works Robert Ackerman Ph.D.- Intervening Variables for Effect. All models more dynamic than rigid because of circumstances. Melody Beattie- Codependent No More. John Bradshaw- Portrayal of harmful shame as a bonding agent in the CD family Dr. Stephanie Brown- Her works forced the realization that families cant rapidly regain health following the initiation of addiction recovery Variations of These Models Caused by Drug Addiction

and Younger Affected Alcoholics/Addicts Some drug addiction causes crashing to bottom versus sliding to bottom seen in prior models. Family adaption is therefore different as a result of some of the following adolescent family characteristics 1.Use is more hidden because of age and legal ramifications. 2.Higher potency per ingestion , quicker pathways to brain ,therefore significantly shorter time frame for maximum physiological response. 3.Discovery of problem creates instant turmoil and chaos in family. 4.Responses more dramatized and sometimes traumatic.

Young Adult or Adult Still Dependent on Family. Ages 19-60 No more legal necessity to take care of. MORE enabling from parents , grandparents , ex-spouses , children , and others. More abuse of parents and grandparents( stealing , threatening behavior verbally, physically and emotionally. Explosion and cost of current drug usage. Siblings and others angry and isolated from parents. Parents and grandparents generally at odds over what to do. Increased shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear, and

humiliation. Treatments Response to the Debilitating Effects of Family Illness

Open AA meetings where family members could attend Al-Anon meetings(institutional style) Al-Anon meetings(open to community) Alateen meetings Visitation tied to attendance at facility Al-anon Family week Family program-3 days IOP family lecture or day or night. Traditional Outpatient- some family members find treatment for their specific issues.

My Response to Treatment Response WOEFULLY INADEQUATE My Challenge to Us Never do a presentation without mentioning family Never do an assessment, intake ,admission, or consult without attempting to have family involvement 50 to 85% of the alcoholics/addicts you treat came from

a chemically dependent family themselves, think about what this means If you cant Treat the family member, send them to somebody that can and will Make yourself part of the new paradigm of treating family

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