AenigmaHRMates Product Presentation

AenigmaHRMates Product Presentation

HR, Payroll & Workflow Automation HRMates is a cloud-based HRMS, which provides full and fine-grained automation of HR, Payroll and Workflows in organizations. Using HRMates comes with its own benefits. To name a few, it increases efficiency, saves cost, and augments organization development. HRMates customers are spread across industries and geographies. Why you should choose HRMates Functionalit y For most organizations, automating HR is the most complex and expensive proposition, as HR systems and processes get built over time and become the DNA of the organization. If we imagine the HR of mature organizations as complex containers, a single solution does not fit, and organizations end up using multiple solutions and manual processes. Engageme

nt Model HRMat es Integration s Pricing Model Why you should choose HRMates Functionality HRMates has full suite of modules to manage all people related functions in an organization. Our unique layered architecture allows us to quickly customize the functionality as per the initial and ongoing requirements of the organization. Engagement Model With HRMates we have a unique engagement model by which we automate all people related requirements in a single solution, as per customer convenience. After initial implementation we are able to align the implementation with changing needs of the organization within the same monthly cost. We always welcome client requests for new functionality within HR Domain.

Integrations HRMates integrates well with other Applications, Devices and IT Systems. Allowing employees access to vital work related data. For IT, HRMates helps in managing employee related subscriptions, biometric devices etc Pricing Model HRMates has a simple, transparent pricing model for entire suite. A small setup fee and per employee per month billing with no AMC, customization and new feature addition charges. Why you should choose HRMates It has a very intuitive design, which allows employees, managers, and administrators to learn the system quickly. HRMates is SaaS based Solution, with a unique architecture to allow fine-grained automation. Layer

Function Value Framework Cloud optimized, Secure Rapid Application Development Agnostic to Application domain Application Full Coverage of People related functions and processes Agnostic to Company, Country, Region. Policy Implementation

Controllers, Calculators, Validators to implement fine-grained automation At Employee or Employee Groups Level, Dated Changes Meet Our Team R P Singh holds Bachelors degree from IIT Kanpur in Computer Science, 1985. RP is passionate about making technology work in daily lives of people. He has been a serial entrepreneur and has led several very successful products and companies in past. Between 1988-92 RP conceptualized and led development of very successful Desktop Publishing Product InPage with user base running into millions across the world and till date is the defacto standard. Next RP conceptualized and led development of JewelMesh which is again a gold standard in its field even today. After Year 2003 RP co-founded 2 successful IT Services companies Think Future and ThinkSys, both the companies are well established in there domains. Having worked thru many projects and being involved minutely in design and architecture of applications, RP worked on creating a framework AppPress to help in rapid development of business applications. HRMates has been built using AppPress and is on way to being a Gold Standard in HR and Payroll Automation for organizations. RP likes to delve into Astronomy and Cosmology in his free time. Derrick V Perera IA, IO (FIDE), BA (SL), MBA (USA) MA (SL), Derrick has over 20 years experience in the field of HR & General Management in manufacturing & service sector representing local as well as multi nationals such as Ericsson, Telstra and Airtel etc. Hes one of the few HR professionals in the country to have had the rare opportunity to Head a PLC when he was appointed Chairman/MD of Blue Diamonds Jewellery Worldwide PLC in 2011. In his career he has worked with many startups in ensuring highly successful launches.

Vinit Thakur An IIT Alumnus and a Digital Strategist with over two decades of Technology leadership experience with large global and Indian conglomerates. Vinit describes himself as a Change agent. He straddles the space between the boardroom and the shop-floor to initiate and drive change. Over the years he has led some major business transformations to steer the growth and operational excellence. Vinit firmly believes in the power of digital technologies and has effectively used it over the last two decades to change the competitive positions of the organizations he has worked with. Vinit specializes in helping organizations manage and sustain complex change programs, building and deploying Digital and IT Strategy, building Organizations and Competency Centres, setting up multi-cultural and global work practices, managing large, distributed and global teams, setting up IT Operations and Service Delivery Models, conceptualizing PMOs and governing Large Enterprise-class automation projects. Some of Our Clients CORE HR LOGIN Inbuilt credentials management or Active Directory, Google integration or a combination, Work on behalf using Login As TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT Setup terms for employee as per Department, Get documents uploaded by employee against the terms of employment DASHBOARD Greetings, Notifications, Holidays, Leave Summary, Projects, Help Desk Request, Job Description

CORE HR EMPLOYEE CATEGORIES Permanent, Contract, Consultant, Casual, Intern, Freelancer, Expat EMPLOYEE PROFILE Personal and Contact Info, Present Address History, Official Accommodation Records, Family, Academics, Past Employment, Certifications, Training, Control Employee Editing, Approval Workflow for certifications etc. EMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLE Joining to Exit Stages, Notice Period, Reference Checks, On-boarding Workflow, Departments, Designations, Locations, Transfers, Letters, Responsibility Management, Employee Document Management, Disciplinary Actions, Separation Workflow for Resignation Termination Retirement Abandonment and Bereavement CORE HR EMPLOYEE LEAVE MANAGEMENT Rule based configuration of entitlements, Leave Period, Entitlements, Expiring Entitlements, Leave Summary, Carry Forwards, Rule based Days calculation, Holiday Calendars, Leave Approval Workflow, Leave Cancellation Workflow, Responsibility Delegation, Team Leave, Leave Encashment with approval process, Leave Adjustments, Compensatory Leave, Short Leave

SHIFT MANAGEMENT Shift Master data allows default timings, week off and Special Timings, Default Shift for Company and Locations, Assign Shift to Employees, Create Monthly Rosters, Approval Workflow, Shift Exchange under Approval , Adhoc Shift Changes, Attendance linked to Shift Timings and Weekly Offs, Break Time ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT Attendance Integrated with Leave and Holidays, Attendance from Biometric (Push and Pull), Web Check-in, Manual or Upload, Mobile Based Attendance with Work Punch, Attendance Regularization Workflow, Overtime calculation with optional prior or post approval , See at work Team Members, Missing Attendance Notification to Employee and HR, Adhoc Shift Timing and Holiday, Attendance Check for Salary Generation, Short Attendance Leave Policy and Workflow, Rule based Employee Grouping for Distributed Management, Alerts for Employees Missing in Biometric Machine or Punches not received. CORE HR EMPLOYEE ASSET MANAGEMENT Create Asset Types, Add Assets, Issue, Return, Retire, Adjust Asset loss from Employee Salary HELP DESK Create Help Desks and Admins. Employees raise Requests, Discussion Control for Employee and Admin to discuss about the request. Help Desk Admin Panel

ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Up to 10 Levels Hierarchy, Org Chart, Use Org Structure in Workflows WORKFLOWS Leave Approval, Attendance Regularization, Roster, Performance Management, Training, Employee Probation PIP Resignation Exit, Hiring, Help Desk, Employee Data Upload, Expense Approval, Timesheet Approval, Employee Asset Management CORE HR EMAIL EMPLOYEES Select Employees based on Department Location etc. Send email to selected employees. SECURITY, AUDIT Secure Access using https, Features to prevent malicious use. Permission Based Access, Audit Record for all Actions performed on System, Integrate with organization Security Policies. HR ANALYTICS Workforce (Head Counts, Demographics, Attrition) Attendance, Salary, Expense, Performance, Knowledge, Suggestion, Recos REPORTING

Standard Informative Reports, Custom Reports, User Input to filter Report Data, MIS Reports PAYROLL PROCESSING Generate Payroll or Upload generated Payroll, Approval Workflow, Part Salary, Split Salary, Delay, Upload Components, Fully Customizable Payroll architecture, Ready Templates for India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries, Statutory Compliance's, Advances, Variable Pay with Incentive Calculations, Tax Declaration form with Approvals and Stages, Reimbursements with Approval Workflow, Reimbursements carry forward, Ad-hoc Reimbursements, Salary Slips, Rule based Employee Grouping for Distributed Management CONTRACT EMPLOYEE INVOICING Generate and Distribute Invoices to be submitted by Contract Employees. Invoice based on Salary Master and days worked. TAX DECLARATION Tax Declaration form Auto Generated when Employee Crosses taxation Limit during financial year, Approval Process, During Year Employee can update the form, Second Level Compliance Process 2 months before end of Financial Year LOAN APPLICATION Self Service Portal for Employees to Apply for Loan, System Validation of Loan Eligibility, Loan

Approval Process, Bank Loan Payment on behalf of Employee EXPENSE MANAGEMENT TRAVEL MANAGEMENT Local Outstation and International Travel, Create Trip by Employee or Admin, Trip Approval Process, Ticketing Process, Advance Payment Process, Ticket Cancellation Process, Trip Cancellation Process, Trip Expenses, Trip Expense Approval Process, Final Settlement, Travel Expense Ledger, Auto Off Duty leave application, Travel Policy Implementation (by City, Grade, Mode of Travel etc.) EXPENSE MANAGEMENT For Employee Expenses, Process same as Travel Managment TALENT MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Template based Setup allowing Multiple PMS Workflows, Goals, Cascading Goals, Review Cycles and final Appraisal, Areas, KRAs, KPIs, Custom Columns, Calculators, Get Data from Attendance Employee Data etc. Guidelines, Achievements, Strengths, Areas of Improvement, Major Contributions, Create Performance Improvement Plan for non-performers, Create Performance Potential Matrix and Talent Review Form, Easy Monitoring. EMPLOYEE DATA MANAGEMENT

Upload and Share Data with employees related to sales, production etc., Setup Scheduled Data upload, Setup up Employee View of Data, Use Data in Payroll, PMS etc. TRAINING Training Need Identification, TNI Workflow, Scheduling, Pre Post Test, Learning Index, Feedback, Effectiveness Index, Training Material Repository Employee Monitoring PROJECT MANAGEMENT Create Projects, Tasks and link to Clients, Assign Tasks to Employee Groups, Set Budgeted and Expected Hours TIME SHEETS Employees Log Actual Hours, Close Tasks and Projects, Client wise reports, Utilization Reports, Project Progress Report BUDGETING & VACANCIES BUDGETING Create and Approve annual Budgets Unit and Designation wise, Budget Change Process during year VACANCIES MANAGEMENT

Create and Approve Vacancies within the Budget during year, Maintain Job Description with Skills required, Publish Vacancies to website, Publish for Employee Referral, Create Candidate Evaluation Form and Workflow, Customize Candidate Application Form HIRING HIRING MANAGEMENT Maintain Candidate Database, Upload Resumes, Process Candidate as per Vacancy Evaluation Form, Identify Duplicate Resumes, Maintain Interview Questionnaire, Letter of Intent, Offer letter, Joining Process and Reference Check, Search PDF TEST MANAGEMENT Maintain Subject wise Question Bank, Create Online Tests with number of questions and time allowed, Download Test Paper as PDF and enter marks obtained manually EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT GREETINGS Automated Personal Birthday & Anniversary Greetings, Holiday Greetings, Joining, Farewell Greetings, Send Personal Messages ANNOUNCEMENTS Company Announcements with image or videos

SURVEYS Anonymous Surveys, Normal Surveys REWARDS and RECOGNITION Reward Programs, Points, Calculator to Convert to Monetary Value, Auto Calculation from other modules like Suggestions Portal, Star Officer, Well Done, Voluntarism, MP Sheet, CAPA Employee Data etc EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SUGGESTION PORTAL Suggestion entry and Approval Workflow, Use suggestions data in Rewards and Recognition, Kaizen Workflow MAINTENANCE PREVENTION MP Sheet Submission, Approval KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PORTAL Central Portal for capturing Knowledge Related to Work. Submission of Knowledge Piece by Employees and Approval. Use of Submission in Reward and Recognition Program. CORRECTIVE AND PREVENTIVE ACTIONS Central Portal for capturing Corrective and Preventive. Submission of CAPA by Employees and

Approval. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT POLICY MANUALS Share all Policy Manual of the Organization DOCUMENT SHARING Share Commonly used templates and documents with group of employees REMINDERS Daily Reminder for Pending Tasks DUSTRY SPECIFIC FEATURES in HRMates MANUFACTURING Line Balancing, Employee Data, Roster Management, R&R, MP Sheet, Suggestion Portal, CAPA RETAIL Employee Data, Mobile Attendance, Expense Management HOSPITALS Roster Management, R&R , Suggestion Portal , CAPA IT Services Time Sheets

Dashboard Dashboard Over 30 notifications will be generated through HRMS for information and actions that need to be performed by employees as follows: - Leave Authorization Requests - Travel - Leave Cancellation Requests- Salary Approval - Regularization Request - Reference Check

- Timesheet Approval - Asset Acknowledgement - Roster Approval - Missing Attendance - Shift Exchange Approval - Extra Attendance - Certification Approval - Goal Setting Approval - Passport Visa Expiry - Appraisal Completion - Profile Change Requests - Training Need Identification - Contract Expiry - Training Approval - Probation Completion - Training Participation Requests - Employee Resignation - Training Feedback Acceptance - Employee Exit Clearance - Employee Exit Feedback

Surveys Knowledge Portal Approval CAPA Approval MP Sheet Approval Star Officer Approval Well Done Approval Suggestion Portal Vacancy Hiring NOTE: Notifications are received by employees as configured based on the company policies. My Profile Personal Information Identity Details

Family Details Employee Contact Present Address Permanent Address Emergency Contact Employee Academics Employee Career

Employee Skills Past Employments Skills Languages Certifications Custom Employee Fields

Company Accommodation Domicile Social Category And more My Employment Basic Information Employee Status Employee Category Account Numbers

Designation Department Shifts Location Grades

Career Bands Disciplinary Actions Reporting HR Coordinators Assets Org Structure

Costing Company My Attendance Attendance Received From Bio Metric Mobile App Manual

Web Check-IN Custom Interface to other System Process Driven Regularization My Leave Leave Policy Configuration Process Driven Leave Approvals

Holiday List Team Leave Auto Leave from Attendance My Salary Configurable Components CTC

Salary Loans Tax Declarations My Team Shows your Team members Their presence Their profile, Leave planner and Attendance.

The Color Code indicates as On Duty Attendance not Monitored or Out of Shift Absent My Travel Create Travel Request Out Station, Local, International Request Advance Add Travel Plan

Approval Process for Travel Plan and Advance Based on Travel Purpose and Number of Days Accountant Processes Advance Travel Admin Processes Bookings Employee Adds Expenses Travel Expenses, Incidental Expenses,

Sundry Expenses, Boarding Lodging Expenses Conveyance Expenses Employee Submits the Sheet for Approval Expense Approval Workflow, Approver can change the Claim Final Settlement done by Accountant and Sheet Closes Cancellation of Entire Trip or Individual Booking kicks off Booking Cancellation Process Management Portal for Amin, Reports and Analytics Configurable to Company Specific Approval Process and Limits based on Employee Grade, My Expenses

Create Expense Request Request Advance Approval Process for Advance Accountant Processes Advance Employee Adds Expenses Employee Submits the Sheet for Approval Expense Approval Workflow, Approver can change the Claim Final Settlement done by Accountant and

Sheet Closes Management Portal for Amin, Reports and Analytics Configurable to Company Specific Approval Process and Limits based on Employee Grade, Expense Type etc Approval Process with Submit, Approve, Forward, Revert and Reject Employee Assets Create Asset Types Add Custom Fields Create Asset Groups and Managers Issue, Return, Retire Assets

Acknowledgement Receipt Integrated with Exit Workflow Reports My Evaluation Evaluations done my me Self PMS Manager PMS HOD PMS Probation Evaluation PIP Evaluation Trainee Evaluation

Knowledge Management Index by Community My Topics Search Best Practices Social Suggestion Make Suggestion By Employees

By Vendors Approval Process Connected to R&R Kaizen Workflow CAPA Create and Submit Sheet Approval Process Connected to R&R MP Sheet Create and Submit Sheet Approval Process Connected to R&R Documents

Company Documents Repository Folders and Sub Folders Can Publish to Associates Officers My Helpdesk Category Sub Category Auto Escalation My Timesheet Structure

Clients Projects Tasks Employees Expected Hours Project Manager Project Code

Operation HRMates Automatically Creates Weekly Timesheet for all employees involved in tasks. Employees add Hours and remarks for each task on daily basis and mark task completed when done. Employee submits the time sheet for approval. Management

Reports Over and under hours Multiple Approvals Auto Escalation Reminder Emails Timesheet Reports Employee Timesheet Report Detailed working of Employee for a time period Employee Utilization

Report Time Utilization of Employees Project Detail Report Detailed Report of a Project Project Progress Report Progress Report of Projects Employee Data Setup Setup Periodic Data Uploads with as many columns as needed. Period can be monthly, quarterly and yearly Setup Employee and Manager Views. Can be plain

or graphical Use Data in Payroll and PMS is required Operation Notification and Reminders for Pending Uploads Use Employee and Managers view Data in My Data Payroll and PMS get automatically linked. Checks Performance Management PMS Types Conduct 180, 90, 360, Team, Committee, Pipeline or Combination KRA KPI Management From Template From Last Year From Another Employee

Analytics By Year and Groups Standard Option Fully Customizable Add Salary Data Bell Curve Manage and Monitor all Aspects of PMS Performance Management PMS consists of 04 Phases Goal Setting Phase

Finance Customer IBP Learning & Growth Safety Excellence

Continuous Phase Additional Assignments Strengths Areas of Improvement Self Improvement Initiatives Final Appraisal

Auto Ratings Calculation Talent Review Vacancies Management Job Description, Locations, Job Code etc. Approval Process Vacancy against budget Publish Vacancy

To Employees As a Page From JSON Data Hire against Vacancy Hiring Management

Process Resumes Move Resumes thru stages Received, Evaluate, Offer, Offer Acceptance, Joining System Evaluation Process Telephonic Written Test Online Test

Interviews Ratings Manual Evaluation Process Maintain Question Bank Subject wise

Objective and Subjective Questions Note: Candidate Evaluation and Performance Evaluation are same making learning and management easier Reward & Recognition Configurable system to map reward points to Employee Actions Suggestions & Kaizen Knowledge Submission

CAPA Submission MP Sheet Submission Star Officer Well Done Volunteerism

Others Publish Top Performers See Team Rewards Volunteerism Management Manager Volunteer Work done by Employees Use this data in Rewards and Recognition

Training Management Allows the organization to identify training requirements Schedule trainings through Training Calendar Collect feedback Employee Letters HRMS will generate

employee letters as per the configured templates Allow to print letters Surveys Create Surveys Anonymous or Open Automatic Reminder Emails Survey Result Org Structure

Provide graphical view of Org Structure Departments Sections Employee Count Unit Heads Multiple Companies Reporting Chart Provide graphical view with print option Can see Employee

Profile and Employment Analytics Work Force Head Counts By Department, By Location, By Years of Service Demographics By Gender, By Age Attrition Analysis By Grade, Reasons for Leaving, Separating Employees Attendance Department wise Average Attendance Salary Gross Salary by Departments

Expense Expense by Department Performance Ratings by Template Knowledge Department wise Knowledge pieces Uploaded Community wise Knowledge pieces Uploaded Top Contributors, Top Scorers Employee Contribution Percentage, Quality Metrics Recos Mobile App Native App for Attendance Geo Fenced with Regularization for punch outside fence Map shows the punch location

Work Punch to record Location, Time, Remarks while on out duty Mobile Web At present around 35% Employees use HRMates from Mobile Web HRMates has responsive design Employees can manage Leaves Attendance easily from Mobile Mobile Web Leave page on Mobile

Attendance Page on Mobile Thank you! For more info: [email protected], Ph: +91 84488 50001 2nd Floor, Vatika Business Center, M G Road, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India

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