A2S3 Notes - mrogilvy

A2S3 Notes - mrogilvy

A2S1 We are introduced to Fleance, Banquos son Banquo has a bad feeling about what the weather is like Macbeth asks Banquo why he isnt asleep yet LMcB rings a bell to tell McB that the king is asleep and the guards have been drugged/drunk Macbeth starts to hallucinate and sees a dagger floating in front of him, showing him the way to where Duncan is sleeping A2S2

LMcB says all is ready LMcB says she would have done it but McB goes and does it The dagger issue Macbeth begins to worry A little water Wake Duncan with thy knocking! A2S3 Notes A Porter is the person in a castle in charge of making sure the gates

and doors are locked. He holds all the keys. The porter makes a few jokes as he answers the door. Once he answers the door he makes a few lewd jokes with Macduff Macduff is a thane, he is the thane of Fife. Lennox is with him Macduff discovers the body Unseen, Macbeth has killed the guards Lady Macbeth faints Malcolm and Donalbain decide to run away A2S4

Ross and an old man are talking outside of Macbeths castle They discuss how strange the weather has been Macduff comes out of the castle and tells Ross that since Malcolm and Donalbain have run away: Macbeth will be crowned king Ross asks Macduff if he will be going to the crowning at Scone. Macduff replies that he will be going home and not to the crowning.

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