An American Empire - PC\|MAC

An American Empire - PC\|MAC

An American Empire Chapter 17 Section 2 Building an Empire US and Spanish leader meet to discuss the terms for a peace treaty America debates on what to do w/ their newly acquired lands Cuba is given its freedom US annexes Guam and Puerto Rico

The Big Question What about the Philippines Annex the Philippines or not Support Annexation Supporters of annexing the Philippines Economic benefits large market for American goods Military benefits naval base in Asia & a stopover on the way to China Humanitarian teach less civilized people how to live properly

Oppose Annexation Opposition to annexing the Philippines The cost of an empire far outweighed the economic benefits it provided Cheap Filipino labor would drive down American wages Imperialism violated American principles President McKinley decided to annex the islands

A Treaty December 10, 1898 the US and Spain sign the Treaty of Paris Terms of the treaty Cuba b/c an independent country The US acquired Puerto Rico and Guam US paid Spain $20 million for the Philippines The US had become an imperial power!!!

The Philippines Rebel Emilio Aguinaldo ordered his guerilla troops to attack the US soldiers in the Philippines To fight the Filipino guerillas General Arthur MacArthur adopts many of the same policies the US had condemned Spain for using in Cuba Concentration camps to separate guerillas from civilians Thousands of Filipinos died from disease and starvation

Under US Control William Howard Taft first US civilian governor of the islands Taft slowly b/g to win over the people by Building new railroads, bridges, and telegraph lines to strengthen the economy Creating a public school system Virtually eliminating severe diseases such as cholera and smallpox through new health care policies

Filipino Independence March 1901 Aguinaldo is captured W/i a month he accepts US control of the islands and calls on the guerillas to surrender By the mid 1930s the US allowed them to elect their own congress and president In 1946, the US granted independence to

the Philippines Governing Puerto Rico 1900 Foraker Act makes Puerto Rico an unincorporated territory Puerto Ricans were not US citizens and had no constitutional rights

Congress can pass whatever laws it wanted for the island What to do with Puerto Rico? 1917 US made Puerto Ricans citizens of the US 1917 debate b/g over Puerto Rico Should it b/c an independent country Should it b/c a state

Should it continue as a territory??? The debate continues today Regarding Cuba The US had promised to grant Cuba its independence but McKinley took steps to ensure that Cuba would remain tied to the US McKinley allowed the Cubans to prepare a new constitution for their country but he

attached conditions The Platt Amendment The Platt Amendment This amendment specified the following 1. Cuba could not make any treaty w/ another nation that would weaken its independence or allow another foreign power to gain

territory in Cuba 2. Cuba had to allow the US to buy or lease naval stations in Cuba The Platt Amendment 3. Cubas debts had to be kept low to prevent foreign countries from landing troops to enforce payment 4. The US had the right to intervene to protect Cuban independence and keep order

Cuba Agrees Cubans rejected the Platt Amendment at first but They realized that if they did not accept it the US would maintain its military govt. of the island They reluctantly added it to their constitution The Platt Amendment Made Cuba an American protectorate Governed US and Cuban relations until its

repeal in 1934

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