2017 FHSAA Soccer rules

2017 FHSAA Soccer rules

2018 FHSAA SOCCER RULES Overview of key points and differences between IFAB,NFHS, and FHSAA REFEREES AUTHORITY Begins at arrival at field Shall arrive no later than 15minutes prior to start of game Authority extends until referee leaves field Minimum Crew = 2 Referees Referee cannot prevent game from starting, but may suspend match at any time after kick-off Coin Toss Coaches must be present, certify players will be properly equipped and show sportsmanship. Toss winner can choose side to

defend or take ball TIMEKEEPING Referee holds official game time Scoreboard clocks are unofficial. If used, shall run down to 0:00 Varsity matches must have 40min halves JV matches may shorten to 30min on mutual coach agreement Clock Stops For:

Goal Injury Water Break Cautions/Disqualifications Penalty Kick Time-wasting substitutions After reaching 8-goal differential, clock will continue to run Mercy rule 8 goal differential or more at halftime or during 2nd half ends REFEREE SIGNALS

FIELD REQUIREMENTS Team benches should be on opposite halves of same side of field If benches are on opposite sides, should be diagonal from each other Goals may be padded, on upright posts. Padding must be white Field dimensions: 100-120yds by 55-80yds Missing center or penalty marks should be reported to FHSAA, but game may be played. Corner flags must be 5feet high (school may also use halfway flags) Goals must be anchored All boundary lines must be properly marked before start of match NOT LEGAL GOAL NOT

ANCHORED, ONLY ONE SET OF CROSSBARS ALLOWED HOME TEAM RESPONSIBILITY Home team supplies minimum of 3 game balls with NFHS logo If unable, referee can choose any suitable ball from either team Home team must provide a minimum of 2 ball holders Send in to FHSAA if no ball holders are present during match Send in to FHSAA if ball holders disappear during match AD must be present during match Make sure to contact AD before start of match

Know the ADs location during match if needed PLAYER UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT Home team wears dark colored jerseys and socks Visiting team wears white jerseys and socks Goalkeepers must differ from teammates and opponent field players Socks may match own teams, but must differ from opponents Any undergarment must be uniform across the team and of even lengths Must be solid in color. Visible sleeves must be of similar length (if on both arms) Any tape on socks must match the color of that part of the sock it covers

All jerseys shall be numbered with 6 number on the back and 4 on front/shorts Shall be clearly visible and of contrasting color PLAYER UNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT All players shall wear appropriate shinguards meeting NOCSAE standards No jewelry, bracelets, casts, hats/visors shall be worn

Goalkeeper may wear soft-billed baseball hat Sweatbands or hairbands may be worn if soft and not for adornement Religious or medical jewelry may be taped under jersey Artificial limbs padded with closed-cell slow-recovery foam padding min thick allowed Soft-padded headgear is permitted on all players Any uniform violations (home team not dark colors, numbers not easily visible) should be reported to FHSAA but match may continue. Other illegal equipment is not allowed in any situation. If illegal equipment is found during play, caution coach for first offense, caution player for all following offenses ELECTRONIC TOOLS Coaches may not use phones, loudspeakers, bullhorns, or any other type

of electronic communication during the match to communicate with players Coaches may use electronic tablets to coach during halftime, but must not communicate with them during play Referees may use electronic communication systems to aid in teamwork during the match. Includes electronic flags or microphone communication systems OFFSIDE/KICKOFF Offside - Same guidelines as USSF NFHS has further clarified deliberate acts vs. non-deliberate acts when considering offside decisions. NFHS rule 18-1G provides guidance to officials on these decisions

Free kick taken from spot of offside players interference May be on opponents half Kickoff may go any direction NFHS now allows player to be on opposite half to take kick backwards Cannot score own goal directly from kickoff, restart is corner SUBSTITUTIONS Substitutes must report prior to stoppage of play allowing substitution May sub from bench in event of a caution or injury Substitute must enter game when beckoned by the referee

As soon as substitute is beckoned on to field, they are now the field player. Player being replaced instantly becomes a substitute at this time If referee stops play for injury, that player must leave. Includes goalkeeper A replaced player during a penalty kick stoppage may not take kick If referee determines substitution to be deliberately wasting game time, referee should stop clock to preserve time and may caution coach if considered to be unsporting conduct SUBSTITUTIONS Both teams may substitute:

Goal kick Caution Disqualification Injury When both teams have reported subs during any throw-in or corner kick

Team in possession may substitute: Throw-in Corner Kick THROW-IN Opposing players must remain 2 yards from thrower If ball does not enter the field of play, throw-in is awarded to opponent If the ball leaves the field after being simultaneously played by two opponents, law allows a drop ball restart at boundary where it left the field

If you pull this off during a game, please send me the video of this match as proof it happened. No video = didnt happen PENALTY KICKS If a player is injured during a foul that results in a penalty kick, a substitute entering the game is not allowed to take the penalty kick Penalty kick without any remaining time on the clock is complete when either of these requirements are met:

Goal is scored Ball is clearly out of play Natural momentum of the ball is exhausted Kicker attempts to make or makes a second play on the ball Stutter steps during the taking of a penalty kick is allowed as long as the players forward momentum is not interrupted FREE KICKS & GOAL KICKS Play stopped for injury, bench misconduct, or other unusual situation is restarted with an indirect kick for the team in possession when play was stopped at the spot where play was stopped Includes inadvertent whistle

If no clear possession, drop ball where play was when stopped Direct or indirect kicks from outside a teams own penalty area that goes into their own goal untouched is not a goal. A corner kick shall be awarded to the opposing team Goal kicks must be played once the ball has been placed by the kicker. Picking up the ball and suddenly switching sides is not allowed OVERTIME PROCEDURES After regulation, two 10-minute periods No golden goal Both periods to be played in full If tied after both periods, kicks from the mark

Players to be identified in groups of five New set of five must kick before previous five kick again Please see the Overtime Procedures at our website for a full list of updated procedures FUN WITH CARDS FHSAA uses blue cards in certain situations. Blue cards are disqualifications but do not require an AT6 be filed with the state. Blue cards are issued for: Second caution (field player) DOGSO handling DOGSO non-violent (if considered violent/excessive force, a red card is issued) outside of own penalty area

A player who receives a blue card may not be replaced, the team must play down A coach who receives a second caution is shown a straight red. Do not show the 2 nd yellow for the coach. Definitely do not show a coach a blue card. Utilize ask-tell-dismiss technique. Tell = caution, Dismiss = disqualification While a player who is disqualified may remain on the bench, a disqualified coach must leave the premises NFHS adopts the same standard for displaying cards as USSF. Do not display both a yellow and blue simultaneously. Yellow first, then blue FUN WITH CARDS Cautionable offenses include:

Entering or leaving the field of play (except through the normal course of play) without the permission of an official Persistent infringement of any of the rules of the game Objecting by word of mouth or action to any decision given by an official Any incidental use of vulgar or profane language Any use of electronic communication devices with the on-field players during play Unsporting conduct A player commits a foul or misconduct, attempting to deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity, and the goal is scored A player denies a goal scoring opportunity (DOGSO) by attempting to play the ball inside their own penalty area Cautioned players must leave field of play until next substitution opportunity May be immediately replaced by a substitute

FUN WITH CARDS FHSAA requires that a player be shown a blue card and disqualified for the following violations: Any delayed, excessive or prolonged act(s) by which a player(s) attempts to focus attention upon himself/herself and/or prohibits a timely restart of the game Both players and coaches must be shown a red card and disqualified for the following violations: Exhibiting violent conduct Taunting use of word or act to incite or degrade an opposing player, coach, referee or other individual

Leaving the team area to enter the field where a fight is taking place Use of any tobacco products or electronic cigarettes at the game site during the period of the jurisdiction of the officials. FUN WITH CARDS If a bench player commits a disqualifying offense and cannot be identified, the coach shall be disqualified. This includes but is not limited to:

Taunting Spitting at a player or referee Entering the field to participate in an altercation on the field Violent conduct Using abusive, offensive, or insulting language or gestures Players disqualified before the match or during the half time interval do not affect the number of players the team may field DEALING WITH COACHES If a coach steps on the field, new NFHS rules have been drafted to address the outcomes:

If the coach does not interfere with play, stop play at an appropriate time, caution the coach, and restart play. If play was not stopped at a normally occurring restart, award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the point where the coach entered the field If the coach interferes with play on the field, stop play immediately, caution the coach, and restart with a direct free kick for the opposing team at the point where the coach interfered with play FHSAA states a referee may caution a coach for unsporting conduct for excessive substitutions aimed to waste time at the end of a game. Use this as a last resort. Please make attempts to curb this behavior before resorting to a caution.


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