Agenda for change. The Knowledge and skills framework

Agenda for change. The Knowledge and skills framework

Agenda for change. The Knowledge and skills framework . Judy Dyos and Rachel Palmer Objectives To understand the banding system for all staff (except Drs) in the NHS Movement through the bands and increment points The annual appraisal processes The Knowledge and Skills framework that guides appraisal assessment

Agenda for Change Set out in 2004 to create a generic approach to manage pay against skills. All NHS staff use this system except doctors, their professional body refused to be part of the system Replaced the Whitely council pay system Three core elements : 1. Job evaluation 2. Harmonised terms and conditions 3. The knowledge and skills framework (KSF) 3 Agenda for change pay scales

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t Developme nt Agenda for Change Pay Structure Gateway Incremental Pay Points Gateway NHS KSF - Main Purpose

To provide an NHS-wide framework that can be used consistently across the service to support: personal development in post career development service development 6 What the NHS KSF is Not It does not seek to describe what people are like or their attitudes It does not describe the exact knowledge and skills that people need to develop

It does not determine job weight or pay band 6 Core Dimensions Communication Eq u Div ality er s & it y a Qu NHS

KSF lit y Health, Safety & Security & al n rso ple nt e P eo m e P op l

ve e D Im Serv pr ov ice em en t 24 Specific Dimensions (in four groups) Health & Well-being HWB 1-10

Information & Knowledge IK 1-3 NHS KSF Gener al G 1-8 Estates & Facilities EF 1-3

4 levels to each dimension Level 1 Contribute to own personal development Level 2 Develop oneself and provide information to others to help their development Level 3 Develop oneself and contribute to the development of others Level 4 Develop oneself and others in an area of practice. : Personal & People Development, Level 2

Indicators: Examples of Application: Develop own skills and knowledge and provide information to others to help their development: Takes responsibility for own personal development and takes an active part in learning opportunities Offers information to others when it will help their development

and/or help them to meet work demands Offering information to others might include: During induction During ongoing work When changes are being made to work practices

The KSF & Personal Development Lifelong Learning Commitment to annual development reviews and development of all individuals Everyone to have a personal development plan Everyone is expected to learn and develop within their job role Enshrined in the AFC Agreement part of everyones terms and conditions The NHS KSF - Summary Identifies the knowledge and skills that

people need to apply in their post Helps guide development Provides a fair and objective framework on which to base review Provides the basis of pay progression in the service What is a full KSF Post Outline? Identifies the KSF dimensions and levels that apply to a post in the NHS a broad outline Puts the outline in context through identifying the specific areas/activities to which the dimensions and levels are applied Sets out the foundation subset as well as the full outline for the post

Agreed in partnership Outlines - Dimensions All core dimensions must be included Specific dimensions should reflect the major areas for development within the post The number of specific dimensions should be kept to the minimum necessary to cover the post KSF Dimensions do not influence pay bands KSF Post Outline

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CORE HW B an 7 I n d tre terv at e n m ti o en n ts s KSF Post Outline

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ag Man KSF Post Outline - Nurse Band 5 Purpose of a Foundation Gateway Subset To focus development in the first year on enabling the individual meet the essential demands of the post To check that the individual is likely to develop to meet the full demands of the post over a number of years To inform recruitment and selection processes

The NHS KSF and Development Review KSF outline developed for each post Individual is matched against the KSF outline for their post Personal development plans jointly agreed and supported Individual supported to learn (in a variety of ways) Joint evaluation of learning Development Review Process Joint review of individuals

work against the NHS KSF outline for the post Joint evaluation of applied learning and development Jointly produce Personal Development Plan - identify needs & agree goals Individuals undertake supported learning & development

Development Review Process The development review should be a focussed discussion about how the individual is doing against the appropriate outline for their post The emphasis should be on development what has been achieved in the past year and what needs to be achieved in the next year Most of the evidence provided will be verbal part of the discussion process, based on the manager and individuals views of how they are getting on at work Each development review will result in a personal development plan (PDP) setting out the individuals development needs and how these

Gateway Reviews Same process as other reviews Build on the information gathered over time i.e. not isolated incidents but assessments which review the information gathered Information at gateways can be from others (besides individuals and their managers) e.g. 360o feedback if available, information from colleagues Foundation and Second Gateways Foundation gateway review against subset of full KSF outline for the post 2nd gateway review against full KSF post

outline The Foundation subset contains the elements of the outline that are essential for all postholders within the first year of appointment. Responsibilities in the Review There is a responsibility on both the individual member of staff and their manager to review how the individual is applying their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the post as described in the KSF outline It is important that both managers and staff prepare in advance by thinking through whether there are any likely development

needs and how these might be met. Managers Responsibility Regular informal discussions with individual staff member throughout the year Providing constructive feedback on the individuals work and related development Any issues with the individuals work must have been discussed prior to the formal review meeting no surprises Good sources of information Unions RCN and Unison NHS Careers 27 Questions 28

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