Product Data Sheet0-6500-030811March 2011Online Machinery MonitoringCSI 6500 Machinery Health MonitorReal-time machinery health feedback integrates with process automation so you can run your plant with confidence.nExtend PlantWeb with API 670machinery protection monitoringnIntegrate machinery protectionmonitoring with DeltaV and Ovationin three easy stepsnMonitor your plant’s most critical rotatingmachinesnGain real-time machinery healthfeedback integrated with processautomationnTransform vibration monitoring intopredictive alertsnEmpower decisions through transientanalysis of turbines in AMS SuitenBalance of plant machinery healthmonitoring includes PeakVue technology for rolling elementbearing and gearbox analysiswww.assetweb.comOverviewFive percent of the rotating machines in everyplant have the ability to bring production to agrinding halt. Although your critical machines havevibration shutdown protection systems in place toprevent catastrophic failure, is your plant reallyprotected?What about the shocking repair costs, missedproduction goals, and unfulfilled customercommitments associated with a trip or a missedtrip?As many as 50% of machinery malfunctions thatlead to downtime are process induced, and 90%are predictable – even controllable.

Product Data SheetMarch 2011Online Machinery Monitoring API 670 Compliant Integrated protection and predictionmonitoring Dual, redundant 24VDC, 120 240VAC,50 60Hz power input PlantWeb Enabled: Ovation , DeltaVand AMS Suite Comaptible TM Full TSI (turbine supervisoryinstrumentation)- Case Expansion- Differential Expansion- Thrust Position- Relative Vibration- Absolute Vibration Small 3U protection onlyrack availableProtect your critical machinery through protection, prediction, performance monitoring, and PlantWeb.The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor isdesigned for process automation and protectionsystem upgrade projects. Housed in a singlechassis, the CSI 6500 combines proven predictionand protection to provide a complete onlinemachinery monitoring solution. Emerson isthe global leader of integrated technologies forprocess automation and plant-wide predictivetechnologies for managing both fixed and rotatingassets.The CSI 6500 is fully compliant with API 670and integrates protection, prediction, real-timeperformance monitoring and process automation.The CSI 6500 is part of Emerson’s PlantWebdigital architecture, which provides enterprise-wideinformation needed for real-time decision making.Flexible for RetrofitsYour project may be a major revamp, includinga control system and vibration monitoring systemupdate, or you may be making improvements inphases.If phase 1 is only a protection system upgrade,the CSI 6500 is uniquely designed to offerprotection-only for obsolete system replacement.Page 2The CSI 6500 can even be deployed in aprediction-only configuration to overlay onan existing protection system.Want to use your existing instrumentation?The CSI 6500 works with any negative 24 VDCpowered displacement sensors and drivers.In Phase 2 of your project, the prediction-onlyconfiguration or protection-only configurationcan be upgraded at any time to a combinedconfiguration by simply adding a few monitoringmodules. The CSI 6500 offers the most flexibleand powerful solution available for retrofitapplications.A Protection System You Can Count OnThe CSI 6500 is field-proven, providing API670 protection on the industry’s most criticalequipment: steam turbine generators, gasturbines, boiler feed pumps, offshore compressors,pipeline turbo compressors, chemical industrycompressors, turbo exhausters, blowers, andboosters.

Product Data SheetMarch 2011Online Machinery MonitoringThe CSI 6500 is integrated with the Ovation and DeltaV process automation systems through aneasy three step process to reduce integration time from weeks to minutes. In addition, controlstrategies and graphical elements are automatically created, making GUI development a snap.Missed trips, false trips, and running blind are notacceptable in your plant.nDifferential Expansion: flexibility for any typeof ramp configurationThe CSI 6500 helps prevent missed trips by usingmodule self-health checking, instrumentationhealth monitoring and hot swappable, external,redundant power. External power removes heatand user “touches” away from the rack. The samearchitecture is used in all Emerson processautomation and critical SIS systems.nEccentricity: max., min., peak to peak, ordistance from clearance referenceFalse trips are addressed through featuressuch as 2oo3 voting logic for increased decisionaccuracy and limiting channel count to twochannel modules. Twochannel modules mean thatswapping a protection module will affect no morethan two channels – an API 670 requirement.Redundant communications ensures that theoperator is never blind to machinery healthinformation.Other features that demonstrate the flexibility ofthe CSI 6500 include:nThrust monitoring: dual channel,complementary, min/max or absolute shaftposition, measuring range shift, measuringrange invertIntegrated Machinery Protection and Predictionfrom Emerson saves hundreds of man-hours andgives you a complete,error-free integration ofmachinery information with the DeltaV or Ovationdigital control system.Typical machinery protection systems can require2,400 steps for 24 vibration channels to completethe integration process. It typically takes up to fivedays for complete integration. With this manysteps, network issues, additional testing time,and nuisance alarms are easily introduced. Alltoo often, plants don’t have the time or staff tocomplete the integration, leaving plant operatorswithout key machinery health diagnostics.The CSI 6500 eliminates this risk by easilyproviding machinery health diagnostics tooperators through the simple three stepintegration with your control system.Page 3

Product Data SheetOnline Machinery MonitoringInstrumentationmisalignment, a displacement probe can directlytrack the misalignment behavior. By the time therub is severe enough to trigger a temperaturealarm, the damage is already done.March 2011While the CSI 6500 delivers field-basedintelligence, accurate information starts withquality instrumentation.Mounting location and instrumentation bracketdesign are both critical for quality data.Eddy current displacement sensors are thepreferred method for monitoring sleeve-bearingmachines. These displacement sensors penetratethe machine case and directly monitor the motionand position of the shaft without contacting theshaft surface.A complete range of sensors, adapters, cables,connectors, converters, and fittings are availablefor new installations, retrofits, or replacement ofsensors during an overhaul.Accelerometers and velometers are the industryaccepted sensors for monitoring the health ofgearboxes and rolling element bearings. Althoughtemperature sensors are sometimes used tomeasure health, temperature alone is only a smallpart of the machinery health picture. When a shaftbegins to rub the bearing as a result ofCase ExpansionMonitor LVDTs mounted on bothsides of the casemeasure expansionrelative to the foundationon turbines greater than250MWIt is important to monitorexpansion on both sidesfor bending, which couldcause rotor to statorcontactPage 4InstrumentationnThrust positionnRelative radial shaft vibrationnAbsolute radial shaft vibrationnRotor vs. case differential expansionRotor SpeedPhaseProcess InputShaft Absolute Like a vector, vibration hasboth magnitude anddirection Accepts 4-20 mA inputand 0-10 volt input It is alarming when vibrationamplitude changes.Accepts RTDs andthermocouples directlyShaft relative sensorsand seismic sensors areused to mathematicallyproduce a shaft absolutemeasurement Vibration can also changedirection, which is phase.It is equally alarming whenphase changes, evenwithout an amplitudechangeInputs temperature,pressure, flow, and otherprocess parameters Absolute vibrationmeasurements arerecommended for turbines250-650MW or greater Speed monitoring –machine state information,trending and triggeringacquisitionZero speed – signals theoperator to engage turninggear or alerts that turninggear has failedRotor acceleration –indicates load changesand coupling healthReverse rotationValve Position Monitor Valve position can beused to track changesin loadSeismic Electrodynamic seismicsensor input for bearinghousing vibrationmeasurements

Product Data SheetOnline Machinery MonitoringMarch 2011nBearing case vibrationnCase expansion, LVDTnRotor bow (eccentricity)nValve position, LVDTplant. From onsite assessment, installation andproject management to commissioning andanalysis of predictive diagnostics, Emerson offersa team of world-class professionals and supportnetwork to ensure success including:nKey, phase, and speed measurementsnProject Engineers design your systemnOnsite Project Managers are your point ofcontact throughout the projectnRemote analysis personnel experienced indiagnostics are available to offer a secondopinion for increased confidencenExpert customer support is available 24/7 toanswer the urgent questions that protectionsystems requirenA network of world-wide support provides globalcoverage locallySee instrument spec sheets for complete specifications about dynamicand static measurements.ATEX Conformity for selected Products in accordancewith EN 50 014 and EN 50 020, certified by the PTBCAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04: Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment forMeasurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Part 1: General RequirementsUL Std. No. 61010-1 (2nd Edition): Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment forMeasurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Part 1: General RequirementsIt’s the NetworkEmerson's experts ensure proper design andexecution for the CSI 6500 implementation in theCase PiezoelectricDual-Thrust PositionEccentricityDifferential Expansion Used for rolling element bearingsand gearboxes Also used for aero-derivativeturbines where rolling elementbearings are usedA measure of rotor bow duringstartup, typically monitored from0 to 600 rpm Thrust is an axial position near thethrust bearing and is one of themost critical measurements on ahigh-speed turbineDifferential expansion is aradial rotor positionmeasurement At least two thrust sensors, forredundancy and for voting logicare recommendedRotor bow changes when thermalconditions change duringstartup, shutdown or evenproduction state Thrust bearing deterioration,failure, or sudden changes in steampressure can quickly move therotor axially and cause collisionswith rotor and stator At least one displacement sensorin the high pressure sectiontargets an eccentricity collarDifferential expansion sensorsare mounted on the case andmeasure the position of therotor relative to the positionof the case Recommended for turbines250MW and greater Configurations may be rampor complementary Use PeakVue processing on rollingelement bearings and gearboxesPage 5

Product Data SheetOnline Machinery MonitoringProven Machinery HealthThe CSI 6500 is designed for real worldchallenges with fieldbased intelligence, continuoussimultaneous data recording, live data viewing onall channels, and playback capability. You canplayback the turbine shutdown, or startup, oreven the bump in the night for your staff asyou are explaining the results.March 2011The performance of turbomachinery is critical, andyou need real-time feedback, recorded machinerycondition, and the ability to replay it for anotherview with deeper analysis. And you need it appliedacross the entire machine train, simultaneously.Meeting this demand is one of the greatesttechnology challenges of machinery healthdiagnostics. The answer is field-based predictiveintelligence.The CSI 6500 is uniquely designed withfield-based intelligence that combines a protectionsystem and a machinery health monitoring solutioninto one simple platform. With it, you have accessto all of this information around the plant or aroundthe world.When a turbine starts up cold, the entiremachine grows as it experiences extreme thermalconditions. The shaft grows rapidly. The casegrows more slowly. Speed increases and tightclearances tighten. For your operator, seamlessintegration to the existing Ovation or DeltaV process automation system provides real-timemachinery health feedback to run the processwith confidence without adding a PC to the controlroom or learning a new software package. Theoperator is unaware that these lively updatesare coming directly to their environment fromunderlying bus or Ethernet technology.With Emerson’s PlantWeb digital architecture,your plant is blanketed with predictive, digitalintelligence that gives you back time – time toplan, time to make decisions, and time to stayfocused on your business results.Real-Time Machinery Health for MaintenenceIn a perfect world, machines would behave asexpected and predictive maintenance applicationslike AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager wouldautomatically diagnose turbine malfunctions foryou. But in the real world, sometimes you needpowerful diagnostic tools to justify and supportyour machinery diagnosis.Page 6With the CSI 6500, nothing is missed, everythingis captured – no snapshots. Any question frommanagement about turbomachinery health canbe answered with continuous data and playbackcapability. With snapshots it’s a gamble. Forhighspeed, critical turbomachinery, Emersonbrings the most powerful predictive diagnosticsin the world to you.Power of Planning for MaintenanceAnalysis ParametersIn addition to protecting assets and real-timemonitoring of turbomachinery, the CSI 6500 alsotakes a microscopic look at your turbine from afault development and maintenance planningperspective. Up to 255 analysis parameters canbe defined per CSI 6500 for diagnosing variousmalfunctions through waveform and spectrumdissection.For each analysis parameter, LOLO, LO, HI andHIHI alerts and alarms can be set. Parameterssuch as multiples of 1x peak and phase, 3-8xene