A Level English Literature H47202 interactive SAM

A Level English Literature H47202 interactive SAM

H070 H472/02 H470Topic TopicTitle Title Comparative and contextual study OCR 2015 Guidance This guide is designed to take you through the H472/02 OCR A Level English Literature exam paper. Our aim is to explain how candidates should approach each paper and how marks are awarded to the different questions. The advice given is the same for all questions across all of the set texts as question wording and structure is consistent. E.g. This will always be a The orange text boxes offer further explanation of the questions on the exam paper. They offer guidance on the wording of questions and what candidates should do in response to them. comparison based on a cultural or social situation with a clear thematic link between the situations and/or experiences. The green text boxes focus on the awarding of marks for each question. They give further information on the percentage weighting of each assessment objective attributed to each question. E.g. AO3 (35%) OCR 2015 Women in Literature Answer Question 7. Students must answer one question on an unseen extract from their set topic area. Students have 2 hours and 30 minutes for this paper and are advised to spend 1 hour and

15 minutes on this section. Then answer one question from 8 (a), 8 (b) or 8 (c). You should spend 1 hour and 15 minutes on each This instruction will be similar question. each year. The unseen extract will change for each 7 Write a critical appreciation exam andof willthe vary passage, in length fromrelating about 450-your discussion to your reading concerning 750 words. *The extract given here has Women in Literature. Assessment Objective been shortened. weightings for this question: [30] 75% .Dear, dear! Let me request that in future you will keep AO2: them decent at least! so saying, he AO3: 12.5% turned away, and continued his ride up to the house. This wasAO1: Mr.12.5% Bloomfield. I was surprised that he should nominate his children Master and Miss Bloomfield; and still more so, that he should speak so uncivilly to me, their governess, and a perfect stranger to himself. Presently the bell rang to summon us in. I dined with the children at one, while he and his lady took their luncheon at the same table. His conduct there did not greatly raise him in my estimation. He was a man of ordinary staturerather below than aboveand rather thin than stout, apparently between thirty and forty years of age: he

had a large mouth, pale, dingy complexion, milky blue eyes, and hair the colour of a hempen cord. There was a roast leg of mutton before him: he helped Mrs. Bloomfield, the children, and me, desiring me to cut up the childrens meat; then, after twisting about the mutton in various directions, and eyeing it from different points, he pronounced it not fit to be eaten, and called for the cold beef* Anne Bront, Agnes Grey (1847) OCR 2015 In your answer to Question 8, you must compare at least two texts from the following list. At least one of these must be the taken from the two texts given at the top of the list in bold type. Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway Charlotte Bront: Jane Eyre George Eliot:The Mill on the Floss Thomas Hardy: Tess of the DUrbervilles D H Lawrence: Women in Love Zora Neale Hurston: Their Eyes Were Watching God Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar Toni Morrison: The Bluest Eye Jeanette Winterson: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit OCR 2015 There are ten set texts for each topic area. The example shown is from the Women in Literature topic area. Students must have studied at least two of the set texts. At least one of the two texts studied must be a core set text shown in bold. The second text can be the other core set text, or any of the other 8 texts listed. There are three comparative essay questions set for each topic area. Students should spend 1 hour and 15 minutes responding to one of the three comparative The rubric essay will askquestions. students to engage with the

Questionways, (a) will proposition in a variety of potential foralways example: ask students to referfar to the Questions (c) will always offer -By comparing text a (a), and(b) textand bdiscuss how first core text and one students proposition -Discuss this aspecta of writing to engage with at other. the head ofand the text question. -By comparing text a bexplore how far Compare ways in which author a portrays.. Consider how far Either

8 (a) Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility Writing about women often portrays them as creatures of emotion rather than reason. By comparing Sense and Sensibility with at least one other text prescribed for this topic, discuss Assessment Objective how far you have found this to be the case. Question (b) will always ask weightings for this question: [30] AO3: 50% AO4: 25% AO1: 12.5% AO5: 12.5% Or Question (b) will always ask students to refer to the second core text and one other. (b) Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway Literature by and about women is often very strong in its depiction of the inner life. Discuss this aspect of writing by comparing Mrs Dalloway with at least one other text prescribed Question c will always ask for students to refer to at least one of the two core texts this topic. and one other. [30] Or (c) Women in literature are defined by their relationship with men. By comparing at least two texts prescribed for this topic, explore how far you agree with this claim. In your answer you must include discussion of either Sense and Sensibility and/or Mrs Dalloway. OCR 2015 [30]

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