Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSACTION SPORTSTo explore skateboard anatomy, functions, and stance. Foster safer skatingthrough practice of stance, falling and bailing out. Encourage spatial awarenessand critical thinking with skatepark etiquette. Boost confidence and ability withbalance, mechanics and control. Students will be accessed for their level ofskateboarding and must improve daily. Student signing up for this course mustbe willing to invest into a skateboard, helmet, and wrist guards. 7TH AND 8THGRADERS ONLYART6Art I (fondly known as Swamp Art I at SSMS) is a class designed to provide experiencesnecessary to produce a variety of exciting and interesting artwork. Using standard artistsupplies in combination with items found around the house, Swamp Art I students willcreate things to wear, use as decoration, share with friends, give as gifts, use forpromotion of school events, hang on their walls, and enhance the beauty of our campus.Some projects are individual and self-directed, while others require a group effort.Students learn art concepts, skills, and terminology which will be useful in otherdisciplines, as well. Creativity thrives in Swamp Art! We’re always chompin’ on somethingcreative.

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSSwamp Art II provides all the enjoyment of Swamp Art I with a bit more focus onfamous artists, various media, and art concepts. Students will continue to incorporateeveryday items into creations which will be on display around our school and the City ofCoral Springs. Swamp Art II gets students ready for their exploration of art in high school.BAND 1, 2 & 3Band students learn how to read music and rhythms and the fundamentals ofperforming on a Band instrument such as Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone,Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, and PercussionInstruments ('Drums & Bells) The class meets every day, students have writtenwork on note and rhythm reading, watching/listening & observing musicalperformances and performing daily on their instruments. Students perform in a minimum of 3 Concerts per year in the eveningas part of the requirements for class. There are other activitiessponsored by the band program such as; Marching Band, Jazz Band,Percussion Ensemble, and Solo & Ensemble that meet after school. Inaddition to performing on campus our bands regularly perform atnumber of local schools and events such as performing for the FloridaMarlins, The Coral Springs Holiday Parade, The Florida Panthers andhave traveled in the past to Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, andBusch Gardens. We promote mentoring for students on their instruments with olderstudents within the program as well as High Schoolers from CoralGlades HS. This gives students extra tutoring with more experiencedmusicians and promotes friendships as they move on through school.

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSCHORUSChorus - In chorus, student will learn how to sing with proper technique and emotion.Students will also learn music theory and participate in concerts, field trips and musicfestivals throughout the school year. Students will also have the opportunity to work withclinicians throughout Florida, and invaluable experience. We take an annual trip towardsthe end of the school year where students will work with professional musicians in aworkshop or participate in a competition followed by time in a theme park. No experienceis required to participate in chorus, just an open mind.COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALSIn this course, students will first learn the basic functions of computing and how tocomplete common computing tasks on various hardware platform including laptops,desktops, tablets and smartphones. They will also learn how to identify differentcomputer software and will be exposed to basic operating systems, computer hardware,peripherals concepts, and some troubleshooting.COMPUTER SCIENCEGrade 6: Introduction to Programming using PythonThis class is part of the Computer Science (CS) program at Sawgrass Springs Middle. CS isa 3-year program which will prepare students to get a strong understanding of computing

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSand software platforms that will serve them well regardless of the future career paths. Inaddition, students who wish to pursue Software Engineering as a career will be ready forhigher level Computer Science classes in High School.This course covers Python, a very versatile programming language which can be used topower websites, build games, and even program hardware. This course is also an excellentcourse for someone new to programming, as many of the topics covered are basicprogramming topics which carry over well to other programming languages. Specifically,this course covers data types and operators, decisions and loops, input and output, codedocumentation and structure, troubleshooting, and modules and tools. The course topicsdirectly map to the MTA 98-381 Industry Certification exam and will help anyone lookingto improve their employability prospects in Python and for programming jobs in general.Students will also be introduced to Physical Computing concepts using the Micro:bitplatform.Grade 7: Web Development: Introduction to Programming using HTML andCSS This course is Year 2 of the Computer Science program at SSMS. Students willcontinue with more intermediate concepts in Computer Science.The course is an excellent exposure to gain eventual employability skills in the area of webdevelopment. The material covers the objectives on the MTA 98-383 Industry Certificationexam, putting a solid entry-level certification well within reach. Specifically, the course hastwo distinct parts: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which includes HTMLfundamentals, document structuring, and multimedia presentation, and CSS (CascadingStyle Sheets), which includes CSS fundamentals and styling webpages.Students will also continue exploring more physical computing concepts using the Micro:bitplatform.Grade 8: This course is Year 3 of the Computer Science program at SSMS.This is a High School credit class. This class offers two main topics:Windows Operating System FundamentalsThis course the opportunity to learn how to manage Windows 10 and gain the skillsnecessary to pass the MTA 98-349 Industry Certification exam. It includes Windows 10topics: Understanding Operating System Configurations, Installing and Upgrading ClientSystems, Managing Applications, Managing Files and Folders, Managing Devices, andUnderstanding Operating System Maintenance. This MTA certification is a precursor to anMCSA certification for Windows 10.MTA Introduction to Programming using JavaStudents will learn how to code in Java, a powerful object-oriented programming language.This course will also help students get ready to pass the MTA 98-388 Industry Certificationexam and improve employability prospects for any software development position requiring

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSJava coding skills. Specifically, this course covers Java fundamentals, data types andvariables, flow control, object-oriented principles, and compiling and debugging code. Theseconcepts are covered through simulating writing code for an online store, thus adding areal-life scenario to this course.COMPUTER & BUSINESS APP & PRE-ENGINEERING (MOS CERTIFICATION)The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification course at Sawgrass Springs Middleis a three-year course designed to get students industry certified. Earning thiscertification demonstrates that you have a deeper level of skills in key Office applicationsassociated with the Microsoft Office Suite. This is the leading credential chosen byindividuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers.To accomplish (MOS) certification students will begin with Microsoft Office PowerPointin 6th grade. The course is continued in 7th grade with students completing MicrosoftOffice Word. The course is completed in eight-grade under the umbrella headingIntroduction to Engineering Design where students will complete their certification bytaking Microsoft Office Excel and also receive one high school credit as an added bonus.Upon successful completion of all three Office applications courses and all threecertification exams students would have earned the certificate title of Microsoft OfficeSpecialist (MOS) Certified.CULINARY ARTSIf you love to cook, or if you want to learn to love cooking, Culinary Arts is for you! Thiscourse features training in a wide variety of kitchen skills. It all starts with kitchen safetyand cleanliness, a gets better as the year progresses. Many types of cuisines are explored,including Italian, Asian, Greek, and of course American inspired dishes. Students worktogether in teams to produce delicious and simplified creations. Culinary Arts will provideyou useful and practical training that will last a lifetime. This course is offered to Eighthgraders only. If you wish to continue your culinary journey beyond eighth grade, motivatedstudents who excel in this course will be referred to the Culinary Ops class at Coral Glades

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSHigh School. Space is limited, so sign up today for Culinary Arts! OPEN TO 8TH GRADEONLY ***DUE TO THE COST OF FOOD, EQUIPMENT, AND PAPER GOODS, A 25.00 SUPPLY FEE IS REQUIREDFOR THIS COURSE. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW PAY THIS FEE WILL BE SENT HOME WITH THE STUDENT THE FIRSTDAY OF SCHOOL.****Exploration of Robotics TechnologyThe purpose of this course is to give students an opportunity to explore robotics technologyand its associated careers. Students will solve technological problems using a variety oftools, materials, processes and systems while gaining an understanding of the effects ofrobotics technology on their everyday lives.ECO ADVENTURESEco-Adventures IEco-Adventures is an environmental elective providing opportunities for learning anddiscovery about current and relative environmental concerns impacting our community.Students participate in experimental learning from the approach of a casual exploration ofthe negative effects of human activity on nature and begin a quest for positive steps toreduce the human carbon footprint. The course also covers topics such as biodiversity,global warming/climate change, renewable energy, and so much more. Students participate

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSin engaging activities such as labs, field trips, and crafts that allow student’s learning totruly come alive and prepare them to be responsible citizens of our community.Eco-Adventures IIPREREQUISITE: Eco-Adventures I, member of Nature Club or Nature QuestDESCRIPTION: Dive deeper into the environmental science topics of Agriculture,Biodiversity, Endangered Species, Everglades Communities, Global Climate Change,Interdependence, Ocean Ecosystems, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, and WaterConservation. Develop leadership skills through service-learning projects and communityoutreach. Look forward to exciting field trips exploring the unique Everglades.LIFE SKILLSLife Skills is designed to increase student knowledge and skills necessary for everydayliving. The course emphasizes goal setting, decision making and problem solving,communication, financial literacy, healthy lifestyles and relationships, nutrition, personalsafety, citizenship and consumerism. OPEN TO 6TH & 7 GRADE ONLY.MIND SPACEMind Space Elective for tweens and teens. Students become mindbody ambassadors while learning and experiencing mind bodyskills. Mind Space will include mind body activities such as: foodas medicine, self-care, gratitude, movement(yoga, dance, Qi gongand other forms), positive affirmations, gratitude training, visionboards, bio dots, nature science, meditation and wisdom lessonsshared with countries/cultures around the world for thousandsof years.

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSMIDDLE SCHOOL MEDICAL SKILLSMedical Skills is an overview aligned with the high school credit course at Coral GladesHigh School through their HOSA program. This class will be an introductory coursetaken prior to the high school credit Medical Skills course which then leads them intothe Allied Assisting program. Students will be introduced to medical terms, conceptsand skills related to many of the health care decisions made in our lifetime. Studentswill also be introduced to a variety of different health related careers includingradiology, nursing, medicine, dentistry, animal health, and may more. OPEN TO 8THGRADERS ONLYORCHESTRAOrchestra - In orchestra students will learn how to play a string instrument of theirchoice (Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass). Students will learn the history of the instruments,music theory, participate in concerts, field trips and music festivals throughout the schoolyear. Students will also have the opportunity to work with high schoolers from Coral Gladesas well as clinicians throughout Florida, and invaluable experience. We take an annual triptowards the end of the school year where students will work with professional musicians ina workshop or participate in a competition followed by time in a theme park. No experience(or instrument) is required to participate in chorus, just an open mind.

Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONSPHYSICAL EDUCATIONPhysical Education classes are designed to practice and develop skills in activities that willhelp students maintain fitness throughout their life. Fitness levels will be assessed in thefollowing areas: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscularenduranceSpanish 1 - Available to 6TH, 7th & 8th grade students. This course providesstudents with a general introduction to the Spanish language, pronunciation,vocabulary related to everyday activities, basic grammatical structure, and culturalinformation. The student will