A2D2 water Depth

A2D2 water Depth

A2D2 Operational Meeting Michael Geelhoed ESH&Q Meeting Action Items 1) A2D2 address Ozone Production measurements Conduct measurements, analyze reliable data Michael G, Jon Ylinen, Rob Bushek, Jonny Staffa Need to develop a Beam Study plan Complete January 31st 2018 Talked last week looking for time in February to complete, has better instrumentation 2) A2D2 Cave Vesda Alarm Response Document Talked to FFD and Fire techs for proper terminology Michael and Jon Ylinen Complete January 3rd 2018 3) A2D2 Clinac Breaker Off Document Living document to include the 3 conditions thus far Michael and Sue to address any other conditions Complete January 3rd 2018 4) A2D2 Absorbed Dose Document Establish parameters of running A2D2 for Machine Study Michael, Sue and Jon Complete January 3rd 2018

Still need to interact with Sue on how to proceed, I think we have the material in mind (water, aluminum, concrete) but do we need more? 5) A2D2 Radiation Awareness Document For our visiting potential partners Sue and Michael to assist Complete January 3rd 2018 Still awaiting this document from Sue 2 Issues with HABs CHW Two weeks ago we switched over to the ICW heat exchanger and breakered off the Chiller We developed an issue with low back pressure on the system (Return) The Return pressure should be 50 psi, last week it was 0-8 psi Called in Fermilab experts, Emil and Lee, no luck for fix Jim from Roberts Environmental graciously came out Determined it is the makeup pump with bad pump Currently we have: Breakered back on the chiller, to turn on internal heaters Asked Roberts for a quote to repair makeup pump Asked Roberts for a Service and PM Quote for a bank of hours This should cover the CHW system and the old chiller

3 A2D2 Wishlist Wanted Items: Chiller $100,000 Dosimetry system Alanine system (+/- 3-3.5 %) $57,600 (-10%) from Rotunda 62k 67k including installation from Aeriel DosASAP relative measurements (+/- 7-10%) 16k + 4k remote training from Aeriel Exhaust Handling PLC control system Current monitoring (on hold to see if existing equipment will serve) Keithley 2100 Digital Multimeter or similar 0-10 mA (10 nA) 0-100 mA (100 nA) 0-1 A (1 A)A) 0-3 A (10 A)A) $1000 3rd floor material prep and handling area $125,000 X-ray mode

Expand electronics Replace LDRD modules Patch panels cable pulls RC circuit in a box? Chicane for precision energy measurement Fixtures for depth-dose measurements In conjunction with alanine dosimetry Alignment Fiducials on the walls Laser lines 4 Beam line extension (to reduce ozone production and minimize beam size) Acquire scrap BMAG from Acceletronics Weld on 2 beam tube 16 long Flanges Gate valve Solenoid windings Vacuum window Application accessories Scan horn 3 long beam tube

X-Y raster magnet Vacuum window Received items Positioning system (for client samples and beam characterization probes) Newmark eBelt Gantry XY configuration $3000 Controller $3000 80/20 parts for frame $1000 Scale (6 kg) $500 Thermocouple system $500 IR thermometer $100 Upcoming Samples Recently completed samples: Neil Elvin samples (DOT) Sent off, response to Neils Email? Next round of samples: 1. ERDCs Aluminum dog bones 2. ERDC silicon triangle samples 3. ERDCs dog bone shapes 5

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