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engagement models –go digital, or dieglobal contact centrebenchmarking reportThe Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report is researched and published by Dimension Data.

table ofcontentsabout us06multichannel managementforeword07chapter 373editor’s note08executive summary10Omnichannel service design – own thecustomer experience75The big picture75User-centric design76Enable the transformation77The customer journey77Own the experience79Bringing it all together79Results and recommendations80Smooth operation – four steps to seamlesssocial media integration94Summary98strategy and innovationchapter 117If the customer is king, data is thesovereign currency19Multichannel and omnichannel –what’s the difference?19Beyond the tipping point20Into the cloud20Big data and the social customer20Measure for measure21Customers take centre stage22operationsStart your own revolution23chapter 4100Results and recommendations24Video-enabled contact centres –we’re only ready now28Operations: are we ready for engagementto go digital?102Summary44Origin story – helping your people loveyour brand102Your people are the face of your organisation103customer interaction management4chapter 246How do we get our people to feel passionateabout our brand?104Harnessing the power of emotionaltriggers48Creating the right physical andemotional environments105Building the journey49Make it simple to deliver the brand promise105The integration challenge50106Business process integration51If your people love your brand, so will yourcustomersCustomer interaction assessment52Results and recommendations107Technology integration53Customer experience – movingbeyond measurement108Skills integration53Summary123Results and recommendations55Analytics – you don’t know whatyou don’t know58Summary71

sample specifications and research methodologyworkforce optimisationchapter 5125chapter 7189A struggle to get the basics right innew channels127Research methodology191Data collection191Growing customer focus127Privacy and data security192Setting people up for failure128Benchmark Comparison Portal193Slow to implement new technology129Support our research193Results and recommendations130156Year-round benchmarking informationand updates194SummaryReference the benchmarking results194list of tables and figures195list of contact centre acronyms197industry associations and partners198system partner202participant acknowledgments203technologychapter 6158Have you added your voice to the socialmedia choir yet?160Software decisions, not technology orvendor decisions160Finally, a choice in the matter!161order, participate, subscribe207Strategy, not technology162contact details208Seeing through the clouds162Challenges remain163Opportunities abound163Here’s our advice163Results and recommendations165Moving to cloud-enabled contact centres –‘when’, rather than ‘if’181Summary1875

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forewordI’m delighted to bring you the results of the 2015 Global Contact CentreBenchmarking Report.The research on which our study is based wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions ofour benchmark participants and the support of some fantastic industry associations. On behalf ofDimension Data, thank you all very much for helping us produce this edition of the Report, which isaimed at keeping the industry informed about the latest contact centre trends, evolving approaches,and best practice performances.Our 2015 results indicate an industry in transformation. Customer demands for channel choice will see contact centres managemore digital interactions than telephone/voice calls within the next two years. The digital revolution is real, and representsthe most radical change in the contact centre business in the last 30 years. It has profound implications for the way in whichorganisations source new skills, and how they deploy technology to deliver and manage connected customer experiences.It’s important to note, however, that the telephone channel is in no way obsolete. In reality, the interactions handled byphone have become far more complex and critical. As voice is the channel of last resort, this is the real moment of truth fororganisations – it’s when they either lose customers for good, or win their lasting loyalty.The telephone will remain, but as part of a much broader mix of options. It will be used more as an escalation channel, ascontact centres evolve from being telephone-centric stereotypes into customer resolution centres. Agents will increasingly facetransactions unresolved by digital and, if anything, their roles will become even more important and require greater skill.Dimension Data and Merchants have been using the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, since it was first published in1997, to strengthen our position as world leaders in the contact centre industry. The research broadens our own understandingof emerging industry trends and challenges. It helps us drive our product strategy and develop innovative solutions and servicesfor our clients. We believe the Report is the most comprehensive of its type and provides a single point of reference for the stateof customer management across the world.I hope that it provides your business with the same value.Adam FosterGroup Executive, Communications7

editor’s noteWelcome to the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.Contact centres have evolved irreversibly over the last decade. As evidence of that, the resultsof the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report confirm a continued, dramaticchange. Digital contact – in the form of email, web chat, social media, and self-servicechannels – continues to expand prolifically as a popular engagement method.This change strikes at the heart of tradition. It means that more and more contact centre customers around the world no longerwant to use the telephone to communicate with organisations. In fact, should the evolution continue at its current pace, ourresearch shows that digital will overtake voice-based contact within two years. Why? Because customers demand it. The newgeneration of tech-savvy consumers entering the market – mostly Generation Y – use the phone only as a last resort for queriesthat couldn’t be solved in any other way. Customers younger than 40 would much rather use social media and web chat thanany other method of achieving their desired service outcomes.So, for contact centres, the message is clear: incorporate digital channels into your overall engagement strategy as soon aspossible. Evolving engagement models are forcing them to go digital or die. That’s why our 2015 Report investigates theindustry impact of the move to digital, as well as the marked effect it has on the contact centre’s DNA.In addition, we analyse the current state, development gaps, business impacts, and emerging trends driven by the growingneed for an integrated experience in an omnichannel environment. Customers want not only access to multiple engagementmethods, but also a frictionless, easy, and immediate journey across channels.This is the 18th year since Dimension Data started publishing the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report and it marksthe most important industry change we’ve seen in the last 30 years: the growing irrelevance of the telephone-centric model.Our findings are based on responses from 901 participants, covering 12 sectors in 72 countries. The Report itself comprises sixchapters, 400 data points, and over 90 charts.Through the Report, we provide you with insights into the emerging challenges that affect contact centres as they advance toa new age of digital contact. What sets our approach apart is that we don’t just observe; we also give answers. Rest assuredthat our advice is sound. Dimension Data has leading abilities and experience in delivering communications, collaboration, andcontact centre solutions to organisations around the world. Our portfolio of solutions and services combines the expertise of ourCustomer Interactive Solutions business with Merchants’ 30-year history of customer management consulting and delivery.Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of our research participants. I also extend asincere thank you to the 30 industry association partners that have helped to broaden the reach of our research, improve accessand awareness, and facilitate best practice learning for their own membership base.Enjoy the Report!Andrew McNairHead of Global BenchmarkingDimension Data8

about the globalcontact centrebenchmarking reportA comprehensive, global overview Frequently cited by industry analysts and quoted by the media, the Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Reportis widely acknowledged as the most useful, authoritative, and comprehensive report of its kind. It’s designed to provide a singlepoint of reference on key aspects affecting customer management within today’s contact centres. We believe it’s the mostextensive global overview of its type. based on relevant researchOur Report is based on research conducted via a comprehensive survey. We refresh the survey each year to ensure we’recapturing the information that’s most relevant to our industry and its future. offering analysis and recommendationsEach chapter comprises four elements to provide thought leadership insights from subject matter experts, hot topic quick tips,an infographic overview, and the findings of our research. Result data is provided via chart or table content, each supplementedby structured commentary. In each chapter, we: identify and then