Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookHandbook Of Psychic Cold Readingby Dantalion JonesAuthor of the books“Mind Control Language Patterns”“Mind Control Hypnosis”“Perfected Mind Control: The UnauthorizedBlack Book Of Hypnotic Mind Control”“Mind Control 101: How to Influence the Thoughts andActions of Others Without Them Knowing or Caring”“The Forbidden Book of Getting What You Want”“Cult Control”All available at amazon.com1

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookTable of ContentsIntroductionYou Don't Need To Be PsychicWhat is a“Psychic” Cold Reading?What Does a Cold Reading Sound Like?Entertainment vs. Serious ReadingHow To Be Good At Cold ReadingThe Structure of Cold ReadingThe Numerology SystemThe Astrology SystemCold Reading Tips and TricksThe Forer Effect456810121618232627Elements of A Psychic ReadingAccording to Ian Rowland29Some Stock Line for Cold ReadingHellstromism3844How You Can Really Tell WhatYour Client Is Thinking (UsingEye Accessing Cues)462

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookDedication.To my faithful djinn, familiar and constant companion, Dantalion, the 71st spirit of the Goetia,“His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel ofany one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at hisWill. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by aVision, let them be in what part of the World they Will.”Also to Robert Greene who read over 1,000 books for me so that I might learn to spiritualizeeverything and treat life like a glorious campaign.3

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookIntroductionAmid all the many thing I've learned in my life of study about the human mind thereare two fields that have never ceased to fascinate me, persuasion and psychic “cold” reading.For the uninitiated a cold reading happens when you are doing a psychic reading“cold”, meaning not knowing anything about the person.I've already written plenty on persuasion, influence and mind control now I get topursue the art of cold reading.If you've ever been to a psychic and walked out of the reading in a glassy eyed state ofawe then you know the impact of a powerful cold reading. It is as if someone looked at youlike an open book and read you page by page. What is even more fun is to know that you cangive the same type of reading for others whether you have a psychic ability or not.That is the art called “cold reading” but for the public at large they will simply refer toyou as a psychic.Let me say that in truth learning the art of cold reading is much like learning to play theguitar; you can do a lot just by learning the basics and there is no end to the depth of whatyou can learn if you continue your studies. Like learning the guitar, you can learn the basicchords and be quite successful and entertaining or you can begin to study and practice themost advanced, detailed and 'classical' methods to add to your proficiency.I can truthfully say that with a very few meager skills of cold reading (and an extremesense of daring) I've been able to impress and entertain groups of people for hours. Think ofwhat is possible when you learn all that you can about cold reading!The goal of this book, at the very least, is to give you that very basic beginning and alot good tricks, tips and pointers that will will make you look as psychic as a turban wearingpalm reader. It's designed to give you enough useful information to go out and start readingpalms or auras or cards with just a few short hours of study. Unlike most other cold readingsystems I've put in a very simple memory system that will make learn quick and easy.4

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookYou Don't Need To Be PsychicIt's true. To sound like a psychic and even to get paid as a psychic you don't have to bepsychic. I've done it and I've taught other people to do it too.Having said that I can imagine the vast range of emotional responses from the variedtypes of people. Let me give you an idea of the types of responses I mean.The cynical skeptic might find this book as proof that there is not such thing aspsychic abilities. The cynical skeptic might learn the skills in this book and us them so that atthe end of a reading he could hopefully make the other person as cynical and skeptical as heis. In so doing he could set back and bask in his self righteous superiority and believe he didthe world a favor by destroying someones dream.The angry believer, being fully convinced in the truth of psychic phenomenon wouldthink this book is to disprove psychic ability. They could have read this book to sharpen theirskills of delivery and make themselves a better reader.The pious do-gooder could easily assume that I am encouraging people to con, fooland scam others out of their money and ruin their faith in humanity.If you are reading this book with any of these aforementioned predispositions then it isrecommended that you return the book at once because you are surely missing the point.The fact is humans can be as amazing as they are annoying and given an open mindand the right perspective anyone can learn these skills to help people and improve their lives.That is my only hope.Yes, you CAN be a “non-psychic-psychic cold reader” and actually make people feelbetter then before they met you. Many psychics who consider themselves “real” use fear,doom and gloom to hook people into their reading service. To those people I have two words:“Bad Psychic!”To avoid any problems doing readings (whether you have a sixth sense or not) it'salways highly recommended that you let people know that what you do is for entertainmentONLY. Let's face it, you're going to have more fun and last much longer as a cold reader ifpeople feel good that they worked with you so please keep in mind that one of your primarygoals as a reader is to help people feel good.5

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookWhat is a“Psychic” Cold Reading?Cold Reading refers to the act of telling things about someone in such away that itappears to come form “psychic” abilities.There is nothing psychic about psychic cold reading. it is strictly a skill that combinesvery generalized statements that most people will agree to, the ability to read people at aglance and a few tricks of guile.The purpose of this book, as the title suggests, is to provide a handbook that will getyou started in the area of doing “Psychic” Cold Readings for entertainment purposes. Thesystem you'll learn here is quite simple and easy to learn. At the same time will create afoundation upon which you can expand into many areas of psychic reading. You will also findthat there is a lot of additional support material that accompanies this system. Don't getoverwhelmed. All that is in this book is useful and doesn't have to be learned or applied atonce. Remember that it's like learning to play the guitar and the basics are good enough to beentertaining.What you'll learn here is Cold Reading for entertainment purposes only.You could apply this skill to earn money doing serious reading with people who cometo you to help them with their problems but that isn't the purpose of this handbook. Insteadyou are best to start learning this skill for fun, to meet new people and get to know them.(When it became clear that meeting people was my ambition I coaxed a friend to introduceme at parties as his friend, the psychic. The result was a very fruitful evening for both of us.)One use of these skills that has been put to effect quite will is in find raising for nonprofit organizations.A few years ago I came across a ballet school that would raise money once a yearsetting up a booth at a city fair as a “gypsy” wagon. The mothers of the students agreed tolearn cold reading to help earn the school some income. It was quite a sight. The balletstudents, mostly young girls, would dress up in gypsy garb and call people in to get theirpalms, cards and auras read. Everyone knew it was all for fun and lots of fun was certainlyhad.In one day the ballet school earned 1000.To do this gypsy wagon event they all took a short two hour class in psychic coldreading proving that the basics of cold reading can be learned in a very short time.You can also apply the skill of psychic cold reading to work at parties and corporateevents where you would be hired as entertainment.Another use of this skill is in meeting people. A few wise men have found that womenlove to have their palm read and be given psychic readings. These men end up having veryactive lives operating in social circles where beautiful women eagerly introduce him to otherbeautiful women. Need I say more?So it is from here that you will learn the basics of cold reading. This book is designedso that if you are in any of these situations you can quickly flip through the pages and find outwhat you need to know.But I think I've made it even easier than that. I've designed a memory system so thatlearning the system basics is quick and easy. In the event that you don't yet have all the coldreading skills memorized you'll discover that there is no shame in simply saying “I've just6

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading Handbooklearned palmistry so please bare with me.” You'll find that people are both forgiving and eagerto get whatever insight you can provide through the use of your cold reading skills.7

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookWhat Does a Cold Reading Sound Like?Many people have the expectation that during a psychic cold reading they will sitquietly and the reader will talk without interruption about them and reveal endless detailsabout every aspect of the their life and especially their future.This is seldom what happens. More often it is a conversation between the psychic andthe sitter. The psychic will read the cards, palm, aura, etc. and offer impression andinterpretations of the information and more often than not the sitter will become engaged inthe process by asking questions. Even though one may anticipate hearing about their futureit is much more likely that most of the reading will consist of telling the sitter about theircharacter. This may be how they respond under stress, the types of people they are attractedto or should be attracted to, their basic interests, etc. Note that none of these is about th efuture but when you are able to describe a few of these characteristics accurately (enough)then anything you say about the future will be easily accepted as true.Let's remember how one of history's greatest psychics wouldoperate, The Oracle of Delphi. The Oracle of Delphi was usuallya young girl who would put herself in a trance and be askedquestions to predict the future or recommend courses of action.Usually her responses were incoherent gibberish that had to beinterpreted by the Priest of Delphi . for a fee.To keep the reading warm and up beat there is a very simple mind trick the cold readercan do when they meet the subject, or sitter, for the first time. The reader will greet the sitteras if they were a long lost childhood friend that they haven't seen in years. This is a verysincere and warm greeting that anyone would respond to positively. To do just imagine thefeeling of joy at meeting this long lost friend (even if you've never met them before). This willset an upbeat mood for the reading.Often the reader will then follow by asking “Is there an area that you would like to focuson or would you simply like a general reading?” This does several things for the reader andthe sitter. If the reader does set a specific topic of interest it tells the reader where they mightfocus. Even if the reading proceeds like it were a general reading, by asking the question thesitter believes they will get the answers in that particular area of interest.The reading will then cover several topics Love, Money, Career, Health, Travel etc.During the reading it will more than likely become a discussion with the sitter speakingas much or more than the reader.The reader may begin with one form of reading, numerology or card reading and thenprogress or intersperse it with the reading of the sitters aura.8

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookOne cold reader I knew shared with me a very unique way of concluding each reading.He was very well practiced and did a usual good job and at the end of the reading he wouldask “On a scale of one to ten how accurate do you feel the reading was?” More often thannot he would be scored at a eight, nine and ten. This would have a very interesting effect onthe sitter. By openly stating the accuracy of the reading they stick it in their minds that thereading went well.If you really want to hear what a psychic reading sounds like you can go to any searchengine and type in "online psychic radio" and see what's on offer. Here are a few I've 293/Psychic.aspx 77481/Psychic Radio 995.aspxhttp://www.hayhouseradio.comThere are plenty of others.(Special thanks to Roland Blade for sending me this. His web site is

Dantalion Jones' Psychic Cold Reading HandbookEntertainment vs. Serious ReadingLet's make a distinction between cold readings done for entertainment and seriouscold readings.The easiest way to determine a serious cold reading is if someone is coming to you tohelp solve a problem or find direction in life. By contrast a reading done for entertainmentpurposes are much more lighthearted and easy. Many readings for entertainment are done atparties or corporate events and it's unlikely that some sitting with you is going enter or leaveyour session in tears. That cannot be promised with a serious reading.Having done serious reading I can tell you that they are very taxing on the reader. Areader may be able to charge more for a serious sitting in the long run they are verydemanding.Becoming A