2016global contact centrebenchmarking reportdigital needs a human touch

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2016global contact centrebenchmarking reportdigital needs a human touch

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2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Reportabout usAbout Dimension DataDimension Data harnesses the transformative power of technology to helporganisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTTGroup, we focus on digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow,cybersecurity, and network as the platform. With a turnover of USD 7.5 billion andoffices in 58 countries, we deliver services wherever our clients are, at every stage oftheir technology journey. Accelerate your ambition.For more information, please visit www.dimensiondata.comAbout Customer Experience (CX)Customer experience (CX) forms part of Dimension Data’s Customer Experience(CX) and Collaboration Business Unit and enables over 7 billion customerinteractions a year. We have over 33 years’ experience in planning, designing,integrating, and managing contact centres for our clients globally.Our consulting, professional, managed, and cloud contact centre services makecomplex customer engagement environments simple and effective, enablingorganisations to differentiate and grow the value of their customer base.Our omnichannel, workforce optimisation, and analytics solutions integratethe physical, digital, and contact centre worlds, enabling a seamless CX whichcreates organisational engagement and value.For more information, please visit www.dimensiondatacx.comAbout MerchantsMerchants – a Dimension Data company – is a leading customer managementoutsourcing solution provider specialising in business process outsourcing (BPO) thatdelivers customer experience (CX) and customer interactions. We focus on people,process, and technology to create exceptional CXs.We are pioneers in the contact centre industry, with 35 years of experience in creatingand managing contact centre operations around the world for blue chip clients. Ourservices and solutions are built on tried and trusted models, systems, and processeswhich are based on best practice standards.We are passionate about people. Our ability to attract the best talent, coupled withour rich history of success and innovation across different industries around the world,is what differentiates us from our competitors.For more information, please visit

2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking ReportforewordThe customer is at the heart of this transformation. By focusing on CX, organisationsrecognise that they can drive revenue, improve loyalty, and reduce their coststhrough greater efficiency.However, while digital technology is fast transforming the global contact centreindustry, advancements in CX are often being slowed by people, and not thetechnology itself, which needs design, ownership, and especially a human touch tobe effective.As technology dependency deepens, most contact centres now support up to ninechannel options. The focus for organisations is now on connecting customers’journeys and on the architectures upon which new omnichannel capability are beingcrafted — and those organisations using hosted cloud technologies in their contactcentres are reporting a powerful impact on their businesses.I’m delighted to introduce theresults of Dimension Data’s2016 Global Contact CentreBenchmarking Report.This, our 19th anniversary of theBenchmarking Report, wouldn’t havebeen possible without the record 1,320benchmark participants who contributedto our research, or without some greatindustry associations who supportedour efforts to inform and improve thecustomer experience (CX) industry.The industry is on the cusp of a servicesrevolution — enabled by digital,analytics, and rapid advancementsin technology systems — and we’reseeing significant progress in businesstransformation.Looking ahead, a deeper level of analytics is going to help organisations identifyopportunities to pre-empt customer needs, and use automation to proactivelypersonalise services. If applied effectively, it will revolutionise the future of CX andhelp differentiate services from competitors.First published in 1997, the benchmarking research broadens Dimension Data’sunderstanding of emerging trends and challenges. It helps us drive our productstrategy and develop innovative solutions and services for our clients, and tostrengthen our position as world leaders of CX.This comprehensive Report is crammed full of insights and guidance. I’m confident itwill provide you with a single reference point on best practice CX approaches fromacross the globe.Joe ManueleGroup Executive, CX and Collaboration7

2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Reportabout the global contact centrebenchmarking reportA comprehensive, global overview .Frequently cited by industry analysts and quoted by the media, the Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report iswidely acknowledged as the most useful, authoritative, and comprehensive report of its kind. It’s designed to provide a single pointof reference on key aspects affecting customer management within today’s contact centres. We believe it’s the most extensive globaloverview of its type. based on relevant researchOur Report is based on research conducted via a comprehensive survey. We refresh the survey each year to ensure we’re capturingthe information that’s most relevant to our industry and its future. offering analysis and recommendationsWe go beyond other reports of this type. We observe trends and comment on the business impact, we also offer guidance onhow to achieve best practice results. This Report will provide you with the latest industry trends, thought leadership insights fromsubject matter experts, hot topic quick tips, and an infographic overview. Result data is provided via chart or table content, eachsupplemented by structured commentary. For each research item, we: identify and then qualify the research trend results present recommendations on how you can plan, optimise, and differentiate your contact centre solutions for tomorrow’s needs summarise the highlights and main points. supported by an online portal. Our online Benchmark Comparison Portal complements the Report and allows you to filter data ateight levels (including region and sector), export content, and build your own bespoke presentations.You can access the portal here: ccbrThe 2016 Global Contact CentreBenchmarking ReportLaunched in 1997 byAnnual global research study19 years of trends,Merchants, Dimension Data’ssubsidiary contact centre specialistof contact centres operations, digitalchannel management and CXperformance analysis, andbest practice techniquesSupported by over 40 of the world’sleading industry groups and associations81320 contact centres700 data points80 research charts6core review areas providing analysis withcontext and recommendations on best practices

2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Reporteditor’s noteThe Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report will reach its 20th anniversary nextyear. Its history accurately reflects the evolution of the customer journey. It’s helpedDimension Data anticipate our clients’ evolving needs to support and serve theircustomers. Moreover, it’s helped us develop our solutions accordingly throughout almosttwo decades. The results from the 2016 Report indicate a gravitational shift in mindsetsand a transformation that will redefine the contact centre forever.Organisations have begun to grasp the benefits of using better analytics, and leveragingtechnology capability to build new solutions that deliver better CXs. It’s a real-timelearning curve for many and involves an increasingly complex solution journey. While thegaps at present are frequently human-based, rest assured that the intent to improve isthere — it shines right through the entire report.Welcome to the 2016Global Contact CentreBenchmarking Report.As a society, our need for service hasnever been greater. Our lives today aredominated by a proliferation of newdevices, products, and apps. Not only isthe range of products requiring servicesupport growing exponentially, butcustomer bases are also multiplying.Geography is no longer a constraint, andtechnology is enabling access to emergingmarkets. It’s also driving an expandingpopulation of service users – some older,some younger – as phones, gamesconsoles, and computers all contribute toa widening consumer demographic.In the last five years, the Internet,improved connectivity, and especiallythe smartphone, have shaped consumerattitudes and allowed greater access tothe digital world. In short, technologyhas become a dependency around whichmodern society frames its life. It’s radicallychanged the services industry. Customershave gone from resisting digital solutions,to embracing them, to now demandingthat these technologies are not onlyprovided, but also hyperconnected. Soonthe expectation will be that they mustbe intelligently programmed to pre-emptcustomer needs.The signs are evident that customers can soon expect their contact experiences withservice providers to be more proactive, personal, and positive. We’re seeing a maturingof digital service capability, supported by the appreciation of CX as a differentiator andcloser attention to the overall customer journey. In fact, CX is dominating a servicesrevolution that’s leaning heavily towards digital. As the lines between the traditionalcontact centre and the enterprise evaporate, the contact centre has become anintegrated part of an organisation’s CX strategy.Our special edition 20th anniversary report in 2017 will see us mark that change byexpanding our review beyond the traditional realms of the contact centre to span acrossall elements of CX. However, we’ll do so with a clear understanding that, for many, thethe contact centre will remain at the heart of CX.The 2016 Report is based on research responses from 1,320 organisations in 81countries. The sample representation is split by 14 industry verticals. It contains morethan 700 data points and over 80 charts.What sets our approach apart is that we don’t just observe: we explain the context aswell as provide answers and advice. Dimension Data has market-leading abilities andexperience in delivering communications, collaboration, CX, and contact centre solutionsto organisations around the world. We combine the expertise of our CustomerExperience (CX) and Collaboration Business Unit with Merchants’ 30-year history incontact centre delivery.Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the participants who provided theirtime and input to our resear